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The Advertising Echo Chamber

The Advertising Echo Chamber

My brother’s significant
other, Hayley Thompson, was recently published in
the Telegraph newspaper. She wrote an absolutely wonderful article about Death Cafe’s, and
places where people meet to drink tea and discuss
some, well death to be honest. I really wanted to read her
article so I had to buy a paper. Now, I’ve never been a
huge fan of newspapers. I used to read the Metro on my commute but that seems to be a diet version of the Daily Mail populated
with gossip columns and stuff. And after reading Hayley’s article I also tried to read the paper itself. This huge thing, and I found it a strange but not unpleasant experience. A form of nostalgia with
all the inconvenience of reading something
this ridiculously big. And also, the adverts felt
very jarring and not bespoke. And that got me thinking, (laughing) and that got me thinking, am I living in a marketing echo chamber? A place where the only messages
I see that resonate with me, are the ones that have been
specifically tailored for me? Am I now not a person but a product of a digital marketing age that
has moved beyond newspapers? So I’m interested in knowing
whether you read the newspapers on a day-to-day basis and what you feel about the marketing and
advertising within them. Do you agree with me or do
you feel newspaper adverts still have a place in your heart and are a vital marketing channel that can help play with your
other marketing objectives? As for your article, Hayley, I loved it. You are a fantastic
writer and I honestly got a bit choked up towards the end of it. If you’re interested in
reading Hayley’s article, the link will be in the
description of this episode. Thank you for watching Marketing News Tonight
and goodnight. (paper rustling) Cut, cut, cut, cut. Okay, okay. Let’s reset and go again.

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