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The 5 Best Facebook Ads Strategies to Crush Marketing in 2019

The 5 Best Facebook Ads Strategies to Crush Marketing in 2019

– In this video, we’re
gonna give you five ways to crush Facebook ads. So, if you like marketing,
if you like business, don’t forget to subscribe, and if you want me to draw
more pictures like the pig, make sure you hit the bell button as well. I’m getting better at my drawing. In one of the last videos,
I was trying to draw a pig and I failed, so I had to redeem myself. So there’s the pig. (oinking) So, let’s talk about
crushing Facebook ads. So, number one, Messenger ads. So Messenger ads right
now a lot of marketers are taking advantage of it but not a lot of people are using them to the extent that they can be used. So what you can do, you
can have a Messenger bot on your site and whenever
people message it you actually collect their information so you can broadcast towards them using a tool like MobileMonkey. You can use a tool like
ManyChat or Chatfuel. There’s all these tools available to you, and what you can do, too, when you’re running Messenger ads is you can collect their email address where you have their Messenger subscriber, you have their email address as well and then you also pixel
them on your website so you have basically
what we call the trifecta. Number two is Stories ads. So Stories ads, Instagram Stories, there’s over hundreds of millions
of people using Instagram. Facebook stories just came out recently. The costs are still very
cheap on that as well. So if you wanna get in on stories, we’ve been writing story ads for a while. And the same story ads that I,
I shot like a 15 second video in this office, didn’t
require much production value. And it works because
people expect you to be shooting native to that, where
if a video’s too well done they’re kind of like, oh it’s an ad. I’m just gonna skip it, right? So take that into account. Stories right now, it’s underutilized. Take advantage of it, whether it is Facebook stories or Instagram stories. Those are good. Who knows what’s gonna happen
with the other story formats so take a look at that. Number three is remarketing videos. So remarketing videos, it’s simple. If someone visits a services
page on your website and does not fill out a form, guess what? You can retarget them because they didn’t take an action. They had enough intent
to show up on that page, but if they didn’t take
an action retarget them because the costs are gonna be cheaper. This seems like basic but sometimes people forget about this. Sometimes you’re so much in the weeds that you forget about the basic stuff. All right, number four, take
a look at your competitors. Go look at their Facebook page and then click on info and ads and you can actually see
the ads that they’re running and you can get ideas. If they’re continuing to run
the same ad over and over, month in and month out,
you know A, they’re stupid. B, they’re doing a good
job with that ad, okay? It’s unlikely if you
respect them as a competitor they’re probably not stupid so it’s likely that that ad is working. All right, number five,
last but not least, plus there’s more than this. Maybe another time, if you
subscribe to this channel and tell your friends about it, don’t split the social shares. What I mean by that is, a lot of times when you’re running ads, the amateur mistake, this is still, I see this happen a lot. People will make an ad and
they’ll make 10 versions of it. The social kind of proof is being split. What I mean by that is let’s say I have ad A over here, all right? So ad A and then ad B, right? Ad C, and then this one
has like plus 50 likes. This one has like 10 likes. This one has like 20 likes, right? So that’s 80 likes in total,
but you’re splitting it amongst the three so what’s happening is you’re not getting it all
consolidated into one area. The more social engagement
you have on one ad the more it’s gonna show. Plus your cost per acquisition,
your cost per clicks, are actually going to go down too so your ad’s gonna perform better. Because if you think about it, Facebook is a social platform. They wanna see social engagement
at the end of the day. If you’re not doing that,
you’re splitting it, maybe you’re doing 10 different ads, and they all have like
one like each, guess what? You’re not doing yourself any favors. You’re being a stupido. Don’t be a stupido. You follow this channel
because you wanna be a smarto. So, make sure to leave a comment, guys. Let me know what you guys plan to do. Let me know what you
think I’m missing in here. Let me know if you think I’m stupido. It’s all good. And don’t forget to
check out our next video and we’ll see you tomorrow. (upbeat music)

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  1. Stupido, smarto, Erico … we need to know what's up with all these O's.

    As a fan of some old anime's, I'm wondering if there's any cultural aspect to it.

  2. Hi there,

    Super cool Video.

    What other hints have you got?

    Currently I am looking at other methods


    Enjoy the day

  3. I am offering slots of netflix premium accounts for 4€. Therefore I am posting ads on facebookgroups. I know that it is against the rules of facebook to post something like this. I tried a lot to trick the A.I. e.g. I made screenshots of the text insteed of tiping it. But right now the A.I. is deleting most of my postings. Is there another way to offer my netflix slots? would be very thankful for every idea 🙂

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