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The Best 3 Facebook Ads For Realtors | Facebook Advertising for Realtors

The Best 3 Facebook Ads For Realtors | Facebook Advertising for Realtors

hello this is Fernando from Lodomus.com
in this video I’m going to show you some ads for realtors some others that are
running should be an inspiration for you at that you can model and take ideas
from okay so let me show you here in here we have a yellow club board home so
let me read that save thousands here as if we can save money with a with a home
but anyways this is a good ad and it gave us good results same thousand here
the rightful yellow club board home I always recommend that you add some
emoticons some symbols I will also give you a link to a page where I usually get
them from there is also a Chrome extension for to get some more emoticons
but if you don’t want to install more extensions you can use the word page I
will tell you about at the end of this video okay so let’s continue the light
full yellow club board home with four bedrooms five baths graced by tall trees
this country charmer offers warm mood rows oblique fireplaces and many
luxuries to learn more about this moneymaker go here we are saying
moneymaker because we said at the beginning save thousands here so this is
a good ad and if anyone is interested in getting more info about this home you
link it here and then he should give his details at least he should give you the
name email and phone number desire the list info you should request from him I
will also do another video about how to segment more your customers to know how
much they are willing to to spend in the home and well to segment them better and
to know to have more details about them but this will be in a future video okay
so this is a good ad that you might want to try something similar of course don’t
copy it just take the ideas and do similar things this is another one for
the fun of life rambling six bedroom five bath rustic in some speckled
clearing surrounded by forests you see I always use emoticons site symbols
because these are proven to give moral click-through rate and to attract the
attention of people scrolling in their mobiles let’s continue wonderfully large
is huge old-fashioned windows abundant charm just minutes to lakes hiking
trails ski slopes I couldn’t find an emoticon for for hiking trails but I’m
sure you could well you get the idea in here for example four legs at a little
guy on a boat then him for skiing a very skiing so in here if you want to learn
more just click here again you sent them to a to a landing page where they will
give you their email name and phone number okay so this is another example
you can swipe you can use for your for your ad now let me show you a third one
this is a French Normandy home so live with the elite on prestigious xxx row
water wherever the house is located the home for very little money you can own a
charming French Normandy home with four generously sized bedrooms and two full
baths set on a sweeping loan it features top-of-the-line appliances
secluded big patio two-car garage to learn more click here then I added
some urgency do it now so as you can see this is the third ad that did pretty
well also for another client the three we’re working with it was a similar ad
not exactly that one so this is why I’m telling you to model these ads and take
ideas from from them and to do your own you could also check my other video I
have some three more ads where one of them is a report for people that are
interested in homes below a certain price or between a certain price you
might also want to check it out okay so now I’m going to show you one of the
pages I use if you Google Facebook symbols I’m sure you will get this page
right away in here you can find every smiley to use in your ads in here these
Smiley’s and people then animals and nature food and drink activities travel
and places well you get the idea you get these items you add them to your ads and
then they should bring up the click-through rates if you have better
click-through rate you pay less for your ads okay Facebook is always looking for
engagement for clicks for people to enjoy the platform so the more you other
of course don’t overdo it just add enough of them to draw the attention and
to drive the click okay so if you have any questions please leave them below in
the comments and I will reply as soon as possible I hope this was helpful for you

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