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The 1-Thing | Online Advertisers Placing Trust in Paid Social in 2018

The 1-Thing | Online Advertisers Placing Trust in Paid Social in 2018

hey guys I’m Anton and this is the
one thing you need to know in digital marketing this week. Marin software which is a marketing automation platform released a report called the state of
digital advertising 2018 now what this report asks is two very
important questions one of them being what trends or challenges do you see
impacting your business in 2018 and the second question they asked was on what
platforms do you see yourself spending money on in terms of digital marketing
in 2018 now what the report reveals in terms of what people see as challenging
or impacting their industry in 2018 is that people are most worried about
Facebook and Google’s increasing dominance around 42 percent of
respondents being the largest group said that Facebook’s and Google’s increasing
dominance would impact their performance online in 2018 they also cited things
like the growth of Amazon as an important factor and also issues with
tracking and privacy as impacting how their business performance online but
first and foremost they were afraid of the rising important or the rising
dominance of Facebook and Google in 2018 nonetheless the second question which
they asked was on which platforms do you see yourself spending in 2018 so what
that revealed is that not only are advertisers afraid of the rising
dominance of Facebook and Google they’re also going to be spending most
definitely on Facebook advertising in 2018 90% of the respondents said that
they would be spending on paid advertising in social in 2018 second to
YouTube Google display advertising mobile in-app advertising and fourth
paid search advertising so what this shows is that although Facebook and
Google as we all know are the two behemoths in online advertising people
are still not only afraid but more than willing to give them their money so why
should you care well as digital advertisers we know what a nuisance it
can be having one set of data within Google’s ecosystem and analytics and in
Adwords and another set of data within Facebook’s what this report calls a
walled garden in that they’re both beautiful gardens full of data and
reporting but they’re walled and they don’t really easily share data with each
other nonetheless seeing as 90% of the
companies that were asked in this report would there be advertising on Facebook
they said yes you’d be a fool to not be jumping on that bandwagon and making
sure that you’re missing out on that juicy social media advertisement so guys
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