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Talent vs Training

Talent vs Training

To be the best athlete, musician, or even
gamer, you have to train relentlessly. But to what degree does natural talent come into
play? Are some of us just born with a better chance to be the best at what we do? To study this question in sports, scientists
have tried subjecting untrained individuals to identical exercise regimes, to see if the
same amount of training would lead to varying results. Not so surprisingly, different individuals
saw different improvement – some improved in leaps and bounds while others seemed stagnant.
But interestingly, individuals who were related by blood saw similar improvements, indicating
that their genetics played a role in their athletic potential. If your parent or sibling
saw incredible results from training, so would you. These individuals are considered ‘high
responders’ to training. After statistical analysis of endurance, it
was determined that 50% of athletic improvement was linked to genetics. In other words, great
athletes are born with great genes. With time, scientists have been able to isolate
particular sets of genes which they believe are responsible for these traits. High responders
have them and experience significant improvement, regardless of how fit they are to start. On
the other hand, if your genes deem you a ‘low responder’ for endurance training, cross-country
skiing may not be for you. But even before training, scientists noticed
something else; individuals all had different baseline endurance levels as well. Without
any training, some individuals were simply more fit than others. It turns out, a different
set of genes give some people a higher baseline. In the case of endurance, these genes can
code for larger volumes of blood, which are generally only seen in trained athletes. So, you can have a high baseline or high trainability
– or both! And it’s likely that our greatest athletes train as hard as they can, on top
of having some great genetics. It seems that talent is trainable, under the right circumstances. So have you got what it takes to be an Olympic
athlete? Science says, you’ll never know until you try. Don’t forget: we have a new video out every day of the Olympics. Can’t wait? Our amazing partners at the CBC already have five of the videos up now for you to binge on. Just head to cbc.ca/olympics/ScienceSays to watch them before anyone else. Link in the description. But we also want to know your questions for this special series. Use the hashtag ScienceSays and let us know your burning olympic questions. And subscribe for more awesome science videos!

100 thoughts on “Talent vs Training

  1. My dad used to play soccor now he is really strong 💪 and can lift 470 pounds. It seems like I'm born for soccor I love soccor I think I'm athletic

  2. Well something about me is very weird. With some sports I'm naturally good at no I'm not saying I don't train because when I first played volleyball I sucked But then I went to a hmmm how do I call it you know took training lessons with other people of course or can I say joined volleyball team something like that and 1 month passed and I was already very good at it. It never seemed hard but there is always something we suck at and I had also some thing I still wasn't good at and football I mean at the beggining I wasn't that good but after little bit playing I was like my class bestest player even tho 2 of them we're in a football team earlier. So i don't know talent might be that bottom layer? I can train and be better at some sports faster but maybe it's because I enjoy them alot? I really don't know also my granpa was a volleyball player and my two uncels are good at handball.

  3. The east Africans will always win the long distance while the west Africans have the boxing and short distance everyone else can go home

  4. Both of my parents were major runners, and I play basketball. I’ve only played for a year, yet I can usually beat players who have played for up to 5.. I practice 5 hours a day, hoping to get into the nba. Am I more talented because of my parents or because of how often I practice??

  5. That makes sense for sports for example, but what about things like art? Do certain genes/gene patterns lead to inspiration, or drawing well, or things like that?

  6. As I person who’s naturally very good at art, I never really embraced my talent, when seems like a huge waste. I’m thinking about signing up for classes or doing some art for others so that I won’t die wasting what I’m good at.

  7. I suck at sports, multiple failures in sports no matter how hard I have trained, and my studies are worst, so I am totally useless piece of crap

  8. Huh.
    Never does anything other than sitting 6 hours in front of a computer
    I Still have my abs, nice!
    This video actually points out that maybe, just maybe… i should start exercising. I have a lot of good genetics for that considering that i don't do shit yet have 6 abs and a normal bodyshape with an average(bit better) person's BMI.

  9. my mom is the worst at sports …. she hated them as a child and I look over them especially basketball…I'm now 13 and i only started playing it 2 years ago .. i got 4 th place regionally.

  10. and dumbasses wonder why fat male kids with eating disorders and levels of estrogen equivalent to females going through puberty are killing themselves…

  11. I would like to be good at something, but I know I am not talented, so I work hard, still knowing that someone talented would beat my years of hard work in seconds.

  12. "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard"
    Well, that's right but I don't think working hard has any chance against talent that doesn't fail to work hard :))

  13. dont mad at me i just telling the truth

    i was born with natural talent even if i dont learn anything about it when i see hard things and tricks then i try to do that then i can, but not all some of it.
    like basketball tricks boxing,sing drum guitar, violin, ping pong chess dance and games like mobile legend..
    so.im.so.proud of myself..
    then i ask mygrandma about my father she said your father can do that too.

    so talent can pass through dna.
    i become a fine man without my mom and dad.

    thanks to my grandma so much..
    by the way new generation is always been better

  14. I'm not supposed to give my opinion but I think talent is a product of hardwork and only lazy people go on saying I dont have the talent like he does . F*CK talent work hard.Outwork everyone and mark my words people will start calling you a talented person

  15. so, its mean, parents that trained to be the best, or they have trained to be the best, will give the best gen? i mean, they're trained, they're not talented. like, a monther doesn't good in math, but she training, so she can. is that make her breed good in math?

  16. Thats the depressing part about life, an untalented hardworker will never outdo a talented hardworker. But I guess life is just unfair. To those with a talent I say, make full use of it, you never know who wants it but doesnt have it

  17. I remember in my 9th grade year I was running 58 sec on my 400m now am running 50 sec in my junior year.

  18. I'd rather have talent though because you'd just need to motivate yourself to train. Whereas having the motivation to train without talent would be harder.

  19. That's not fair because I always did hard work to be good and best at a certain thing but I can't , it's just so unfair that people with no practice training , useless life people being good at something which they don’t deserve to

  20. Both of my parents are doctors and I’m currently failing science rn. None of my family has ever been professional musicians, and yet, I’m the best cellist at my school. Weird flex, but ok lol

  21. I have talent like..I make my own song , write it also, sing it , I'm very good in studies I also want to do my study to become scientist ….I feel same energy for both these , what i do😭😭 help me…
    Sometimes i only do singing , writing songs and spoil my 😘study

  22. I'm 5"11 and weigh 145 lbs so I'm pretty tall and skinny so I expect myself to be good at running but in cross country and track, I get bad places every time but I train hard! 😭😭 I wish I was lucky enough to be born with good athleticism and I plan to go into the Navy but fear that I'm not naturally athletic enough. Pray for me peeps

  23. Im possible worst athletic male human being EVER to live on earth
    No, Seriously
    Ahem I do consider myself "Smart" but I'm certainly not intelligent

  24. Without any training I was the fastest in my school I participated in many marathons always 1 of first 20 one time 2nd out of 379 people I was fast but not that much of stamina also I was the best drawer at school for 5 years now I am an artist and soon I will start training first time in my life for running again

  25. Success From The Hard work is The best Feel!
    Talent is Gift Of God But We need to Practice to be the best!
    many athletic and footballer didn't Born on Talent Is Sport! they hard work

  26. Ran a 1min 400m with no training. 2 months later no training ran a 55 sec 400m.

    Got training for 4 weeks, was on track to run a 52 sec 400m. Pulled hamstring😂

  27. I’m a kick boxer but i also do some bjj I want to be the best some day and make it to the UFC but I have shit genetics and it has taken me a lot longer than most people would to get to where I am now but I work as hard as I can and harder than most people to try and be the best I can be. I have had one kickboxing match and won. I am confident that hard work beats talent it just takes a bit more work for some people than others

  28. Coming from an athletic family there are something’s that come easier to me than those around me in terms of athletics but I still believe in hard work beating talent 100%

  29. suitable for conditions ( macro*Genetics Require Testing & Can be Harder to Detect but if one wants to get a Hit of i'm a Special Use Case to get the juices flowing their & then what is obvious mico*a Migit knows he is the only one to fit through that small hole if that the objective , so instantly u can know u would do best at that.

  30. While there are certain advantages to being talented, there are also disadvantages. I know this because I’m a relatively talented person, my academic skills is far above average as I’m not just one of those people who don’t study but rather I also sleep in class and I’m a lazy slob of a troublemaker and my athletic potential is considered to be possibly high by my gym teachers based on my build, endurance, and the fact that I never bothered doing anything that physical as a kid yet I’m still considered top tier in terms of stats. But even with all this, I can’t find enough motivation to improve as I never felt the need to and that has resulted in extreme laziness. I’m also rather rude and arrogant at times. I’ve tried to get better and while my attitude has improved, my work ethnic hasn’t.

  31. Talent is an illusion afflicting humanity because we do not accurately account for the advantages and experiences we have accumulated throughout our lives. Genetics only set your table they carry you no where without training.

  32. I didnt find any talents at me but im happy with it. I want to show everyone that a untalented pice of crap like me can reach everything if he works hard enough. Im doing breakdance since 4 years now

  33. Yeah. Talent is true. I have a friend that is extremely smart and highly charismatic. He always destroys you in an argument and can do homework very well. The thing is that he is addicted to video games and fapping. He failed his senior year while the rest of the class passed. I felt bad for him, but there is no one that should feel more bad but himself. He just never applied himself. I on the other hand am just an average person that can learn things if I study very hard and avoid bad habits. It takes so much work though and burnout is the worst thing that can happen.

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