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TeeChip | How to use facebook ads | Ad Objectives

TeeChip |  How to use facebook ads | Ad Objectives

Welcome everyone. Now that we’ve got an understanding of ad formats, let’s talk about ad objectives. There’s a laundry list of objectives to choose from when creating your ad and depending on your goal, one may be better than the others. Knowing how Facebook divides the traffic will help you decide what objectives to choose. First, we have scrollers. These are people that only view content, rarely click anything and almost never shop or buy anything. Second are engagers. These are people that like and/or comment on posts, follow links and engage heavily with content, and they occasionally shop or buy from posts on Facebook. Lastly, we have shoppers. These are people that heavily engage with posts and ads and often shop heavily on Facebook. This is the most highly prized and expensive audience on Facebook. Even though a good amount of objectives may apply, we should focus on the most important. Here’s what we recommend for TeeChip. Traffic. With low CPMs, the traffic objectives let you put a design in front of more people and interest, which means you can test your designs for your audience targeting before you move on to more expensive conversion objectives. This objective is also great for warming up the Facebook Pixel and really helps those sellers with custom domains. The best format for these are slideshows and videos. GIFs are fairly easy to make as well and popular with this type of ads, so consider them as an asset. Engagement. Engagement offers a mix of all user types and is a good option to go with after you find a winning design or audience. Sometimes PPE ads cannot perform conversion ads, so it’s good to test these alongside other conversion ads. Engagement ads can also help you cheaply increase your organic audiences by growing your Facebook page, which in turn helps push conversions. Carousel ads and page post ads are the best suitable format for these. Conversions. You obviously want people to purchase your product and this is the best objective to reach them after you hone in your designs and targeting with other objectives. Use simple and clear messaging in your ads for maximum effectiveness. The single image and carousel ads work best for these, because they’re simple, easy to execute, and don’t push the consumer attention span too far. With Facebook ads constantly changing, it makes sense to continue experimenting with various ad objectives. But remember, the main objective for advertising for TeeChip is to convert sales. Join us in our next video where we’ll walk through the multiple steps of the Facebook Ad Manager. Thanks for watching.

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