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Teaching General Hospital THE MUSIC HOOK in ADVERTISING LAURA RETURNS Part 2 August 10, 2019

Teaching General Hospital THE MUSIC HOOK in ADVERTISING LAURA RETURNS Part 2 August 10, 2019

okay so we’re back to this is part two
of well advertising Effects of advertising and things and I always
thought it was so strange that the soldiers on Fort Ord were always talking
about sixteen-year-old girls moving into the barracks at the identical same time
this Luke and Laura thing was happening on TV I just found that really odd you
know maybe some of those guys watched it I don’t know but they said that
sixteen-year-old girls were moving into the barracks with them because they had
no place to live so they said they would come out to California and looking for
some sort of dream and then they couldn’t find a place to live so the
soldiers were just letting them move into the barracks but it was at the same
time that General Hospital was taking place with the Luke and Laura and and so
then they said the women would go out to California and become homeless because
it was too expensive for them to live out there but they had to place else to
go and so they said the soldiers then they put out a policy that said the
soldiers could not let 16 year olds live with them but apparently it must have
been some California I don’t know if there’s a regulation or law but they
they have like I think three or four guys to a room maybe or maybe it was
only two or three but I I never actually went into those barracks at to see what
they looked like I’m not even sure if they’re there anymore in California
where he stayed up but he said they were basically new barracks that’s why I
thought was funny because he said they were new and then they stayed in them
and and then it was like within Oh 8 9 years then the whole place is abandoned
I thought isn’t that weird that they build something new and then just
abandon it it makes sense now in hindsight it makes sense but yeah but the marketing you know the
little catch jingle and that’s what they had and with the Luke and Laura thing
they even did that with Frisco and Felicia as well the lady of my heart and
all the soap operas were doing that when they were coming up with little jingles
it was like music videos within the soap operas to keep people hooked and and
that song they played think of Laura criss cross it was really catchy it was
a fun little song I don’t ever remember hearing it on the radio much you know
there was really not much of a place to actually find the music but it was
catchy I even remember it to this day that the song the criss cross had a lot
of oh just kind of soft mellow music that kind of keeps you hooked and and
then a little jingle it’s just something that you’re gonna they get it’s one of
those songs that gets stuck in your mind that’s what advertising is about is
something that gets stuck in your mind but in 1983 that’s the year actually
that’s a year my son was born I was still living in Iowa I wasn’t even we
weren’t even we were headed towards the military direction I think at that time
but the summer though they usually did the summer oh they had a summer thing
they had a summer event it lasted all summer because it seemed to be sort of a
slower you know it was outside of you know kids were home and they said Gloria
Monty wanted to appeal to young girls and and that you know it I have to say
it did work and so they would that so the people the soap opera stars they’d
be together they’d separate they’d be together and separate they all cheated
with the same people and it was just like they would just were it was just
kind of a whirlwind of probably I think loosely based off of real
is what I would call it most definitely you know they had the fictitious
hospital but that was at the point where you know we actually there was credits
at the end we actually knew who who was a part of a network and who wasn’t part
of a network you could see they had credits and who you know and and but now
I’m wondering that right now I’m wondering because if Genie Francis
played Emma Sam’s Emma Sam’s was Halle Halle Sutton now I’m wondering if
because sometimes you know how they played multiple roles now I’m wondering
was Emma Sam’s and Tristan Rogers was Tristan Rogers actually who played
Scorpio was he actually Luke now I’m wondering that because a lot of times
they played multiple roles and so they would have the character there would be
an identical who look just like them so it has me wondering because they’re
talking about computers in this episode in 1983 they’re referencing computers so
they’re going to work on their computer Scorpio says he’s going to go to work on
his computer I think even Luke references it as well so there’s kind of
been a buildup you know when I’m listening to this they’re talking about
computers in their government offices and so anyway that’s I’m just gonna
leave that at that for right now for this review review of classic General
Hospital 1983 because computers have been around for a long time they
actually could have could have brought they mental a little bit faster I would
have thought you know even in 1983 I loved the computer it was like I 8 or 81
I was on it for a little bit that was all we had not and so I had some guy
hacked into it and we did the little insert into the blank phrases you know
where you could put in things that sounded kind of naughty it was just kind
of like blur words and you interpret what is
who’s going to be set in there and so they said the teachers actually banned
the librarian and the teachers banned the kids from being able to use one of
them because of the fact that they said it was people were putting in naughty
things which was true and that was the one I wanted to do it was fun I had fun
the dot matrix and printing out all that stuff was a lot of fun and so so the
thing is they could have actually introduced and brought the computers and
a lot faster than what they did you know I mean everything is a computer you
think about it your TV your cable box your even your sound your sound systems
are a computer they have full computer electrical components to them even
probably even the old tube TVs were were computing the square TVs yeah that’s
what people are calling them now square TVs they were tubes computers two
computers with the analog the names just changed for the same thing that’s all
that it is and so yeah it’s kind of fun to be able to watch some of these old
episodes of General Hospital and see what was going on and then and then
they’re talking about the this one specific one that I’m watching it has
Lyla and Edward Quartermaine and they have protesters for some reason outside
of their house and I remember that it’s like I don’t know why I remember it I
just do and it’s like I only would have seen it like once it yeah I would have
only seen it once and why is it that I remember it when I watch it it’s just
like watching it again I don’t know maybe some of what was repeated probably
over four or five days I would imagine because they just carried this the
storyline the same storyline out over and over again but it’s kind of symbolic
of reality our lives because a lot of things do repeat you know so if we don’t
make a combined effort to change things you know and there’s nothing wrong with
protesting but it’s kind of funny it’s like the rich folks
in general hospital’ are upset because people are protesting them for some
reason for over something they did and they had they were involved with boards
on hospitals and things like that and you know I kind of had compassion for
them at the time they were a cute little old couple but at the same time if
there’s things going on that is affecting everyone that’s hurting
everyone then it makes sense why people would want to protest and so yes so even
in 1983 there was protesting going on and then there was the hangar when we
went to visit there was the hangar at the Plaza

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