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Target Search Page Location Bid Strategy — Google Adwords

Target Search Page Location Bid Strategy — Google Adwords

Hey everyone, it’s Todd from Adhawk here
And today we’re going to go over an advanced bid strategy
which is called target search page location What this allows you to do is tell AdWords
that you only want to be on top of the page And it will try to optimize this for you
Let me show you how to create this and then implement it
Go over to the shared library Then you want to click on bid strategies
+ Bid strategy Target search page location
We’re going to name this ‘top of page’ because we want to try to target the top of
the page every time Make sure top of page is selected
If you just want to be on the first page, you can click ‘anywhere on the first page.’ But I’m targeting the top of the page
You can set bids to automatic or manual I like setting them to automatic because I’m
telling Google I want to be on the top of the page. You figure out how you can get me there. This allows you to increase or decrease bid
adjustments to make sure you get on top of the page
So I’m going to do it at 10% just so it knows it can go a little bit higher
I just want them to know that my limit is $10 per click
I can’t go over $10 per click, but let’s try to find a way to get me on top. Then click save
Now I’ve created that bid strategy but now I have to put it into one of my campaigns
So I go to my campaigns Click into my campaign
Click to settings Go down to bid strategy
Click edit Select a flexible bid strategy
Select top of page Then hit save
Thanks so much and be sure to check out tryadhawk.com for all your digital advertising needs!

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  1. Thanks so much! I found the Google help document on this settings, but they didn't show were to go to actually make the settings.

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