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The #1 Key To PROFITABLE Facebook Advertising – Most People Get This Wrong.

The #1 Key To PROFITABLE Facebook Advertising – Most People Get This Wrong.

Hey Miles here, milesbecker.com. This video
reveals the number one most important part of your Facebook advertising campaigns. When
you’re done with this video, you’re going to understand a framework that Dan Kennedy
taught the late great Dan Kennedy, one of the best copywriters of my era for sure. Um,
who just passed away recently. And you’re going to learn this framework because there
are so many people teaching it incorrectly right now. And a lot of you I see in the comments
and I see what you guys are doing. A lot of you are missing this key piece and it’s without
this key piece, you’re never gonna make any money with your Facebook ads. You’re not gonna
drive the leads that you desire. Then at the end, I’m going to offer you a specific opportunity
to join myself and a group of students to go deeper on this one thing so you can gain
mastery over it. Since it is the one thing that kind of moves
the needle that’s really time-sensitive, it’s only going to be available for a day or two.
So if you’re watching this weekend, great. If not after the rest of the video is still
extremely pertinent, you’re gonna get a ton of value out of this. Now, what is the idea
from Dan Kennedy? It’s essentially the marketing triangle is what he coined. Also kind of commonly
referred to it as the three M’s of marketing. And the three M’s are the media, the market,
and the message. And the theory that he proposed is when you get all three of those things
right, you are going to see massive response to your advertisement, right? So when you
get the right media, the right message in front of the right market, you will essentially
have a win on your hands. So we’re going to break this down, run it through the filter
of the modern era of Facebook advertising to understand through this framework, what
is the most important piece. So number one is the media, right? Well, the
media on Facebook ads, we can kind of scratch that one off because the media is Facebook.
We already know that we’re on Facebook with this type of advertising. If you want to test
this against Instagram, the theory is still sound. I consider those to be one in the same.
I test them back and forth. I’m still seeing a way better ROI on Facebook than I am Instagram,
but I’m constantly testing them because it’s the same ad platform. So kind of for all intensive
purposes, I grouped them together as one. Number two is the market. Now, one of the
greatest things about the Facebook advertising product about the Instagram advertising product
is how easy it is for us to test different audiences. Okay? And what we call in Facebook
and Instagram audiences essentially are the markets that Dan Kennedy talked about. So in Facebook, this can work as a retargeting
audience, right? A pixelated custom audience that is retargeting people who have visited
your website. It could be a custom audience where you upload your email list, your leads
list, your customer list or both. And it could be actually running ads to that market, right?
So these are different segments of the market, but then you get into the lookalike audiences
and also the different individual kind of interest based audiences. Now I’ve taught
at length how to research these, how to create these, how to go run and test them against
each other. And in my opinion, this is the magic that makes the Facebook advertising
platform one of the most valuable advertising platforms of our day, possibly ever. It’s
because it’s so simple and so fast and effective to test these against each other, which is
why I’m crossing this one off the list as well. Facebook has literally made it so simple for
us to test dozens, hundreds of different markets that you should know beyond a shadow of doubt,
which interests which audiences, which markets actually work and which ones don’t. Which
brings us to the number one most important part of your advertising campaign. It’s the
ad copy, and this is the one thing that people overlook time and time again. They will focus
and a lot of the fake gurus and a lot of the people selling courses, they come up with
all of these complex things that you need to do in order to run your ads that are keeping
you from going all in on copywriting. There’s a lot of talk about, Oh well you need a lot
of social proof on your ads. So you’ve got to set up this type of ad set first and then
you run it with this type of a focus to get a lot of social proof and then you change
the type. That’s all rubbish. And in fact, Facebook’s
rendering that obsolete because right now Facebook is actually testing in Australia,
eliminating likes completely something that it looks like as some blow back from the,
I don’t know, suicide rates and from the mental health crisis that social media is creating
is the kind of displaying publicly the likes is probably really bad for everyone’s health,
especially younger people. Hence the spike in suicides. So they might just eliminate
that. So this whole world, and what I’m getting at is there’s a lot of fake gurus teaching.
They make up an invent complexity because they need to sell you something. They don’t
really have a business beyond selling you their course. Kay. So what they need to do
is invent complexity and they inject it into your world through doubt, through an ad itself.
And they get you to buy into thinking, well, maybe it’s this weird little technique or
maybe I don’t have the right ad campaign, and the honest to goodness truth is it’s your
ad copy and really mix that with your offer. If you’ve got a product that absolutely sucks,
if you’re just yet another me too marketer who’s promoting crap funnels and you’re just
out there doing whack funnels and you just think you’re going to be another whack funnel
superstar and you’re just going to sell whack funnels like all the other WAC funnel affiliates
are, you don’t have anything unique. So I think we need to run what we’re doing on Facebook
through a couple of filters. Number one, you need to be creating value in the lives of
others. Number two, you need to have a unique solution to a big time problem that people
are willing to invest in. If you don’t have those two things, there is no ad copy that’s
going to fix it, right? You can Polish a turd but still got a, that’s the honest truth in
this scenario, so that’s the prerequisite for this, but once you have focused in, you
know what media you’re marketing on, you can test the different interest, his interests
instantly, right? It’s so easy to test my email audience versus
a lookalike audience versus three or four interest audience versus a retargeting audience
on my website and I can get data on my same ad, which one of those outperforms the others?
The magic sauce on Facebook advertising is the ad copy itself and you need to be a student
of copywriting. I have been studying and practicing copywriting for 1520 years. I still read copywriting
books. In fact, on my Kindle right now on my phone, get another copywriting book. I’ve
read dozens if not hundreds of copywriting books at this point in time. I’ve written
and worked on with my wife, hundreds of sales letters and I’ve written and composed dozens
upon dozens upon dozens of ads. There is nothing out there beyond writing ads, testing ads.
It’s going to get you to be a better copywriter. You need to study what the greats like Dan
Kennedy teach, right? Their content’s out there available in $10
$20 books. There’s no lack of information. You don’t need the fancy $2,000 courses. What
you need to do is study copywriting. Now, with that said, there is coming up right now.
It starts on Monday, which is October 1st it might be September 30th. Um, so if you’re
watching this after Sunday, the 29th you’re not really able to get in on this, but there’s
a guy I know and trust Keith Krantz and he’s doing a 21 day Facebook ads bootcamp and he’s
going through a process. It’s going to walk us in 21 days through writing what he calls
an everlasting ad because this is the goal you should have for your business is to write
the kind of ad that you can run millions and millions and millions of visitors to the kind
of ad that can last for years. A little perspective here. About three and a half years ago, I went to
a $4,000 mastermind and this was a Facebook ads mastermind and I had to fly across the
country total costs, including the hotel, the flights, the rental car, all of it was
like six or $7,000. And the result, what I walked away from was one long copy advertisement.
This ad, I didn’t really get the value of it in the moment to be honest. So I walked
away kind of scratching my head like, Oh, that’s it. Just one ad from like this whole
kind of expense. Um, this ad has been displayed millions upon millions upon millions of times.
This ad has brought in hundreds of thousands of subscribers and thousands of customers,
and this ad continues to perform today. That’s the power of having an everlasting ad. That’s
the power of having the kind of ad that’s not going to be need to be replenished every
month. There’s not going to be need to be rewritten
every week. And now I understand the value of writing these types of ads and it’s an
arduous process. I mean, we went through three, two and a half days of pretty intensive work
to extract all of the bits and pieces that are taught by the great copywriters of the
world. Now, I think the price to value ratio was on pace for me. We had a very successful
business at the time. I would not promote to you a $4,000 how to write an ad course.
I don’t like promoting extremely expensive courses because most of the information, it’s
actually free here on my channel. I teach all the bits and pieces of Facebook advertising
on the channel. The one part I’m still a student at and I’ve signed up for this myself, is
how to write great ads and I want to beat my current performing ad. I want another everlasting ad that I can run
for years on end because these ads are worth their weight in gold and beyond. To be perfectly
honest. So this is, it’s a 99 day bootcamp. It’s a 21 day challenge. Go to miles, beckler.com
forward slash ads if you want to join. That’s miles beckler.com for such a D S the link
will pop up above my head. There’ll be a link in the description, but again, he closes the
doors and there’s, it’s not fake scarcity. It’s not like he’s going to let you sneak
in. You either were able to sign up, saw this video on time or not. Now, if you didn’t see
the video and time and seriously for $99 I spent thousands of dollars to essentially
be walked through probably a lesser process. So I’m not only going through this, I’ve enrolled
my ad guy as well and he’s going through this. Now this could be the make or break for you,
right? If you’ve got a great product, if you’re a coach, if you’ve got a great service, if
you have something you truly believe in that is unique, that really adds value to the world,
this could be the make or break that’s really gonna help you scale your business. And what
does scale look like? Online scale through Facebook ads. It looks like a break even front
end ad where you put in $1,000 and then you get enough leads and enough sales to bring
that thousand dollars back and you cycle that thousand dollars through your Facebook ad
account day after day after day. And the result of this is enough customers to pay for that
ad spend. But ultimately you’re building a list, a very large list, and this is the most
valuable asset within a digital marketing business. And this is why a break even front
end funnel is ultimately the path to $1 million business. Those who understand this see a $99 investment
in how to write one of these ads. A 21 day challenge to really help you create your evergreen
ad is an absolute no brainer. So I’m joining miles beckler.com forward slash ads. If you
don’t have the opportunity to join this study, the great Dan Kennedy, Eugene Schwartz, Victor
Schwab, I’ve done videos and blog posts that reveal the most important copywriting books
you need to read. I’ll have obviously links to those down in the description as well.
Um, and ultimately I hope you get in on this, but either way, take time to commit to mastering
copywriting because if you don’t and you think Facebook ads don’t work, the honest answer
is probably your copywriting sucks. Your ad sucks, your landing page sucks. Nobody trusts
you, nobody believes you can help them. Nobody believes there’s actual value in what you’re
offering. That’s why no one’s buying your product. It’s not Facebook ads, it’s the messaging,
the media, while it’s essentially the media, the market or the message is one of those
three things. The media and the market are made absolutely simple from Facebook. So it
all comes down to the message. So get your message dialed in. I appreciate you. Thank
you for your time. I hope you join me on this. If you don’t know that, just study copywriting.
It’s a lifelong path. Whether you get in on this or not and I’ll see you on the inside
and I can’t wait to help you with another video coming out next week. Subscribe, hit
the bell, like do what you do. I appreciate you and I’ll see you on the next video. Until
then, be well.

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  1. Great information – will this be able to work with – fitness and wellness in order to get quality and qualified clients

  2. Hey Miles I signed up for Keith Kranz's challenge. I didn't hesitate as I know Keith and because I value your content and recommendations.
    I am also a devotee of the great copywriters and have read and studied many of the greats. My truly best book is Breakthrough Advertising from I'm sure you know who, Eugene Schwartz.

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