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Terminator: Dark Fate – Official Trailer (2019) – Paramount Pictures

Terminator: Dark Fate – Official Trailer (2019) – Paramount Pictures

♫ Talk. Talk fast. You first. ♫ My name is Sarah Connor. August 29th, 1997 was supposed to be Judgment Day. But I changed the future. Saved three billion lives. Enough of a résumé for you? No. You may have changed the future but you won’t change our fate. ♫ I know you’re scared but I’m here to protect you. Never seen one like you before. Almost human. I am human. Just enhanced. Why do you care what happens to her? Because I was her. ♫ Sarah! (Gunfire) I can see you’re very upset. I’m going to help you protect the girl. (Gunfire) Nobody else is gonna die because of me! If you don’t make it, everybody dies. Expect a big ping, brother. My whole body’s a weapon. (Beeps) Sorry. When this is all over I am going to kill you. I understand. ♫ (Gunfire) ♫ I’ll be back. (Explosion) ♫

100 thoughts on “Terminator: Dark Fate – Official Trailer (2019) – Paramount Pictures

  1. So what is happening now? i lost track long ago with the timeline and shit so who did what to who and who is who and what changed in the future because of the previous movies or what didn't change? when this shit will end? when wil and howl the Skynet or Humanity win finally?

  2. Hello Hollywood….ugh can we maybe get a “Back to the future” remake, but this time it’s Frank Sinatra, and he’s here to power drink, chain smoke, bang hot chicks, and bitch slap millennial metrosexual douche bag dudes back into men!!!!

  3. I'm a huge fan of the first two Terminator movies. That being said, I'm not going to watch this crap. These people just keep putting out all these disappointing sequels that just have me confused about the whole timeline and continuity in these movies. And this new bad guy Terminator doesn't have the menacing look or the screen presence that Robert Patrick had.

  4. Terminator 2: The future's not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves.
    New Terminator movie: We beg to differ.

  5. The feminator: woke fate. Enjoy sitting in the dumpster next to the pile of Ghostbusters 16, the last jedi, captain marvel and oceans whaaamen edition dvds that didnt sell.

  6. What really is the point of Terminator anymore? Either the future is not set, and they stop Judgement Day & Skynet, or the future is set, and no matter what they do, there will always be a Judgement Day & Skynet. Terminator has just become an action Groundhog’s Day at this point!

  7. Idk I just don’t know , if I care anymore the first 2 movies are amazing 3rd sucked , 4th was better 5th was fucking awful! Now I’m just like wtf is this short haired lesbian or boy doing ? Where is John Connor and why does this other girl matter !?

  8. The movie has all these big production CGI special effects but at the same time looks like a cheap amateur indie film… It's weird. Linda Hamilton and Arnold looks misplaced, it's like they're only in this because they want it to somewhat resemble a Terminator movie. It's just atrocious.

  9. I'm sorry but this looks like shit. The Mexicana-5000 terminator is NOT an enhanced model if he can't shape-shift through security. WTF?

  10. Take former Mr Universe and put him in what looks like a man-hating movie?

    Who thought that would be a good idea?

    For the record, Linda Hamilton kicks @ss. A real talent and great character growth. But i dont think even she can save the franchise now. Thanks for trying Linda.

  11. Why does everyone hate this movie…anything james Cameron involved is gonna be good…look how alita battle angel turned out to be….eventhough it didn't reached box office expectations it is a good film with great visuals….i hope this movei crosses billion dollar mark…and i have faith in tim miller after watching deadpool and love death &robots

  12. terminator-dark-fate-2019-full 🎥 WATCH NOW ► ► sites.google.com/view/terminator-dark-fate-2019-full

    Quando John Connor, leader della resistenza umana, invia il sergente. Kyle Reese risale al 1984 per proteggere Sarah Connor e salvaguardare il futuro, una svolta inaspettata di eventi crea una linea temporale spezzata.

  13. I'm a simple woman. All I want is to watch other women in body armor armed to the teeth shooting guns, beating the shit out of enemies, and making things explode.
    And the only love stories are maternal or gay.

  14. Straight out of director Tim Miller’s mouth:

    “If you’re a closet misogynist, she’ll scare the fuck out of you, because she’s tough and strong but very feminine, and that frightens some dudes. You can see online the responses to some of the early shit that’s out there, trolls on the internet. I don’t give a fuck.”

    Haven’t these “misogynistic trolls” loved T1 and T2 for decades BECAUSE of how badass Linda was as Sarah Connor? Men are not “afraid” of strong women in strong roles. FANS are afraid of politics taking over their beloved franchises.

    Berating your core audience prior to the release of your film and placing politics before plot… I can’t wait to not see this movie.

  15. Another toxic feminist movie flop! How about this ladies? (make some new awesome thing that everyone loves and own it….stop trying to steal cool ish that men came up with and try to make it your own) you’re not empowering women you’re just calling women uncreative and devaluing men’s contributions to society in the process! BE YOURSELVES….THEN OWN IT! “Letting girl’s into BOY-scouts..” cause YOU MADE Girl Scouts suck….OWN IT! You’re even going to ruin Charles Angels….the irony in that is hilarious 😂.

  16. Wish they dyed Sarah Conner's hair-she looks too old (Which she is). Even her voice got old. But she's got that baby face so they could have made her up to look more the part, instead of the little old lady she's become. Ahnold looks good-better than he did a few years back actually. Not like tired Sly. Film looks like a mess. We shall see tho., won't we. . .

  17. Haven't they learned that over-using CGI destroys these films? The best thing about T1 and T2 was that the CGI was perfectly balanced with actual stunts by stuntmen and a good storyline. Bring back the stuntman and abolish this over-produced CGI bullshit. I'm aware that T2 set the bar for CGI in that era but it was still limited. Nowadays the whole films are just CGI. CGI explosions, CGI stunts, CGI gunfights etc. Remember in T2 when Arnie ripped his arm off to reveal his metallic arm? That's the type of thing that made T2 great. It wasn't generated by a computer, it was actual props designed by artists – giving it a sense of realism that CGI just cannot do.

  18. I really was that Gullible to think that the franchise would stop at genisys but no we have to settle with a another sequel unbelievable paramount who was even authorized to propose to another terminator movie because I am insulted that another one is coming upon us. The first 2 are god damn classics the rest are lackluster bland and boring with a story that ruined the first 2. So at this point it’s gonna flop at the box office.

  19. I’m sorry if I’m ranting but come on guys you know the ladder entries are particularly forgettable compared to its predecessors.

  20. Same storyline…. Anything Different? I understand the concept of the terminater but at least make it more interesting, you can basically understand the whole movie through the traliers……

  21. I literally watched T3 last night for the first time and now this shit exists. Next thing you'll tell me is that they made more after T3 that I dont know about.

  22. At 1:29 we see the Sara Connor proudly mentor the chosen one. That terminated watermelon will never become self-aware and enslave humanity. Next a toaster, they will work up to Terminators after a few training montages.

  23. Not gonna lie, it looks like it could be okay.


  24. Did she say "I changed the future"?
    As far as I know, Arnold did all the work and John Connor threw the chip and arm into the melted steel

  25. Arnold's terminator kills John Connor. Which means the story of the
    first two movies doesn't make sense now. Which means Cameron lied about
    this being the sequel to them. My God, I mean even the last three
    movies, which were lacking in quality compared to the first two, didn't
    try to do something as crazy as killing John Connor, the prophesied
    savior of mankind from the machines.

  26. Arnold's terminator kills John Connor. Which means the story of the
    first two movies doesn't make sense now. Which means Cameron lied about
    this being the sequel to them. My God, I mean even the last three
    movies, which were lacking in quality compared to the first two, didn't
    try to do something as crazy as killing John Connor, the prophesied
    savior of mankind from the machines.

  27. Here is a better pitch… "Terminator VS Titanic."…. Rose Dawson goes on to be Sarah Connors great great grandmother, Arnold is sent back in time to kill her on the Titanics maiden voyage… Only Jack Dawson stands between Sarah Connor's fate and Judgement day…. History would go on to claim that the Titanic sank when it hit an ice berg… the truth is much scarier….. Terminator VS Titanic – COMING SOON

  28. So basicaly we have new Sarah Connor, because they moved the judgement day little bit down the road and its happening all over again because we have another great leader who is gonna get murder in the past through his mother? How original. But let me guess right here. The leader will be woman and new Sarah Connor is lesbian. Wominator 2019.

  29. Everything's seems to be in good part but what about the John Conner even he is the main character of the whole franchise and he is the reason how it was all started

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