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The 3 Most Important Skills In Sales

The 3 Most Important Skills In Sales

Nothing is more frustrating
when you spend all that time and effort talking to a prospect, and then at the end, you
don’t close the sale. Today, I’m going to teach you
three most important skills that you must understand
and master in sales if you want to be a
successful entrepreneur or a successful salesperson. You see, most people don’t
know how to communicate. Fewer know how to sell, almost
no one knows how to close. If you’re a salesperson, if
you are a business owner, it is your duty, it is your
obligation to close that sale. Now maybe, the kind of close that happens, maybe it happens after a
presentation that you have given in a conference room. Maybe it happens over the phone. Maybe it happens in a shop. Maybe it happens in a showroom, or maybe it happens in
a home kind of setting, or maybe it happens after
you do an online demo. Whenever and wherever a close
that is supposed to happen, it is your responsibility
and your responsibility alone to close that sale. Most salespeople do not get this, right? They get very good at everything else. They are very good at prospecting, or maybe they get very
good at cold calling. They are doing very good
in terms of outbound, or they are very good
at giving presentations, or they’re very good at
giving people demo online. But unless you close that
sale, nothing happens. You become a very, very
good presentation giver. You become a very good
demo guy, and guess what? Those things don’t get you to the bank. Closing is the only thing
that gets you to the bank. So today, let me teach you three things, the three skills that you must know, three important skills you must master, if you want to earn more money. Sales skill number one,
the ability to empathize with your customers. You see, if you’re
selling low ticket item, or you’re selling a commodity, you work in a retail shop, people come in, they grab and go, or
you’re selling something that’s transactional. You just show them the aisle,
or you show them stuff, well, you don’t really
need to have empathy, because you’re just
providing a quick answer, a quick solution. However, if you’re selling
anything that is significant, if you’re selling something
that’s high ticket, you need to have deep empathy. One thing I always say is this: people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. When you are selling
something at a higher price, at a high transactional value, your customers need to know
that you’ve got their back. And you have to be able
to connect with people. You know what, if you want one big secret when it comes to having tremendous success when it comes to closing,
here’s one: give a damn. Actually give a damn about the
wellbeing of your customers. Give a damn about their results. Give a damn about their outcome. When you give a damn, if
your product or service are not a good fit, you gotta
tell them it’s not a good fit. If there’s other people,
there are other people that could provide a better
service, better than you, you will not hesitate to
recommend that to your prospect. That is what I’m talking
about: giving a damn. I was doing a role play
with one of my students during one of our live classes, right? We were doing role play, and he was saying all the right things, he was
asking the right questions and kind of following the formula, saying the right words,
but I said, “You know what? “You’re not gonna close.” He was like, “Oh, how come?” “I’m saying all the right things, “I’m following the formula.” I said, “I don’t feel
like you give a damn. “I don’t feel like you care. “There’s no empathy, you’re like a robot! “All your answers and
questions are so mechanical “and so robotic, I don’t
feel the connection. “I’m not able to connect with you. “If I don’t connect and I
don’t feel that you care, “I’m not gonna buy.” And at first, he was puzzled,
he didn’t quite get it. I said, “Do it again. “And then do it again, do
it again, and do it again.” And then finally, after
multiple times, I said, “Now, that’s better. “Now it comes across that you actually “care about their wellbeing.” Very, very important to have that ability. Great closers have that ability, to develop deep connections
with their prospects. Skill number two, and that is the ability to uncover challenges and discover your prospect’s pain points. I always say, no pain, no sale. The problem is, is not that
you don’t know how to sell. The problem is, you don’t
know how to diagnose. Most salespeople, they talk too much. They don’t know how to ask questions. You’re losing sales, not because you don’t have product knowledge. You know your products or
services very, very well. You’re losing sales because
you can not diagnose exactly what your prospects’
problems and concerns are. You see, your product doesn’t drive sales. Nobody cares about that. Problems drive sales. In order for you to
motivate, inspire and empower your prospects to buy right now, you need to be able to
understand and diagnose exactly what their problems are. Does that make sense? So think about this as where they are at, where your prospect is at. This is where they wanna go. From where they’re at to where
they wanna go, guess what? This is a gap. There’s this gap, it
is your job as a closer to make the prospect understand
how your product or service or solution can bridge that gap. If you don’t understand what this gap is, you’re not gonna close the sale. If all you do is keep
pushing your features and benefits, they’re not gonna buy. That doesn’t motivate them to buy. Then you’re gonna get objections
like, “Yeah, you know what, “that sounds good, but I
kinda wanna think about it. “Let me get back to you.” Or maybe, “Follow with me in six months.” When you can help your
prospects understand that you are the perfect
company to help them bridge that gap, that’s when they buy. See, sometimes the problem
is not what it sounds like or what it looks like. Prospects don’t even know
exactly what their problems are. They might say, they come to you and say, “Hey, I want XYZ”, and
they might think, XYZ, that’s what’s gonna solve their problems. But actually, they actually
need something else. Maybe they need DFG, right? They need something completely different. But they don’t know, it is your job to help them understand,
it is also your job, just goes beyond just your
products and services, it’s your job to
understand the big picture, and how your products or services best fit to help them solve their problem. You cannot do that if you
don’t have the ability to uncover challenges and
diagnose their problems. Skill number three,
and that is the ability to handle objections. Now, you’ve seen this a
lot, people talk about how to handle objections in sales. You know, your prospect says this, then you’re gonna say that. This is how you’re gonna respond, this is how you’re gonna reply. All that is good, but my approach when it comes to objections,
I actually do not like to handle objections,
because the way I see this, if you’re thinking about
handling objections, you are being reactive. You’re waiting for the
prospect, you say this, then I’m gonna do that, it’s like a martial art, right? Someone throws a punch,
and then I’m gonna do this, and then he throws a kick,
then I’m gonna do that. You’re always playing catch
up, you’re playing defense. I would much rather play offense. I believe the best
defense is a good offense. I like to preempt objections. I like to set the agenda so
objections don’t even come up. Done properly, objections
don’t even come up. And another thing I believe
in is, I don’t use a script. A lot of sales gurus or
trainers, they wanna teach you, okay, this is a script that you use. This is exactly what you’re gonna say, this is how you say it line-by-line. I compare that, it’s like
going to a boxing match with a predetermined plan. I’m gonna throw a jab, and
then he’s gonna do this, and then I’m gonna throw a hook, I’m gonna throw a cross,
I’m gonna throw an uppercut, it is stupid. You can not pre-plan too much. You need to have flexibility,
or Bruce Lee said, you gotta be like water, my friend, to be able to do that. I’d much prefer to
preempt objections versus handle objections. Preempting is proactive,
handling is reactive. There are better and smarter
ways to sell and close. You don’t have to do what
everybody else is doing. There are better ways to do this. I teach a methodology
called High-Ticket Closing. We now have students
in over 150 countries. Now it’s the ninth season that we have. If you want to learn the
skill, the art and science of closing, no BS, no
nonsense, what works right now, when it comes to selling
premium products or services. Click the link here or here and join us. Our next season’s
starting very, very soon. So go ahead, check it
out, see for yourself. Why do we have so many
successful students? Why do we have so many successful closers? There’s a reason for that,
so go ahead, join us. I look forward to seeing you in class.

100 thoughts on “The 3 Most Important Skills In Sales

  1. If you had to pick ONE of my videos
    as your favourite, which one would it be?

    Comment below and let me know,
    why it鈥檚 your favourite video.
    Maybe I will expand on it
    in a future video.

  2. The 3 Most Important Skills In Sales

    Closing is the only thing that get you to the bank.

    1. The ability to EMPATHAIZE with your customers, i.e. develop a deep connection with customers by 鈥済ive a damn鈥. 鈥淧eople don鈥檛 care how much you know until they know how much you care.鈥

    2. The ability to uncover challenges and discover your prospects pain point. 鈥淣o PAIN, no sell.鈥 *Don鈥檛 sell, DIAGNOSE the problems and concerns of your clients. Bridge the gap between where your clients are and where they want to be.

    3. The ability to handle objections. PREEMPT objections: set the agenda.

    Check the High-Ticket Closing course.

  3. My number 1 choices is 鈥渢he 3 skills to close a sell鈥
    I have small business about Refrigeration and Aircondationing Service most of all clients call I did close every day I watch your videos to get more idea how to a deal

  4. Closing Part is the bit i struggle with the most. Great vid Dan Lok! Always creating great helpful content that provides a solution 馃檪

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  7. Most of the sales training focus on asking the right question, create need for the customer and urgency. But many sales professional only focus on getting the deal done, without concerning the customer.

  8. Hi Dan, how to master close in selling?

    how to learn to close sales?

    how to invest in myself in term of close skill?

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  9. Hi Dan, how to master close in selling?

    how to learn to close sales?

    how to invest in myself in term of close skill?

    please Dan inform me foe this skill

    I am expecting your reply.

  10. Dan Lok
    You are absolutely correct in every respect, and I know from my own
    experiences and sales training.
    Particularly important is eliminating potential objections so they don't
    even enter the mind of the potential customer.
    Once an objection comes up the salesman or sales woman has not
    done their job well enough, and needs to correct this,as it is akin to
    stepping into a mine-field.
    Besides that it can mean wasted time talking with the client and not
    achieving a sale, as closing against objection can become difficult.
    As always, 'Prevention' is better than a cure.
    Discovering the clients needs, and fulfilling their needs, eliminates
    potential objections.
    When I was working in sales ( and selling different products) I would
    ask the client, 'Knowing how (This product or this service) will solve
    your problems and help you, as you said that it is what you are looking
    for, and if I can do this for you within your budget, is there any reason
    why you wouldn't buy today?
    … Then smile and shut up ….
    The first one to speak looses …

  11. yes, fix what customer want

    easiest way is shift your perspective from sales man to a customer…
    let say i wanna buy a car, i wanna cheap and basic function but with some good feature…but priority is price
    secondly, is about loan i can get
    and thirdly color is highly important, if i dont get the right color, i wont buy
    So ask me that

  12. 1. Care about your customers
    2. Discover their pain points& how your product will get them to the next level. Problem drive sales.
    3. Preempt objections, dont handle objections

  13. Hello Dan. I watched your many videos.
    There is a suggestion…
    You speaks alot.
    But Kindly try to express key points only.

    You always starts your keypoint after speaking 3 to 4 minutes

  14. thank you for this. never had it in mind to empathize with my prospect and discover their challenges. Will put this into practice

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  17. Rule 1) Know your product
    Rule 2) Know if it fits the needs of the buyer.
    Rule 3) If it does, Close the deal and sell goods or services. And Close That "Gap" ahahahah gg.

  18. The 3 Most Important Skills In Sales (High-Ticket Closing):

    1. The Ability To Empathize With Your Customers

    – People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care

    – Give a damn

    2. The Ability To Uncover Challenges And Discover Your Prospects Pain Points (problems & concerns)

    – No Pain, No Sale

    – Don't Sell, DIAGNOSE –> ask questions

    – Problems Drive Sales (motivate, inspire and empower)

    3. The Ability To Handle Objections

    – the best defense is a good offense (done properly, objections don't even come up)

    – don't use script, be like water (flexibility)

    – Preempting is proactive, handling is reactive

  19. Well said. Keep it up. Dan, you spoke everything that I went through. I am good at getting leads through cold calling and also good in giving demo's but closing is yet tricky with regard to certain customers, who say, I have your number, I will call you. Also, certain customers, shake hands with me again and again, show interest but yet my product needs to drive sales. I deal with surgeons. Yes, I have yet to know the right trick of telling them how my product can bridge the gap. This is Anthony from Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

  20. Hey Dan, just a little confused, you say you don't use scripts and gurus try to provide people with scripts, but aren't you selling and marketing your 'Perfect Closing Script' to people? Just seems a little odd is all

  21. Hy Dan.. I am from India
    I am right now doing 12th and our school has a main subject for commerce of without maths as a Marketing and Salesmanship soo basically I am doing a detailed theory of sales in my high school but I don't find myself fit in salesmanship
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    I have been following you from so long but I don't find it more suitable soo can you make a video on how to make a presentation
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  22. These were so good because there is nothing worse than going to place with your mind made up to make a purchase, only to be talked out of it (literally) by one of the sales person or individual you meet. For ex, I鈥檝e met with consultants who said things like 鈥榦h, you don鈥檛 need tht.鈥 Or, worse, 鈥榙on鈥檛 expect to see significant difference鈥 etc etc.,鈥

    Why would I spent $3,500 for a treatment to maybe get some results. I appreciate the realistic feedback, however, at least thrive to build connection by showing genuine interest about my concerns because what may not be real to them is real for me

    I鈥檓 like that鈥檚 it the moment someone behaved this way during a meeting. I won鈥檛 be buying anything neither returned for future visits when I sensed this lack of care. Immediate delete future emails or ignore follow up calls


  23. The foremost is how to fill the gap in the competitive world without better specification, a motivational factor…

    William ~

  25. Dan Lok is the real dude.
    This means so much to me.
    I want to help people, not to get money.
    Money will come when you solve someones problem.

  26. Hey Dan Kudos. Can I make the customer understand "y your competitors makes profit but not you" or what if I say " because your competitors own (xyz product) this…. that's y they r making business or profit" comments from anyone also welcome

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    From Africa (Kenya)

  30. "People don't know care how much you know until they know how much you care". Definitely going to remember that one and work on my empathy.

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  33. As a high ticket closer professional myself, your first two points were very good but your third point was ???. You will always get objections to things even if you plan well and are proactive. There will always be things that come up – you literally spent 5 minutes not discussing how to handle objections. Otherwise a great video.

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    I have a question here.
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  37. Hi good evening 馃檹馃挭馃槉thank you for taking this story I do it's game but I like coz true I like taking true

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    The picture behind your chair with the Average typical hand 馃枑馃徔 gestures, your Bla Bla Bla, your very poor choice of soft porn music track, or your greesy skin 馃 馃 馃 馃 馃 馃 馃 馃 馃

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