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Teaching General Hospital THE MUSIC HOOK in ADVERTISING LAURA RETURNS August 10, 2019

Teaching General Hospital THE MUSIC HOOK in ADVERTISING LAURA RETURNS August 10, 2019

hi guys okay so this is sort of a review
for its teaching about a build-up to something big
you know where it keeps the storyline going and I was thinking back to General
Hospital because this is coming up in my feet and oh just don’t tell me oh look
she’s let herself go I know this is what women hear she let herself go so she
looks mentally ill isn’t that what all women have heard if you don’t put on
makeup you’re mentally ill and isn’t that how the United States Army was as
well when you think about it you know or how men have shamed women in the past oh
you don’t have on makeup so you don’t look as good as you used to you didn’t
comb your hair so you must be mentally ill you’re not taking care of yourself
but let’s get back to Jeannie Francis and Laura returns and that’s one thing
that I remember from back in the day is the buildup and so I was watching the
1983 part one classic and she’s wearing she’s wearing a hoodie and I’d kind of
forgotten about that and then she’s standing out in Luke’s uh in Luke’s a
yard he’d just one becoming mayor mayor and so she’s standing out there and he’s
smelling something and they’re playing the song think of Laura think of Laura
is the catch is a little catch phrase it’s really catchy and it’s when I think
about it it’s by crisscross the the music artists crisscross and really just
kind of a soft little jingle was played during I think during the commercials
too and it was just up to the buildup they
would show her legs they’d show her feet she would be just going to different
places around Port Charles observing and watching and looking and but in the
process she’s still kind of hiding you know she’s she’s there and lurking
around and just watching everything and so there’s like this huge huge build-up
for a long long time you know when Luke is remembering about
Laura and and I and I just thought well it’s
it’s kind of a continuation of something that just continues and goes on every
day that’s how that’s how the soap operas kept people hooked and that’s
kind of what I see right now with our current politics is that they’ve gone
kind of soap opera Sh soap opera SH if that’s a word
and and so yeah but let me I wonder if I can show this to you the hoodie I hope
you guys can see that you see the hoodie right there that she’s got on she’s got
on a brown hoodie oops let’s go back and so there’s the rest of the yeah there’s
a lot of let me go back so there’s a lot of build-up to her coming back and and
and so it was like they created this this love affair between Luke and Laura
and Luke was remember Luke was the guy who raped her when she was 16 and and
that’s the thing I always thought it was so odd when I moved to California my
ex-husband he went out there first for a short little while he had to live in the
barracks and he was always talking about that the soldiers had sixteen-year-old
girls moving into the barracks with them living with him in the barracks so it
was so strange and so he was complaining about his roommate was there with other
women and he says well that’s

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