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Teletubbies Toys – Superdome and Tubby Custard Train Playset Toys | ADVERTISEMENT

Teletubbies Toys –  Superdome and Tubby Custard Train Playset Toys | ADVERTISEMENT

[music playing] Hello everyone. Wow, look what we
have here today– two Teletubbies playsets. First, we have the
Pull-Along Custard Train. Doesn’t that look
like so much fun? Look. It includes all the
Teletubbies figures. We have Tinky Winky,
Laa-Laa, Dipsy, and Po. And they are wearing
special bibs, so they’re all ready
for their Tubby custard. And we also have the
Superdome Playset. With this, we also get a Po
figure and our very own Noo Noo. This is going to be so much fun. Well, I’m just so excited
to get these out of the box. But which one should
be open first? Shall we choose the Custard
Train or the Superdome? Hmm. I think we should open
the Custard Train. Let’s have a closer look. The Custard Train
looks really awesome. Let’s turn it around to
look at all the features. There are lots of things we
can do with the Custard Train. When you pull it along, the
Teletubbies spin around. And look. When we press the
button on the top, the train lights up and
makes lots of noises. Time to get is out of the box. [music playing] Here it is, the
Pull-Along Custard Train. I think its eyes must light up. Woo, woo, woo. They all spin around
when we move them. Around we go. [music playing] This looks amazing. But I think it’s time
to open the Superdome. [music playing] Wow. Here we go. Doesn’t this look huge? I can’t wait to play with it. Let’s look at all the features. It has seats for the
Teletubbies to sit and eat their Tubby toast. And it looks like
they spin around. We get a Po figures,
and we have loads of buttons at the front, which
must make loads of fun sounds. There is also a working Noo
Noo to clean up all the crumbs. And there is a toaster
for the Tubby toast. It looks like the
toast will bounce out. You can ring the
Teletubbies phone, and it lights up
with lots of sounds. And finally, there is a lift,
where all of the Teletubbies come down into the Superdome. This looks so great. I have to get it out
of the box right now. [music playing] Here we have our Po figures. And look. She has a bit of Tubby toast. Look at this. It’s so colourful. Here’s the toaster. Wait, what’s this? If we press it, we get
some fresh Tubby toast. Wow, it pops off
for the Teletubbies. Po loves Tubby toast. Hello, Noo Noo. Noo Noo moves
backwards and forwards, slurping up all the mess. [music playing] And listen to all
the sounds it makes. Isn’t that funny? [energetic music playing] Hooray! [bell ringing] [bell ringing] Hello. Teletubbies. Po, where are you off to? She’s moving up the lift. Where have you gone, Po? There she is. Do you like the lift, Po? Po love lift. Lastly, we have the
spinning chairs. I would love to
sit at that table. They spin super quickly, and
it looks like the Teletubbies can sit in the seats. Do you want to sit, Po? Yeah, yeah. Well, that Looks comfy. But don’t you need a friend? Friend, yeah, yeah. Hey, it’s Tinky Winky. Hello, Tinky Winky. Welcome to the Superdome. Would you like a go at
the spinning chairs? Yeah, I’d love to. Come and sit down
then, Tinky Winky. Let’s spin. Wow. You’re going so
quickly, Teletubbies. [music playing] Let’s spin the other way. OK. Wow. Wow. Well, wasn’t that fun? Yeah, so much fun! [bell ringing] Wait a second. What’s that noise? [bell ringing] It’s the phone. The phone is ringing
for you, Laa-Laa. Do you want to go and answer it? [music playing] Well, that was very cool. But hang on. Where it Dipsy? I think he must be hungry
for some Tubby toast. Do you think the Tubby
toast is nearly ready? I think it is. It’s all ready. Time for Dipsy to
eat some Tubby toast. There he is. Hello, Dipsy. Are you hungry? Num, num, num, num, num. Yummy! Silly Dipsy. I think you’ve made quite a mess
eating all that Tubby toast. Noo Noo, would you mind
helping clear it up? Good job, Noo Noo. Hey, guys. Shall we have a Superdome party? I think that’s a great idea, Po. What do you think, Laa-Laa? Yeah, I love parties. Dipsy? Yeah, I love parties. I have my party hat on. Great. Let’s put on some music. [music playing] Are you having fun, Tinky Winky? Yeah, I’m having loads of fun. Where’s Po gone? Oh, there she is. She’s riding her scooter. All this dancing has
made me very peckish. I think we should go
ride the Custard Train. Yeah. Yay, great idea, Laa-Laa. Let’s get the lift up and
go and ride the train. Bye-bye, Laa-Laa. See you later, Tinky Winky. Bye, Po. And bye, Dipsy. Wow. This is awesome. I’m having the best time. Woo, woo, woo. [music playing] Was that fun, guys? Yeah, we loved it, yeah. Look. When we press the button,
the train makes funny noises. [funny noises] And it also lights up. [funny noises] Wow. That is so much fun. You’ve had a great
day, Teletubbies. But I think it’s time
you went home, don’t you? But you can ride the
Custard Train home again. Wow, we have had
such a great day with the Pull-Along Custard
Train and the Superdome Playset. I’ve had so much fun today. But it’s time to go now. Bye-bye, Teletubbies. Bye. [music playing]

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