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Tampa Facebook Ads Expert || Client Acquisition for Coolsculpting || Social Media Marketing

Tampa Facebook Ads Expert || Client Acquisition for Coolsculpting || Social Media Marketing

alright so real quick I just want to
show you and prove to you that divide tech is Tampa’s number one growth hack
marketing firm by googling Tampa growth hacking you see right there we are
number one on Google and we’ve been able to help a lot of clients grow and scale
their business so we do have over 5 years of experience in design
development and marketing we focus a lot on growth hacking businesses to their
true potential you know what I’ll introduce myself to
since you’re probably going to Google me if you don’t well I’m gonna show you
right away so yeah I’m a true professional I’m a growth hacker a
social media marketing expert I deal with SEO I’m a web developer focus on
lead generation Facebook Ads and Google Adwords
I’ve personally helped a lot of clients grow this is my personal Instagram
I’m giving daily value to all of my followers they love it go follow me on
Instagram I’m sure you’ll love it too and if you don’t you can message me so
this is divide Tech’s business page we give out videos of content just pure
value because we believe in giving you value before we ask for anything in
return we have posts of our clients telling us
that they can’t even handle the amount of leads they’re getting which is always
a great problem to have ok so I just want to thank you for taking the time to
check this video out so I’m going to show you exactly how I got CoolSculpting
patients for a clinic out in Ohio for about 19 bucks each alright so let’s get
right into it so essentially what we’re doing is putting together really
relevant Facebook ads or recall them marketing messages and we put them in
front of a targeted audience and this audience is already in the market for
your product or service so what we did was target everyone in the market that’s
looking for weight loss or any type of non-surgical procedure that assist with
weight loss and we’re able to target those people based on their demographics
pages they like websites that they visited groups and associations that
they’re part of really the list goes on and on and it’s really endless and we
find this predominantly in the female demographic between ages of 34 upwards
to 45 and as low as 29 so we already know kind of like the market that people
are in or the demographic range that people are in for your product or
service and what we were able to do is something very very unique that not many
people are doing especially in your market so what you’re looking at is that
pretty much we’re running a Facebook ad I want to show you this so you
understand Before we jump into all these numbers so we’re running a Facebook ad
we’re sending people that click on that ad to something that’s called the
squeeze page or a landing page this page is designed to collect an email phone
number to collect the lead then they go to a page where they can call now and
once they click call now that’s when you get the appointment that’s when you get
paid right but what we also do so we have this automated email sequence it’s
like a follow-up system we’re pretty much pushes them back to the call page
so they book the appointment with you and you get the sale and it follows up
with them on a consistent basis that just gives them their offer their
voucher back and it creates scarcity and it makes them feel like it’s gonna
they’re gonna miss out Facebook is all about psychology it’s all about
understanding about what’s going on in the mind of the Facebook user and it’s
something we’ve expertly figured out and this whole funnel is designed to
generate the sale so now I want to talk to you about the offer that we had and
I’m gonna start off with the ad so the ad is actually this one that we designed
here so what we’re doing here is we’re calling out the local community so
Polaris is the city all right so it says want a safe and effective weight reduction
without an invasive surgical procedure so we’re asking a question that they’re
most likely gonna say yes to and then we also give them the you know we want to
cancel any objections so it might sound too good to be true because in their
mind they’re thinking that and then we give more important information like CoolSculpting is a quick non-surgical pain-free treatment that
rapidly freezes off troubled spots leaving you with a flatter and tighter
results that will change your life forever
and then we give the offer now this is something that most of your competitors
and most of the people in your market especially in medical the industry
they’re not going to do it and what we’re gonna do is offer 25% off cold
sculpting to 30 people this week and then you give the call to action which
is click and download your coupon before it goes away in this video that was done
we had it done and it’s basically demonstrating the client experience from
when you first walk into the clinic to when you meet the doctor to when you get
your treatment all of those things A to Z and this title this headline says
non-evasive safe and painless weight reduction and then the description says
the special rate and introductory offer is only good for new customers for 25%
off then we have a download button so this whole ad is talking to a previously
targeted audience that we’ve already found that’s in the market for the
service already right so the first page that we’re actually gonna send them to
is this page so when they come to this page it’s gonna say just reinstating the
offer once again right you want 25% off your CoolSculpting right so they just
came in off of Facebook so why not mention it right and now instead of 30
there’s actually 11 coupons left so it’s creating more scarcity so they need to
take action so they click yes please and then they’re gonna go to whom and where
should they send the coupon off for 25% off – and they fill this out and they
click send my coupon and when they’re filling this out they feel like they’re
getting something tangible in their hands and we’re seeing really really
high conversion rates on this when we use this type of approach so after I
they’re gonna go to the page that looks like this it says greetings due to the
limited number of spots available coupons can be given on the first call
basis calls now to secure your 25% off your CoolSculpting so now it’s creating
more scarcity they’re thinking oh there’s so many limited
for the deals you need to call now so then we also throw in the bonus offer
that’s the next nine people to call that mentioned they saw this on Facebook also
get a free skincare set that’s valued at a hundred bucks and then this button
right here is clickable and it immediately calls you straight from
their mobile device and that’s what the funnel looks like so I want to show you
some numbers real quick okay so here we are in the actual Facebook Ads managers
and this is we brand five or six different ads but let me move this over
here so you can see we ran one two three four five six six different ads all of
them have all this analytical data that probably looks like gibberish to you
right now what I want to focus on is these numbers right here so as you can
see all of these leads all the numbers in these columns are actually website
leads and all of these in this column are actually cost per lead okay so what
I did is I took all these numbers and you can see that we’re actually paying
anywhere from between seven bucks six bucks eight bucks lead five bucks lead
it’s a big range about the number of leads right and as you can see in this
column this is our so actually knows this column that’s actually our cost per
click so when someone clicked on the ad this is actually what we paid so as you
can see overall this is actually the winning ad so overall these six ads this
was the winning ad and these are the analytics from the campaign and I want
to show you this information here so as you can see for our client CoolSculpting
calls 600 bucks so we did a 25% off we brought it to 450 dollars so now you
understand that after you added up all the number of clicks in the column it
was four hundred and twelve people that clicked on
the amount of leads that we got was actually in that column so we had all
these numbers up and it’s 84 so our conversion rate from the clicks to the
actual leads is 20% so 20 point 38 to be exact the number of patients that our
client got was 25 so you can see the conversion rate from the number of leads
to the number of patient was almost 30 percent which was 29.76
percent to be exact the total ad spend so to find the ad spend it was the
amount spent in the entire column so it was four hundred and eighty two dollars
and fifty fifty-five cents and that was our total ad spend for this campaign so
we take the average cost per lead which was five seventy four and then we took
the ad spend which is 482.55 which we divided by the amount of leads we paid
about five dollars and seventy four cents a lead and then I hope you’re
following me here the average cost per patient but they got 25
patients so you take the 482.55 divided by twenty five we only paid $19.30 for a new CoolSculpting patient and the patient value is four
hundred and fifty dollars the patient value times the number of patients was
eleven thousand two hundred dollars that’s how much they made in just the
first 30 days that’s insane so that’s what we were able to do with this ad and
the landing pages that you just saw and like I said there is more behind the
scenes I did show you the the photo of the complete funnel right here and this
is what it looked like we ran the facebook ad this was the Facebook ahead
this was the two landing page as you saw and we did the email drip sequence which
actually the patients brought these emails into the clinic and claimed their
25 percent off and we push them to call and they make the appointment and like I
said the targeted audience was all based off their interest the pages they visit
everything that you can think of that could be related to that person that
wants that non surgical weight loss that ideal client so that was a funnel that
was the ad that was amazing killed the game and that is how we were able to get
25 new CoolSculpting patients in 30 days and we paid $19 for each of them so what
I want to offer you is this actually very unique opportunity to replicate
these results into your business and I would love to have a conversation with
you about it and I want to give you some projected numbers because you can easily
have this type of business in your clinic as well so this process is proven
it’s already laid out it would just take just a little bit of research on your
local market and then also using the landing pages and using the systems that
we already have in place and there’s a lot more to this we can actually
retarget people that visited this page and didn’t opt in or that visit this
page and didn’t book an appointment or or give them different types of ads to
people to to make them come back so this is a unique opportunity I want to offer
to you because I want to offer these results to your business so I want to
give you some projected numbers here okay these projected numbers let’s say
you spend a thousand dollars in ads okay these guys only spent maybe 500 bucks it
was for $482.55 so if you spend a thousand dollars I do have a fee of fifteen
hundred dollars so I’m being transparent upfront so you understand that before
moving forward and this is your marketing budget right there twenty-five
hundred dollars your total revenue based off these calculations on in the results
that we were able to provide in just 30 days
you should make at least $20,000 and if you take your revenue minus your
marketing expense of twenty-five hundred that means your clinic makes seven
$10,500 and obviously this is scalable so if you want to spend two three
thousand dollars on just ads then your sales are going to go even higher so I
just want to offer you opportunity to work with me and schedule a strategy for
you guys so the next step is below this video there’s a button that says book a
call and you just hit that button and you’re going to be brought over to an
application and you just have to fill it out it’s a really quick application and
then you’re gonna be able to schedule a call with me when you’re able to
schedule the call it’ll go into your calendar and it’ll be as simple as that
and I do take a lot of calls I am I am busy I run two marketing agencies and I
do have a coaching program and some of the calendar may be restricted to
certain times and days but I try to be as flexible as I can so just choose the
best time for you and then I’ll make sure that I’m available for that call as
long as it’s within those time periods so again I want to thank you so much for
watching this is Laura Egocheaga and I’m ready to talk to you so we can replicate
these results for your business all right you have a great day

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