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TELUS | #EndBullying

TELUS | #EndBullying

(light music) – [Voice Over] There are eight million kids in Canada. (light music) By the time I finish this sentence, six of us will be cyber bullied. By the end of the month, one million. Bullied. We’re not okay with that. (light music)

82 thoughts on “TELUS | #EndBullying

  1. Hi, you need to caption your videos for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. While I support the initiative, as a Deaf Telus customer, this is one of many reasons that I do not feel you meet my needs as a customer.

  2. You mean to tell me that every month a million kids trolling eachother? That is a lot of butthurt. I think the easy solution is to not buy your kid a 1000 dollar phone

  3. most of these kids shouldnt be on the internet other than to observe. if your under 13 theres no need to have social media and im pretty sure its against most terms and services to be under and if your under 18, anything you post your gunna regret and probably shouldnt have posted in the first place.

  4. Lets be honest. If you got sad over someone being rude to you on the Internet then you shouldnt be on it

  5. Hiding from this issue won’t make it go away, and can worsen feelings of isolation. Our phones act as lifelines to our loved ones, our workplaces and our schools. Instead of encouraging people to disconnect from technology, we need to work together to help #EndBullying, www.TELUS.com/endbullying

  6. Ok if you are so sensitive that you go on the internet and are offended you need help like there are people being bullied in the real world and you are getting hurt because of somebody saying something on the internet wow what is this world come to

  7. Step 1. Block the people that are bothering you on social media and texting.
    Step 2. Don't give people second chances. They will take advantage of that.
    Step 3. If they start bullying you at school then talk to your parents about it because most teachers won't do anything.

  8. No one cares there is a block button for a reason if you didn’t block them then you deserved what was coming

  9. Honestly what a bunch of baloney. What exactly is being counted as "cyberbullying" in these "statistics" you are citing? 8 million kids in Canada. and 1 million of them are being bullied every month? Yeah no. How about you get some real data on the subject instead of this hyperbolic, euphemistic nonsense? OR is my comment considered "cyberbullying" too?

  10. When is the syber bullying comcial gonna come because i was in one and i dont see one and my name is Teija Leppala i just wanna know when i can see it

  11. Hey! I have an idea, why don't you stay in your lane, provide the service you advertise and stop contributing to Authoritarian Marxist 1984esque legislation and lobbying?

  12. Oh my god!
    What a bunch of pussies.

    You mean to say in just 8 months, all the kids in Canada have been bullied? #EndBullshitBullying

  13. awe im not in this lol. i auditioned though. unfortunately family didnt let me be in it because of their superstitions. but it looks great ! im glad they included so many diverse faces

  14. ps. people cyber bullying is real.

    a friend of mine got beaten up and almost murdered by a bunch of his highschool friends because a fake account deeming "Barry G. is gay" not his real name people in the 2000s ended up shooting guns at him (hes american) throwing skateboards at his head, burning the word fag on his lawn, and literally every guy was beating him up and telling girls hes too gay for prom. so yeah trust me when i say its real. this cyberbullying is no joke. in canada we have amanda todd. dont let history repeat itself

  15. Of course it’s unpleasant to be attacked online. If you stand out or say anything which is remotely controversial (or "offensive"), you will attract a shoal of anonymous bottom-feeding scum and closet control freaks. Personally, I find it best to disregard these people as the irrelevant fools they are, and continue learning, enjoying life and improving myself. That's real empowerment. If you’re going to climb mountains there is little point complaining about mosquitoes.

    But does it call more appeals to weakness, or make vague steps of "intervention" a priority? The tag line "No Bandwidth For Bullying"

    , and claiming to disconnect is "no solution" while promoting constant tracking and monitoring of people's behavior (see; TELUS Wise site) is a hell of alot creepier – and a higher potential for abuse – than overzealous trolls over the internet.

    Technocrats are eager to control what little freedom and freedom of speech that remains. They will use what they always use to get what they want: appeals to compassion which only the kind of heartless brute who doesn’t love kittens could ignore.
    The question is; are people gullible enough to fall for it?




  16. of course people are "bullied" on a day to day basis it's a little thing called human nature and developing a thick skin and acquiring basic knowledge on knowing when to turn of the computer or block the harassers.

  17. Advertisements like this have only brought more pain onto me, I am not being cyber bullied, I am being bullied.

    Advertisements like this make my parents think the internet is hell and will torture me, when I have found the internet to be a more positive place than school. Why do I have to suffer when I did nothing wrong? Why do I have to suffer when I do my best to help people on the internet? Why do I have to be forced to make this comment in secret?

  18. Bullying is still gonna happen no matter what. The only way to go about it is parents need to help their kids through the situation. And give them advice to help them weather the storm and fight back.

  19. Cyber Bullying won't go away by turning off the computer. It's just like forfeiting a battle. We do not want to run away but we must work together to help people in times of struggle. May God guide us all in the right path and protect us from bullying. Bullying must stop now!

  20. I think kids need to get bullied to teach them adversity, and how to deal with it. if you go through most of your life without any adversity, shit's going to be really tough as an adult. Bullying for previous generations was much, much worse, and they're usually much better adjusted people than the modern crybaby generation.

  21. Bullying is never okay! I don’t think it will ever completely stop but raising awareness always helps and and I think it can decrease! 💕💕💕 Great commercial… very true!

  22. Okay, this comment section is getting me somewhat furious, so I just needed to get this off my back. Cyberbullying is real, and it happens all the time. Just because this bullying is happening online doesn't mean that it should be ignored. To all the people saying that people should just "turn off your computer" or "not give children access to Internet", that's just not possible in this day and age. The Internet is a huge part of society, especially to young people. In fact, the Internet is a huge part of modern culture. Millions of children use the Internet to play games, watch videos online, and even more. Although cyberbullying could be stopped with restriction from the Internet, it just opens the doors to new types of bullying. People could be made fun of for not being allowed on the Internet. Bullying is a serious problem, and the Internet is just another outlet for people to bully others.

    To younger people, especially children that are influenced by the Internet, things said online can be taken very seriously. Because a bully is behind a screen, it gives them more mobility to say whatever they want. The screen is simply a barrier for a bully, something to protect them. Meanwhile, it makes a victim more vulnerable to more abuse and bullying.

    To people saying that bullying "in real life" is the bigger problem, I wouldn't argue with you, however I wouldn't agree with you either. Bullying, in real life or online, is horrible. Both types have major impacts on young minds, and are damaging. Take away the screen, or the "cyber" from cyberbullying. Is it not the same thing? One person, or maybe a group of people, is abusing another person.

    Cyberbullying is real. Anyone who says otherwise is being ignorant. What happened to Amanda Todd? The poor girl killed herself because she couldn't handle the pain anymore. I know that change won't happen instantly, and bullying will be a problem for a long time. However, bringing awareness to the issue will help. If more people are aware of this problem, then there is a greater chance that something will happen.

  23. For people who is saying cyberbullying isn't real and just close your computer it's not that easy some people can do suicide

  24. Calling on Google Support please add self harm to your report system, As Telus Wise teaches a positive digital footprint corporations should have Self Harm bots and Report systems in place for youth.

  25. Since there are so many hate comments I just need to say something, this video was so raw, so vulnerable. I almost cried when Amanda Todd's photo came, the facts are so devistating.

  26. Did you know that Cyberbullying dosen't exist Its a fact bullying is forced to a place with bad people every 5 days Like school while cyberbullying is just some people on the internet who are just complete jerks and you can get away from.

  27. The truth is Telus that you guys exploit animals just for the happiness for your customers and profit, And its a proven fact that cyberbulling dosen't exist It isn't even a word Autocorrect recognizes for an example if your "cyberbullied" You get a comment on a youtube video saying "IDIOT YOU SUCK GO DIE" just delete it! or if your playing a online game such as "Roblox" you can block the person and the problem is solved or mute them, Telus get your facts right ok?

  28. actually theres kids in the whole world and its not just canadians that get cyberbullied its also different cultures and countries Telus just get your facts right please.

  29. Soooooo 1 million per month. 8 million kids. So every kid gets bullied 1.5x per year. EVERY KID, EVERY YEAR. Hmmmmm…you think you can stop that with a #hashtag? Maybe stop making things up and you can solve a real issue.

  30. Wtf is wrong with this comment section! to Everyone in the comments who said something about 'saving Canada', Wow! You're definitely so smart! 100% intelligent! Yeah, the last person holding up a picture of a girl definitely wasn't the mother of the girl who committed suicide after being part of one of the most massive cyberbullying incidents in all of Canada! It is a real problem, and some problems aren't even any of our faults! It could just pop up because of an incident at school, and lead to swattings, beatings, etc. It is real.

    Amanda was my friend. She was in this video.

  31. #Im not ok WITH that # aswell. So QUIT it Google👨‍💻. And whom ever else is behind the scene 👺🕵️‍♂️

  32. What about corporate bullying? If Telus truly cares about bullying, maybe they should start by not "bullying" their customers via ultimatums requiring that they either get a new contract or pay another $5/month for absolutely nothing. Or maybe they should stop paying 3rd party companies to constantly harass already existing customers with needless promotions…

  33. According to what you say there are 8 million kids in Canada, and every month 1 million of them will be cyber bullied. Now 8 million kids seems to good to be true. The number of kids in Canada accounts for children aged 0-14, but children age 0-7 don't possess the brain capacity to even use social media, and children age 0-7 account for nearly 3 million of the total 8 million children you claim. So we take away 3 million from 8 million and are left with 5 million. So if 1 million kids are cyber bullied each month, then every kid in Canada would have been cyber bullied within 8 months, but 3 million of those kids can't properly use social media so only 5 million could actually be cyberbullied. In not even half a year, every kid that could actually access social media would be cyber bullied.

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