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Tampon Ads Vs. Real Life

Tampon Ads Vs. Real Life

*elevator style music* *bluesy-jazz music* *fast, high-action beat* *bluesy-jazz music* *fun pop music* *bluesy-jazz music* *fun, upbeat pop music* *bluesy-jazz music* Cramps… Oh, cramps… Oh. *fun, upbeat pop music* Ahh… yeah *serious, dramatic music* *bluesy-jazz music* *upbeat pop music* *bluesy-jazz music* *elevator style music* Hey. So I was thinking– No, babe. No… Actually could you just get me the heating pad, babe? Yeah sure Thanks babe… And the wine! *elevator style music*

100 thoughts on “Tampon Ads Vs. Real Life

  1. The worst period cramps I've ever had started at school, it hurt so much that I couldn't hold my pencil and I completely skipped first period (it was science BTW)

  2. Yeah right? Is because of those commercials some guys thing we're being dramatic when in reality if I move from my chair it feels like my body expulse every drop of blood my body has

  3. commercial: flowers, smiles, happiness, blue liquid
    real life: Blood, screams, terror, depression, even more blood, death, PAINNNN, CRAMPS

  4. Period ads be like

    "With our new ultra absorbent tampons you can climb mountains and build houses. You can finally be you"

    "Our new pads are so discrete that they shape to you. They're practically invisible. Now let me pour some blue liquid on this to show how absorbent it is. Wow. Now go caving because that's why everyone wants pads"

  5. I always look at those girls at commercials for pads and i am just like wondering HOW COULD THEY POSSIBLY BE SO HAPPY DURING PERIOD

  6. I think we all know what the worst situation caused by periods is:
    Me: can I go to the toilet
    Teacher: of course
    Teacher: wait, why are you taking your bag?

  7. Yesterday my friend spilled ketchup on his crotch….. His friend asked him if he was on his period….. At least it would make men more understanding

  8. 75% of the comments: "Omg me too and I also do this on my period argh"


  9. Like a person down below said: Stop bashing people for wearing a pad or tampon. We both deal with periods get over it. We are all entitled to our own opinion. Just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean you bash them for it. It’s stupid and petty.

  10. Eh, I relate more to the ads because I get mild mood swings but not in a "cry at every facebook video" way, much more in a positive direction, though this is invalidated by most people because it's not "bad".

  11. Actually periods are bad but buzzfeed ALWAYS over exaggerate them. It’s hilarious really bc they aren’t that bad. 😂

  12. It's like this but 1000x worse for me and 10x more moody. A lot more crying and screaming and swearing.

  13. So, for spirit week at school, one day was fictional character day and I dressed up as the happy girl in a tampon commercial.

  14. Playtex ad? Ok…

    (For some people who don’t know, Playtex tampons are VERY toxic, they have a lot of whitening products in them.)

  15. The cramp part reminded me of the time I had it so bad I laid on the ground during recces AND the teacher thought I was trying to kill myself so the asked if I was depressed😂😂then went on about how good life is and that life is worth it and in just laying there like IM NOT DEPRESSED….😂😂😂OOOF another time and teacher thought I was depressed is when the gave me a test and I broke down into tears cause it was a surprise test and I didn't study for😂😂

  16. Bahahaha I haven’t had my period in a while and when I do, I don’t get cramps or anything like that. I’m 12 by the way.

  17. I’m so lucky my period is super light and only four days long! The only part that really affects me is I get extremely tired really easily and get really bad lower back pain but hey it’s only for four days!

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