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Techtonica 2017 Sponsor Info Event at Stripe

Techtonica 2017 Sponsor Info Event at Stripe

Hi everyone. Thanks for being here. My name is Chelsea Arita and I am originally from Hawai’i. I moved to San Francisco in 2001 shortly after graduating high school to attend the Academy of Art University I majored in graphic design. When I was in high school, I taught myself HTML and CSS. Once I designed and developed my first website, it was then I was immediately hooked. I knew it was then that I wanted to become a web developer. Since graduating from the Academy of Art, I didn’t feel like I quit fit in the design industry. But I kept pursuing it as a career. I wanted to get back into coding but I found it challenging as tech was constantly evolving as it is today and I was set back because I wasn’t coding everything like how I used to. I also found that design didn’t challenge me in ways that coding did. A couple years ago, I took a UX/UI course with Bloc and an intro to programming part-time course with Hackbright Academy. It was then I knew I had to get back into coding. I am very excited and enthused about the Techtonica program. I was finally given the opportunity to follow my heart and fulfill my childhood dream. I also can’t wait to say that I’m a software engineer and say it proudly because I feel coding is who I am. Thank you. Hello. I’m Gabriela. I came to the States from Guatemala when I was fifteen years old. I’m passionate about coding, but this won’t be my first time learning a whole new language. When I first arrived to the Bay Area, I didn’t know how to speak English. And I even had to have someone translate for me in class. As a result, I got involved with extracurricular activities such as art club, dance team, and cheerleading. The first time I got exposed to tech was when a friend hired me to type code for his startup. Excited about all the cool things that were happening in the world, and amazed about how technology could help people so much. I enrolled in City College and learned about HTML, CSS, and the Terminal. And I finished an AA last semester. At that point I was ready to look for a bootcamp but prices were a setback. I met Michelle at a workshop and I was shocked to learn about Techtonica because I . . . I couldn’t believe it at first. I was like, “Are you kidding me? What?” It was exactly what I was looking for. And I have worked on a handful of murals throughout the city And what I like about art is that it connects a lot of people. And I sort of think of tech like a mural It links humanity and it’s not just for one or two; it brings communities together. And I love that. And when I’m passionate about something, I will get it done! Nobody taught me how to draw, so I taught myself, I learned English from knowing nothing, and now I’m ready to learn how to be a developer. And lastly, I don’t know any Guatemalan engineers. So hopefully when I succeed, Guatemalan girls and boys will look into this kind of field and be encouraged to follow. Thank you! Thank you guys for coming. So I’m Diana and I love all things tech. I only have a high school diploma, but I have a natural aptitude for software and other technologies. Within a month of learning how to turn on my first PC, I had an advertisement in the newspaper seeking students to teach basic computers to. I also taught them beginner to intermediate AutoCAD because it only took me a month to get to intermediate level with AutoCAD. As the years have passed, I’ve had many jobs in and outside of tech. My broad interests have inspired me to learn various technologies, from designing logos to programming in Lisp. My love of reading manuals has enabled me to always be the one who knew where to find the answers and to bore you with the details. Thanks to the tech industry, I was able to work at home during my baby’s first year. Yes, you can thank me now for those colorful internet banner ads. Unfortunately, being self-taught and uncredentialed in my skill set has left me unable to put these skill sets to my resume And thus get a job using my talents in the work world. Techtonica is a game-changer for me. My time with Techtonica will expand my current skill sets [sniff], polish them, and legitimize them for actual use in the working world. [Applause]

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