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oof If you are a squirrel would you help me bust a nut Heads up guys since I got banned on omegle today We are using the holla app if you guys don’t know what holla Is is it’s basically video chatting with strangers on your phone, and you have filters? look At these damn Filters, so we’re gonna be meeting people on here and talking to them. It’s basically like omegle for your phone except. Not as creepy It’s a family friendly omegle for your phone. I’ll leave a link in the description below to download Holla app so we’re gonna tap the screen to start why it’s a serious need a smile on that face Okay, so 23 year old cool person from the United States is matching with you. What’s up Jonathan? Are you doing it on a Friday night? You’re on holla yeah, cause they even mean oh Right God it’s gotta be a TV hey, I just downloaded it. Okay. I ever heard actually say the name of it. Yeah, oh Wow look at that you just got super hot oh listen. Let me try. Oh, yeah You’re just you’re gorgeous you’re going I would like to be a fox – oh there’s a lot of animal. Okay look at that Filter so beautiful look how flawless it makes me look this is false Dead a** this best filter I’ve ever seen, it’s just so flawless. Oh, let’s pick up some boys tonight A girl!!! you’re the first girl! What’s up? How does this filter make me look – You look pretty cute Picked these from a damn bush. I’m kidding. They’re pretty cute. Especially the purple goes with my hair I love this -hi Hi, don’t even need a filter, right? Sometimes -yeah, yes the ugly people we have to use filters like 24/7 so enjoy your filterless face Good shot good shot man 25 year old like me. I’m a 25 year old cool person. Hey, man Oh come on. Don’t give me that don’t give me that boy angle that I’m trying to be hot. I’m mysterious Oh, did he he’d left the chat he next to me. I can’t believe I got next it okay 23 year-old Gabriel -what? No One more time good heading here. Why do I keep running into people with glasses? Because I have real glasses Filter glasses they are enough you are using that filter I’l have you know that these are no filter You are very very very beautiful girl I can tell you thank you you are a very very very very very very hairy boy Yes, thank you. – Why is that hello? Why it’s al Light light you see Laurent. Yeah, well you buy nice a lot yeah, and I new way Yeah Yeah, hell yeah boy, that’s all I ever want it I Like this it’s like talking to real people Like you know their name. You know their age you already know half of their life before you even talk to them Please don’t holla and drive. I’m sitting in my room hollering. Hey Calvin Kevin. What’s up? I like your lips You got some juicy lips. Thanks, man you too. What are you up to? I’m up to hollering how does this filter make my butt look? huh How does this filter make my butt look? Let me see your bun. I’ll tell you How does it make it look though I? Don’t know from the looks of it. You look sexy automatically. I like your skin tone to The filter man you want to see me without filter Huh you want to see you I’m ugly without filter. I’d love to take you on a date I’m gonna go catfish guys with this filter. Cuz it’s so good. Oh, you could do a hashtag Let’s do hashtag Sniper Wolf next time I do this hey. Oh my god. No way Rachel get your camera out This is a girl who’s you – I love her? Oh my god. It’s the girl I’ve seen like Ten of your videos how many videos are there on my channel, I knew all easy dad. I love you so much What’s up, hi what are you doing sleeping yeah 10 o’clock on a Friday night? Yeah, I’m gonna sleep. Why Don’t you ever question me going to sleep, okay, hey I know you from somewhere aren’t you so famous? I mean there I Actually follow you on Instagram Give me some of that, that’s what’s a Full screen I’m kind of scared Get that onto me now What’s a good disguise? I like this one. I like this one. This is a good one this is You know keep that damn Fox and keep it on keep it on why is it tickling me? Why is it duckweed tickling me? Dick weed or duck weed. I know I know what does it call you gotta grab your microphone microphone mic Yeah Right before I could say that at 69 year old. I’m ugly so skip me nah the daddy Let me skip me like anything. I’m ugly June Even see me yet, but I am but do your cook person from United States hi, I’m from United States – What’s up hunter, I know your name, and I know what your bedroom looks like Everybody hates me oh my god is my wife fool No, you’re my wife through What up what up Sniper Wolf what’s up? Oops I didn’t mean to give you a smiley face, but enjoy that smiley face. I’m a wife Get a better computer. I’m a pussy. What’s wrong with you? I’m a console wife And a whole hour I’m a sadist waifu. I’m so sad. I love this filter so much What’s up supreme boring Good Is that golden vape is that what you use your comm points for is that Gucci Gucci that’s Gucci. Let me see the tag It ain’t Thank You Got Talent Hashtag Got Talent, let’s try this don’t be naughty Inappropriate behavior will get you banned. It says hashtag Got Talent so Jacob. What’s your talent man? I have a whole bunch of guards yeah, that’s my talent damn. I can’t put that on YouTube man you a little Savage oh? My god, is that an AP damn? You got all that money? Don’t know what to say tell a joke let me try that it’s not Who’s there? Me Why isn’t this pace loading the judge says you’ve been brought here for drinking the drunk says ok, let’s get started Oh Oh my gosh your mouth, I don’t that would she bungee jumps she brings the bridge – I’m sorry, I should laugh I feel bad because I’m really slow, and I don’t get jokes Your body is a wonderland and I’d like to be asked Are you a mirror because I can see myself inside you and That’s that that that one’s dirty all right? Hey Shelly. Hi Can you help me with my science assignment? What is it? I need to know how to get into Uranus? Are you Sniper Wolf What’s your talent Singing sing something for me. There’s a fire starting in my heart reaching A fever pitch and it’s bringing me out the dark That’s so good, man, you’re so talented, I wish I could say we are gonna use hashtag gamers What’s your name? My name is? iPhone And there’s nothing you can do You crazy you can swipe up I’d be like rude cuz he assumed I was from the United States, but I’m from Switzerland, okay It’s the internet you could do whatever you want. You could be wherever you want I’m allergic to farm animals ninety nine year old cool person all right yes You’re 99 years old Oh my god, I never signed a million years. I was he sniper No, I’m sure I have the right place no I know who this So Bria, what the faithless and rude? Oh my god that? two-person thing You could never hold people at once who’s that who’s Nitro. Oh, you’re cool. Thank you. You’re cool, too Is that your bed, or is that your friend? Well actually yeah actually is a guy get a screen shot. No you cannot get a three-ton I’ll be five dollars, please I’m just Good screen you take your screen shots oh My gosh. I love you so much. I like it. I love you, too. This is really cool You guys are the first two people mode. I’ve ever seen, but this is so cool again Who’s on omegle where you’re just like matching us to people all right? It’s nice to meet you guys I Said it’s nice to meet you guys. It’s nice meeting you too I’ll be on Hollis Saturday December 9th 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.. PST make sure you use hashtag as the sniper wolf and come meet me Guys enjoy this video check out the link in the description below to download. Holla is a lot of fun It’s like omegle on your phone and make sure you hit that like button in the face and some sketchy on the wolf pack Well, I love you guys so much. Thanks tarick bye guys


  1. i will be on holla 6-8pm PST saturday night (dec 9th) HAVE AN AWESOME DAY EVERYONE 😀  ALSO IM IN YOUTUBE REWIND :DDDDD

    edit: my hair is still black, this was recorded when hair was purple

  2. where do you lived? I want to go in your house…and have some sleep…because my head is getting..??? you know??

  3. !=Yo this app is stupid my last name is Holla well its Hollar and guess what i wouldnt make some wack shit like this!!!!

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