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The Art of Fashion | E. Lorraine Advertising Campaign

The Art of Fashion | E. Lorraine Advertising Campaign

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of The Art of Fashion Today I bring you behind the scenes of the last advertising campaign I shot for Elodie Lorraine, a very interesting jewelry designer. So, a little premise: I already worked with Elodie on her last campaign, but that was still pretty normal. It was all centered around red, violet, and pretty warm colors and it was not that different from Elodie’s normal works. This year instead she decided to push her boundaries a lot, and when I met with her at the beginning of the year, she already had in mind what kind of shooting she would have liked. It was black jewels on a black background. For the first time I didn’t have any previous reference or any kind of inspiration, nothing to build upon. I knew that I wanted to tackle the problem from a luminosity point of view, so I decided to concentrate on contrast. A few days later I told Elodie my idea: to shoot her black jewels on an albino. And she liked it. She loved the idea! Now the only problem was to find an albino model. It’s been very, very difficult. As the last resort, I open Instagram and through hashtags, that I (usually) never never use, I found her! I found Chihiro-san that is a Japanese albino model! Can you believe it?! And it tuned out that in the same month that we wanted to shoot this campaign, she was going to be in Paris at Japan Expo. That meant that we could fly her not from Tokyo, but from Paris and back to Paris. The shooting per se was really simple. We shot in studio, obviously and we used a black background and I only used one main light. Technically it wasn’t very difficult but the positioning and the balance between the dark of the jewels then the pale skin of Chihiro were very hard to balance… So it was a continuous moving the light around and up and down in a way to bring the light to reflect on them (the jewels) as much as possible in order to make the texture stand out without burning the model’s skin. We had 12 different pieces to shoot and I decided, together with Susanna and Silvia, my favorite makeup artist and stylist, to divide the shooting this way: there were going to be three different hair and makeup changes and six different clothing changes. That way all the variations could help me change a little bit depending on what was the style of the jewel and what would make each piece stand out more. Most of the work has been color correction and color grading: being everything white and black it was very difficult to fine-tune the right color balance and to turn the mood without completely changing the mood of the image. It took a bit to uniform and to color grade each image in order to uniform the whole set, but when you see the whole set together it really works and it’s amazing. I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Art of Fashion; let me know if you have any questions in the comments below… Like, subscribe and see you the next video!

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  1. Wow You!!! Le foto sono pazzesche ma il video del backstage raccontato è veramente SUPER interessante!! o0o Grande!

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