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The Advertising Trick on Facebook That Gets Roofing Jobs

The Advertising Trick on Facebook That Gets Roofing Jobs

– Hey guys, Lathan Fritz
from amerisales.com here. Now, in this video I’m
gonna do a little spinoff of what a previous video
I did, about how we did over $250,000 in new
roofing jobs in less than 10 days for a roofing
client utilizing just Facebook advertising. And the reason that was
so, one of the reasons it was so successful was because after a hailstorm had gone
through a lot of people were in need and we were able to advertise with a very, very
inexpensive budget to get those roofing jobs. Now, in this video I’m
going to be more specific on a certain component of the advertising campaign that made it successful. So in the first video, I explain like one, you need to be advertising on Facebook. Why? Because that is literally
where everybody is hanging out. And that’s where you want to be is where your ideal prospects are. And that’s the thing. With the Facebook
platform we can advertise so that, you know, the age is correct, they’re homeowners, and they’re the type of people that are going to want to do business with you, and someone you want, the people that you want
to know that you exist so that they can contact
you for your services. Now, the component of the Facebook, one of the main components of the Facebook campaign that made it so successful is because we delivered the advertising so that it made it look like it was from a third-party source, mostly so that it looked like an advisor. For an example, we’re
based out of Indianapolis. A good third-party
Facebook page would be like Indianapolis Daily News or Indianapolis Best-Reviewed Companies. See, instead of coming
from a Facebook page that’s your particular roofing company, if that would happen, if
you tried to advertise directly from your business
page, people’s guards are going to be up, okay? And so if you’re trying to advertise them directly saying how awesome we are, people are like, “That’s
great but everybody “tells me how awesome they are. “How do I know you’re any different “or how do I know you’re
gonna be the roofing “company I wanna do business with?” So what we have to do is
lower those inhibitions and we have to make it
look like your ad is more like an advisor role or a testimonial which is why we wanna
create those like avatar pages or those third-party
pages to actually have them tell your
audience how great you are. And the reason, the whole idea behind this and the reason that I came up with it was because a few years ago, I was living in Chicago at the time,
and my then-fiancee, now wife, we were kind of scrolling through Facebook and I noticed someone had recommended a restaurant on there. And I was like, “Oh, this
restaurant sounds awesome. “Babe, we should go check this out.” End up going there, having
a great time, loved it. But here’s the thing. I was like, “I have no
idea who recommended this.” And looking back, you know, going back, I looked through and I remember not really being familiar with the
person but I’m like, “Well, I must’ve known me from somewhere,” ’cause they were Facebook friends with me. Well, actually they
weren’t a Facebook friend. They were tagged in the
post, one of my Facebook friends were tagged in
the post, which is why it showed up in my newsfeed
even though I didn’t even know who that person
was, which that’s when the light bulb went. I’m like, “Oh, social
proof,” like, you know, you wanna make it look
like it’s a recommendation. So we immediately started
using third-party pages and avatar pages that looked like advisors or a consultant for a
particular product or service. And what we found was
that in many instances lead costs went down as
much as 90% while quality stayed the same or got better. Guys, that is the
difference between having an okay campaign and a wildly successful, wildly profitable Facebook campaign. So that is what you wanna do. Like that is a key component of making advertising work really well is don’t tell people how great you are. You gotta make it look
like it’s an advisor, a testimonial, a consultation, someone where the
people’s, their inhibitions get lowered and be like, “Wow, that person “looks really cool,”
and the ad also explains the value that you offer to your prospect that they can’t anywhere else. So hopefully you found that valuable. And I would say, if
you’re doing Facebook ads, implement this immediately. Now, it could take a while
for you to figure out, could take you, you know, a year or more. Everybody’s different. But if you want to fast track your company to having this implemented immediately, right away, by pros who know how to get results immediately,
somewhere around this video there’s gonna be a link. Just click on it and
you can schedule a call with one of our team
members and he can tell you exactly how we can
implement this effective Facebook strategy for your company so that you can get
those five and six-figure monthly results every
single month like clockwork. So hopefully you found this valuable. If you did, please share
or if you know someone who you would think would find it valuable please share it with them. Hopefully this was all good
stuff that you guys liked. If so, please leave a comment or not. Please also critique it because we always wanna know what we can do better. So thanks very much for checking in and hopefully we’ll see
you again here soon.

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