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Tales Of An Interracial Relationship | Official Trailer

Tales Of An Interracial Relationship | Official Trailer

Why didn’t you do your homework last night Dontrell? I was gonna do my my homework Mr. Johnson I swear So do you think watching basketball is more important than doing your homework? No Come see me after class Hey, hey, hey class class settle down! Marcus, we’re gonna have to talk. Because the check didn’t come yet and I need to pay some bills!!! Everything was happening so fast I just didn’t know what to do Hey hey it’s alright. Sometimes these kids are too much for me to handle And please call me Demarcus Thomas, what are you doing here? Just stopped by to visit my baby sis We love each other very much, he makes me very happy I can’t see how somebody who cannot manage their own life correctly, can be a positive influence in your life! Someone has been lying to you about the type of man Demarcus is…..he’s a good guy Just understand, you’re the first White female that I’ve ever brought around my people Girl please, you ain’t nothing but his work. Yall ain’t that serious So it’s not because I’m white but it is because I’m the new girlfriend? Seems like I can’t win either way Marcus is my first cousin, blood, our mothers are sisters. yeah that might not mean a lot to you but in a Black family honey it means everything!! Tell me this Pops how is a white girl from Alameda gonna be able to take care of a Black man in Oakland with his own problems? Do you have any idea of what I’ve sacrificed for this? Marcus what have you really sacrificed, your Blackness, your Manhood?? I imagine right now she probably feels like you’ve left her on an island all alone…..you need to fix that! So you flaunt this white girl all up in my face and I’m not supposed to say anything about it!!! Please My brother don’t have no say so on who I date alright! Messy?? You haven’t seen messy yet, sweetheart. But I can show you better than I can tell you Just wait

10 thoughts on “Tales Of An Interracial Relationship | Official Trailer

  1. Bruh……
    97% of inter racial relationships are a black man with a white woman. Thats NOT a lie. This train is gonna de rail yo. Theres NOTHING multi cultural about multicultural relationships world wide.
    Its an attempt at culture rape from angry black men and confused white women.
    Start having more asian men with white girls or black girls with asian men or heaven forbid a black woman date a white man….a poor white man….
    Stop with all these odd black chick with a white boy and he comes from nice cash and shes a little ghetto hood rat thatll dump his ass once her racist black men in her life pressure her to leave him……

  2. The girl at the end with the side braids literally was rhe best actor out them all hands down 👏

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