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#TBMnews : Ad Customizers, a New Tool from Google AdWords

#TBMnews : Ad Customizers, a New Tool from Google AdWords

Hi everyone, BJ Smith from The Busy Marketer coming to
you from my podcast studio with another edition of Digital Marketing News for The Busy Marketer
… #TBMnews … The latest information on Digital Marketing that you need to know
right now. Google is in the process of rolling out new
tools to help advertisers with large scale campaigns — they call them “Tools for the
Power User.” Yesterday, they announced the first tool, which will be rolling out over
the next few weeks, called ad customizers. Ad customizers allow marketers to create ads
in Google Adwords with special dynamic fields that are populated based on different criteria
like search query, location or timing. One example that Google provided in their
press release showed ads for a kitchen mixer. The ad customizers changed the size and price
of the mixer based on the user’s search. One was a 5 quart kitchen mixer starting at $400
and the other was an 8 quart mixer starting at $500. So you can see how this could be great for
eCommerce companies with thousands of products, but it can help with Adwords ads for other
types of businesses as well. Imagine you have a gym or other membership-based
business, you can countdown the days, even hours remaining in your membership drive. Or how about a restaurant with a daily special.
You can promote that special dish in your ad using Adwords ad customizers. A real estate agent could promote certain
homes based on price range or neighborhood. You create the original ad in Adwords, specify
the dynamic fields and then create a spreadsheet to upload the data that will populate the
ad customizers fields. It’ll keep you from having to create thousands
of ads or going through the approval process for each and every new promotion. Plus, you’ll
be able to keep your ads longer giving you more data for testing and history. Like I mentioned before, Google Adwords ad
customizers will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Will you use them? Continue the
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