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The 9 Biggest AdWords Mistakes You Need To Avoid

The 9 Biggest AdWords Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Hey there! I’m Benjamin from Loves Data. In this video you’ll learn the 9 biggest AdWords
mistakes that you need to avoid when managing your account. By avoiding these common mistakes will put
you ahead of the competition. You’ll be rocking AdWords in no time! And even if you don’t have time to apply all
of the tips to your own campaigns today, even a small change can have a positive impact
on the performance of your account. Let’s jump in and cover the 9 biggest AdWords
mistakes! // Mistake number 1 is – Not using keyword
match types. There are 5 main keyword match types that
you need to be aware of. These are Broad match, Broad match modified,
Phrase match, Exact match and Negative match. If you’re just using broad match keywords
then your ads will be displayed on wide range of keywords, which means you’ll need lots
of negative keywords to ensure your ads appear for the most relevant terms. Here’s a comparison of the different match
types that can trigger your ads. You can see as you move from broad match to
using broad match modifiers you will reduce the number of impressions of your ads. As you move to phrase and exact match you
become even more precise. Exact match keywords can be useful for focusing
in on your most important keywords, but they also come with limited search volume, so you’ll
need to balance the keyword match types you use in your ad groups. Mistake number 2 is – Being too shy with negative
keywords. Adding lots of negative keywords won’t hurt
the performance of your campaigns, in fact it will help you achieve higher click through
rates and your ads will be more relevant as people are searching. If you find that you’re adding the same keyword
to more than one campaign, then create a negative keyword list in the shared library. This will allow you to manage a single list
of negative keywords that are applied to multiple campaigns. Mistake number 3 is – Skipping the use of
branded keywords. I’ve found that bidding on your own branded
terms is the cheapest traffic you can acquire from AdWords, but it’s not just about cost,
it’s about visibility and conversions. Having a paid ad along with your organic listing
on search results will lead to more clicks. Google and Bing have both done studies on
incremental clicks and found that running ads on branded terms will increase your traffic. And since you get to control the message and
landing page, you’ll also see higher conversion rates. Mistake number 4 is – Only having one ad variation
per ad group. You always want to be testing new things and
this includes your ad variations. If you only have one ad in each of your ad
groups you’re likely to be missing out big time! You absolutely want to be testing your ads. Having two ads within each of your ad groups
allows you to test different calls-to-action and messaging to see what works and what doesn’t. Here are five things you can start testing
in your ads now… Include location specific details. Test different calls to action. Include credentials and awards. Try different selling points, including prices
and promotions. And try testing changes to punctuation and
capitalisation. You should always be testing! Mistake number 5 is – Not considering the
relationship. It’s important to consider all of these elements;
the keyword, the ad and the landing page. The better the relationship between these
elements, the better the performance of the campaign. It’s simple, it’s logical, but it’s often
overlooked (and not just by beginners). Mistake number 6 is – Incorrect geographic
targeting. When it comes to setting your geographic target
I recommend using the data you currently have at hand to help you decide. If you can find the locations where you’re
currently receiving conversions, then start with those before you begin expanding your
reach. Some people immediately feel that their product
or service will succeed with a global audience, even though they’re only currently converting
very localised customers. This simply isn’t the case with AdWords. I’ve found that when people insist on starting
with a larger geographic target that includes areas where they don’t have any existing business
things tend to fail. Start with the locations where you’re currently
winning. You can always expand later. Mistake number 7 is – Poor landing page experience. If you’re really serious about getting the
most out of your campaigns, then you really need to be starting with the landing pages. You need to think about where people land
and then work from there. And if you don’t have a suitable landing page,
you might want to reconsider launching that new campaign… Rather than investing in something that won’t
work, spend the time fixing your landing pages, or at least setting up some quick optimisation
tests before your launch your campaign. Mistake number 8 is – Not using the Search
Terms report. Because of the keyword match types there’s
a difference between the keyword you are bidding on and the search term that someone enters
when they’re on Google. The Search Terms report allows you to see
what people are searching for… Review these search terms. You’ll find the report within the ‘Keywords’
tab – just click on ‘Search Terms’. You should spend time here on a regular basis
reviewing the search queries and deciding if they’re good – in which case you should
add them to an ad group. If they’re not good, then you’ll want to add
them as a negative keyword. Mistake number 9 is – Missing conversions. I don’t see this as often as the other common
AdWords mistakes, but it does pop up from time to time. Make sure you take the time to track conversions. You should have conversion tracking setup
before you launch your campaign. // So they’re the 9 biggest AdWords mistakes
that you need to avoid. And the great thing with AdWords is that once
you start optimizing your campaigns you’ll quickly see the improvement. Even spending one day a month checking and
improving your campaigns using these tips can have an impact. Remember that the key to success with AdWords
is to consider the relationship between these three critical elements – the keyword you
are targeting, the ad that you are displaying and the landing page you are sending people
to. The better the relationship, the better the
performance of your campaigns. So what’s stopping you? Load up your account, if you haven’t already
and put a big tick next to each of these common pitfalls and rock your account! You can (and will) succeed at getting the
clicks and conversions you’re aiming for! Do you have any tips you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments below! And if you found this video helpful, then
please like it, so I know to make more videos like this. See you next time!

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