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TeeChip | Advertising with Facebook Ads | Ad Formats

TeeChip | Advertising with Facebook Ads | Ad Formats

welcome everyone before you get to the
weeds of creating Facebook ads for your teach of campaigns let’s try and
understand the ad formats first on your ad manager account the creative hub page
will give you all the info you need let’s get started there are three main
categories of ad formats video which works best for traffic and brand
awareness interactive which works best for engagement and image which works
best for conversion each has its own perks and level of usefulness depending
on your approach to advertising for your t chip stores or campaigns for those of
you looking for the specs of your particular ad format you need to look no
further than the page of the formatting question under each format description
is a list of recommended asset specifications you can apply to your ads
for the best results for t chip you don’t need 360 videos or instant
experience as we’ve put together a list of our recommended formats and specs we
incentivize our sellers to use when advertising if you’re in need of
creative inspiration or you just need to view examples click on the get inspired
tab in the navigation bar or click view examples in the description of the ad
format you have pulled up these pages are full of content and allow you to
search and view examples of what you’re looking for we recommend experimenting
with multiple formats than seeing what works for you be sure to utilize the
tools Facebook gives you like their ad mock-up generator to get step-by-step
instructions on your ad creation and that is a brief overview of Facebook ad
formats catch us in our next video where we’ll discuss ad objectives thanks for

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