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The Best Google Tag Manager Resources | Lesson 7 – GTM for Beginners

The Best Google Tag Manager Resources | Lesson 7 – GTM for Beginners

In this lesson, we are gonna recap our Google
Tag Manager For Beginner Series. I’m gonna give you some more resources in
order to deepen your Google Tag Manager knowledge, and send you on your way to your next Google
Tag Manager implementation. All and more coming up right after this. Hi there, and welcome to another video of
measureschool.com where we teach you the data driven way of digital marketing. Now, this is already our last video on our
Google Tag Manager For Beginner Series, but I wanna take the time to recap a little bit
what we have learned so far, and then give you some more resources on how you can strengthen
your knowledge in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, so let’s dive in. In this past six lessons, we have taken our
first steps in tag management with the help of Google Tag Manager. Now let’s recap really quickly what we have
learned in these few videos. In our first video, I gave you a quick overview
on the call functionality of Google Tag Manager, and introduce you to the main features that
make it a great tool for managing your tags. In the second lesson, we learned about the
correct installation if Google Tag Manager, how to open up an account, but also place
the tag on our website, and make sure it’s functioning correctly. Then before we dove into actual tag deployments,
we covered a little bit of theory what Google Tag Manager exactly is and how it fits into
your organization, and that process is a big part of deploying tags through Google Tag
Manager. And then in lesson number four, we got into
our first tag implementation, which was a tag migration because we moved our existing
Google Analytics tracking that was hard coded on the website over to Google Tag Manager,
and we went through the steps of complete tag deployment, which are the planning and
preparation stage. Then we implemented our tags, QA’d our implementation,
and finally deployed it onto our live website, which would also impact the tracking on our
users. Then in the fifth lesson, we got a little
bit deeper into Google Tag Manager and learned about the feature that Google Tag Manager
is best known for, which is the auto event tracking feature. And with the help of a auto event trigger,
we were able to pick up an interaction in form of a click with Google Tag Manager, and
then forward information onto Google Analytics and register a click within the interface. Now building assets within Google Tag Manager
is really handy, because we can reuse these assets later on, which we did in the lesson
number six where we reused our click trigger and attached it to a conversion tracking tag
from Facebook. Now conversion tracking is super important
if you do any kind of paid advertising, because it reports back the conversion data, the success
data of your website to the actual marketing vendor, so you can optimize your campaigns. So we have learned quite a bit in the past
few videos, but this is just the beginning of our Google Tag Manager journey. Let’s take a look at some more resources to
deepen our knowledge and continue learning Google Tag Manager through other resources. Now, the first resource we need to start out
with are the official resources from Google. They actually do a lot to support people with
documents and have forum and videos in order to use Google Tag Manager more efficiently. Now one-on-one support is a little bit hard
to come by, unless you are a subscriber to the Analytics 360 product and have support
for Tag Manager 360 directly from Google. But if you wanna know anything more efficiently
from Google, check out their Tag Manager help document where also there is a forum attached
that you can ask questions in. Secondly, if you enjoyed this course, you
might want to take the official course from Google Tag Manager. It’s a little bit older, but has some fancy
animations that makes the content quite consumable. From my opinion, it’s not always the best
beginner’s learning resources out there, although it’s free, but at this stage, it’s worthwhile
watching the videos, and they are free. So have a look at the Google Analytics Academy. Now let’s get into some outside resources. First of all, we have the blog of my friend,
Simo Ahava, who is really the far and foremost expert on Google Tag Manager. He is part of the Google Developer Network. He’s a developer himself, so he understands
the technical intricacies of Google Tag Manager very well, and he has written some extensive
guides on all the features within Google Tag Manager, so I wholeheartedly recommend to
check out his blog, and start reading how you can use Google Tag Manager more efficiently. The second blog I’d recommend is the blog
of LunaMetrics. Now, LunaMetrics has a really great content
on digital marketing and digital analytics in particular, but then they have some really
experts on their team for Google Tag Manager as well, one of them being Jonathan Weber
who has written a book on Google Tag Manager. If you wanna get some information offline,
this is the book on Google Tag Manager at the moment. Now there are many other resources, many other
experts. I have put them all together in our Google
Tag Manager Resource Guide, where you’ll find more official blogs, guides, tools that I
use in my daily work, and other worthwhile videos that I have discovered on YouTube and
other sources out there, all in this fine document. So check that out on measureschool.com/guide. And I don’t wanna lie to you, we at Measureschool
also have a lot of different other resources like templates, videos, and tutorials that
you can check out on our website. You can also sign up to a free membership
which will give you more exclusive content. And if you like this little training series,
then also please checkout our products, because we have many different other training courses
on Google Tag Manager where we got much deeper into some topics of Google Tag Manager. Last but not that the least, if you are a
student of one of our courses, you’ll get access to our MeasureNation Facebook Group
where we have some great discussions on the newest developments within digital analytics. So there you have some more ideas on how you
can continue your Google Tag Manager learning journey. Now our channel, Measureschool, is also just
one resource of many out there, but if you wanna continue learning with us, then hit
that subscribe button. And if you went through all of the prior challenges
that we have given you in the other lessons so far, then head over to lesson number seven
where we have a little bit of a gift for you that you can check out. My name is Julian, ’til next time.

18 thoughts on “The Best Google Tag Manager Resources | Lesson 7 – GTM for Beginners

  1. Dear Julian,
    Finally, I completed GTM all 7 lessons from your channel.
    It is very simple and easy understands.
    Thank you very much

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  4. Thank you for these videos. I find your explanations so much easier to understand than the official Google tutorials (and wish I could afford the full courses – my pocket is almost always empty). I see you have a playlist of more than 50 videos on GTM. Do you recommend I watch those? Or are they outdated?

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