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Taking Action Online Review – ✋STOP✋ Don’t Buy Without My CUSTOM Bonuses!

Taking Action Online Review – ✋STOP✋ Don’t Buy Without My CUSTOM Bonuses!

Hey, how’s it going it’s Samuel from samuelsimreviews.com and welcome to my Taking Action Online review So I’ve actually review access to taking action online for the past week and now because of that I’m in a position to give you a full and honest review of this course And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in this video I’m gonna go to the actual sales phase just talk a bit about that And then we’re going to jump into the actual members area I’m gonna be showing you the inside and talking about what this course is about and finally after that I’ve also created a custom bonus bundle for taking action online Which I believe to be the absolute best Taking Action Online review Bonus bundle available for this course and you’ll be able to see what exactly what that is towards the end of this video Okay, so we’re gonna jump into all that stuff right after this video intro All right, so before we check out the sales page if you’re watching this video on YouTube After watching the video click the link in the video description right down below and you’ll be taken to my blog here You see my custom bonuses You’ll be able to see some of the pricing structure and some additional details about taking action online And then finally if you want to secure your copy there’s active links all throughout this page that you can click on and that’s just gonna basically take you over to the sales page and We’re gonna be able to secure your copy now currently these active links are not clickable And the reason for that is that taking action online has not actually gone live yet It’s going to go live on April 8th at I live. I believe 10:00 a.m Est so you’re gonna want to have to come back at that time if it’s before that and if that time has already passed Its past April 8th, then you can go ahead at any time and secure your copy by clicking on any of these active links Okay, so first let me jump into the sales page Okay, so now we’re on the sales page of taking action online. And as you can see it says it complete end-to-end training reveals how you can copy the same underground action plan that Motivated a baker to quit his job and build a successful affiliate business online Okay, so you get instant access to or to take an action online right now? And that’s basically what the top says here And then as you going down it’s taking action online is an action plan designed from the ground up to provide a complete end-to-end Blueprint for any frayed marketer who wants to become as successful? you know as successful as an affiliate or to grow their tribe and following and That’s basically taking action online in a nutshell It’s basically all the trainings all the knowledge that you know Phillip who’s the creator of this training? Has any yell, he’s put all that stuff in a single course and that’s where he’s giving you inside taking an action online So there’s a lot of different strategies a lot of different methods You can follow in this course and it’s all going for a really cheap One-time price. Okay, so that’s what a taking action online is but as you scroll down these pages You can see some of the testimonials that this is received If you are not if you are done chasing little shiny objects, like I was you want to try taking action online Okay, the content on the site is fantastic It’s all step by step and there is no BS there’s no false promises and there’s no sales rubbish Unlike everything else that I have purchased. That was all regurgitated or Outdated information. This is all original and updated content. Okay, that’s what Matt says So there’s a lot of testimonials as you go down to this page, you know George another fluid marketer says if you’re looking for a marketing program that offers great value and high-quality training Then taking an action online is where you want to be as a very satisfied as a really satisfied member I find Philip to be a person of integrity who is always ready to help you offering sound and honest advice Okay, and what another thing that I really like about this, you know sales pitch is that there’s no income claims There’s no hype although Philip is making really good money online. Check it out all the other creator He’s making really good money online, but they’re not, you know, really flaunting that all throughout the sales page It’s very professional and that’s just another reason why I just going in and looking at the sales page I know this is going to be something real it’s not going to be some fluff and it’s going to be real good content Right, and then it’s all just you can go down the page and see exactly what it’s about and check that all out Okay, so we’re gonna jump into the actual members area the important part and we’re going to go here This is we’re gonna come to after you secured a copy of taking action online and there’s different modules set up by the way Just looking at this you can just tell it’s a fantastic members area. You have all these cool modules that you can go in and learn individual trainings from and then you can that this is kind of more like like a membership as Opposed to just an independent small little course And that’s basically what it’s going to be show you it’s going to show you all the steps and processes that Philip has used Till this point to you know, build up his affiliate Enterprise really build a full income online Okay, so I’m gonna jump into one of these modules But I just want to show you what all these are first So the first one is getting started and this is a basic introduction to one of you know The most important parts of the training you have to and the mentality and how to adopt you make money making money online So it’s gonna basically put you in the right mindset to go when you’re going to be building in all that business Then it goes into the roadmap and this is gonna give you a clear outline of the action plan so you know how to use it properly and then finally Phillip has created a Two-hour tutorial where you literally walks you through his entire action plan talks about each of the training that you’re gonna be getting in here and just show you everything that’s inside this course and the fourth video is a After that, they’re just gonna come and give you a first reality check Telling you how to stay focused. How do you to understand the training inside then it goes on to step number one This is where the actual Hands-on training starts. So you choosing me a different niche what needs to want to join? What’s the right ways to go about it and all that sorts? Are you learned in this course and this you know module? step number two is building your website a very very important part of building in real business online and he’s gonna make that Process super simple for you taking you, each of the steps not just telling you to go out there and build a website But actually go into each of the small steps and showing you how to do it It’s not as hard as you think if you haven’t created a website or yourself and it’s not expensive at all It’s very very cheap. Okay, so that’s step number two Step number three is you know YouTube, so that’s one of his traffic sources free traffic sources So he’s gonna show you how he’s able to bring his youtube videos Very very high on search results for even competitive terms and he’s basically going to show you his whole process of that Okay, that’s really he’s gonna show you in this There’s 11 lessons in this training that alone that you’re gonna be able to get then step number four is choosing one social account not all of them like a lot of the courses how you just one and how to really Focus in and build up an audience on that social account. Okay, and then it goes on to building your foundations this Is another big group session? Creating valuable content. Whoops Expanding social fear expanding your social following then using free traffic strategies here Phillips Mississippi gonna show you all the free traffic strategies that he’s done successfully. He’s been able to get results with He’s gonna read out all the fluff traffic strategies that you probably already tried witness and did not get results with okay that’s step number eight and it’s actually gonna actually deploy that free traffic strategy and kind of show you he’s not just going to be Giving you some theoretical type of stuff He this is me hands-on and it’s gonna show you how where he’s been able to get success with it for this free traffic Strategy and all that sorts of stuff. Okay now step number time and step number nine is using paid traffic Okay, so that’s where you’re gonna be able to get sent large amounts of traffic to your pages Whatever one would if you’re promoting affiliate offers and that sort of stuff so he’s gonna show you that in step number nine Email marketing would be the next logical step after you know setting up your traffic sources making some good money jump into email marketing That’s where you gonna learn there. And then you’re gonna go on to taking things to the next level Expanding your income beyond that and then it’s just rinse and repeat and there’s more stuff of course as I mentioned this is everything that Philip has done to this point to make a huge income that is making online and you’re gonna be learning all this stuff that just mean that you have to go through each of these modules all the way to the End just to you know, get some results absolutely not just by You know going on to any one of these modules and you’re gonna be learning Independent strategies that you can go out there and deploy get results with start making money and then scale upon it it all takes you in a step-by-step Process and I personally feel that you can be making really good results and getting really good making really good money and getting good results By step number three, which is gonna be ranking your videos on YouTube. There’s a lot of different ways You can make money by making videos on YouTube Philip will be going through all those stuff in that video in that module and then of course You know just starting up a social account and building that up the right way. That’s another income source free right there And then your website that you build up in initially, of course that’s another income source right there and folks gonna be tying up all the loose ends and Really showing you how easy I’ve been able to use all these independent strategies form them together and really create a nice income online Okay, and then as you you know Taking Action Online review every started seeing results with that you just jump on to the neck step in the next step and That’s why you go through all these different processes and by this point on where you’re gonna be outsourcing stuff You’ll already be making enough money to be able to outsource this stuff and go on to your next process Right, and that’s kind of how it goes throughout to the end making more money creating your own product Of course you’re creating The product is a very pivotal part of your online business But you don’t do that just right away because you don’t have much knowledge to create a product but eventually in step number 19 He’s also going to be taking you to that process so you can really scale your income with that as well Okay, so that’s you know taking action online in a nutshell important note about this Phillip was selling this course for $25 per month very successful. He’s been doing it for a long time but JK dolla wanted to present this and just give this to our audience, you know, the warrior class jvzoo type of audience he want to really bring this to market to these people and that’s why I felt agreed for a one-week launch period that you’re currently probably in right now because if you’re watching this video on April 8th two week later, or even before that This is currently only being offered at a one-time fourteen ninety five dollar price point Okay, so it’s not being sold for $25 per month But after this week ends I guarantee you this is going back to $25 per month So that’s what you want to take action early and secure your copy because this is a very for 1495 I don’t know, you know how they can sell at this slow. If you ask me. It’s a very very low investment Investment for the amount of value that you’re receiving in this course And let me just open one of these modules up to show you how you’ll be learning inside Let’s go up and click choosing a niche. Okay, so let’s click on watch now And you’ll see how well presented and how well Made this members area is so you jump into a nice low page like this and on the side you get all the different videos In this module that you’ll be able to go through step-by-step and you’ll be able to mark them as complete Once you go through it, so as you can see some of them already completed by me But you can just as you see we watch this video then you want to click on the next video you can mark Mark, each one as complete once you’re done with it. And it also shows you your progress It’s a very very well made members area And then once you’re done with this You can always go back to the members or Yap back and go on to the next module Okay, so that’s how the main course is laid out as you can see This is the video Then you go into the next video the next video and then the main module going through the entire course So some details about taking action online that I also want to point out First off there’s 20 it’s as 20 step action plan. So there’s 20 different modules. Okay That you’re gonna be each of the action steps are gonna be deployed in each of these modules. That’s over 95 video that you’re getting videos you can get in total on all aspects of this. It’s gonna be like a road map It’s not going to be like the second step is not related to the first step They’re all very much related. And it’s a huge huge course that you’re getting here You can have over 30 hours of content in this course You’re gonna get free traffic strategies that actually work pay traffic strategies and how to use them the right way Affiliate marketing training blog and relationship marketing email marketing and just so much more Of course, you saw all this stuff that I just showed previously That’s what you’re getting inside taking action online all for a price point of just one time 4095 if you pick it up during this launch week, which is massively discounted as opposed to the 24.95 monthly price This is going to be going for after this launch week Okay So there’s some additional stuff that I want to go through before we jump into my custom bonuses and that’s the upgrade You know the pricing structure because there are some upgrades for taking action online that I’m going to go through first So as I mentioned the main price 49 5 as you can see here That’s what’s going for during the launch week. Now upgrade number one is the Tau which stands for taking action online Gold card program and this is given for 2495 per month And this will basically allow you to join the Gold Card program of taking action online, which will give members Constant updates on a weekly to monthly schedule with case studies Workshops tutorials and more and the Tau team will schedule this content You know buddies will be driven by memory requests for more information So as I mentioned as a man as a member of the gold cart program Whatever you think that you need to learn more of that’s what they’ll be, you know Listening to and creating more content out of so if you want to learn about, you know YouTube more pay traffic sources more whatever they’re going to be expanding up content in those regions Specifically to what you know the members record request from them So that’s pretty powerful even beginning constant upgrades weekly monthly Case studies workshops tutorials and much more stuff with the gold card program that’s going for upgrade. That’s up We’re number one going for 24.95 per month. Okay, so it’s a monthly program It’s a mentor cost but it’s more so like a membership with constant updates constant case studies and workshops and tutorials Right now upgrade number two is in underground strategies and workshops. That’s what they’ve called it It’s going for $67 from one time Taking Action Online review and with this you’re gonna get access to eleven different strategies that Combined with the action plan training to help in bringing more, you know traffic and sales for you The trainings will include chatbot marketing email automation push notifications in the browser and just much more stuff like that it also includes access to workshops where the Tao team will explain how to 10x your blog and how to invest in yourself how to manage your time and other essential tips as well So it’s a pretty big, you know upgrade in this as well eleven different strategies on all the other aspects like chat bar marketing It’s getting very big Email automation so you won’t have to really you know, broadcast and do that mobile stuff yourself You can automate most of that process push notifications always a very very powerful thing for you know Websites and blogs and even just much more stuff like that. That’s where you’re gonna get an upgrade Number two for $67 upgrade number three is a case study treasure chest Which is one for one hundred and ninety seven dollars and this is a special offer remembers will receive eight case studies Showing how the Tao team used the content inside taking action online to generate over Five thousand dollars in sailes. Okay, so eight different case studies are gonna be revealed Showing exactly how they deploy the strategies inside taking action online and they were able to make over $5,000 You’re also gonna get additional case studies which include how to avoid by traffic and what mistakes to avoid in this business also Very very essential can help you a lot in your business as well. Okay, that’s a good number to be going for $197. Okay. So those are the three upgrades available with taking action online will be presented after you make your initial purchase But you do have an option to skip any of them if you’re not interested Personally adding all three of them are amazing. But of course you want to follow your own wallet and your for your own affordability so whichever you think is valuable you can go ahead and pick up and they’re all three of them are very powerful and really good stuff and A note that I probably did not make at the starting point We should shut up is that JK Darrell? One of the creators that are you know, usually, you know bringing this to market along sent Phillip He’s one of the most ethical marketers online right now All of his courses are very very high quality So you can rest assured that if you pick up any of these upgrades they’re gonna be exactly what it’s saying on a 10 if not more right so they they’re always over delivered with their content and you’re just gonna get amazing value for just a really low price point so you’re probably wondering How can such a good value be giving it such a low price? Well, that’s Jake you tell them for you Okay, he gives you just some amazing ATC plans in his training courses for just like really really low prices which others cannot even think about giving so this Itself is pretty amazing. Okay. So those are the upgrade options as I mentioned for taking action online My final thoughts as you probably noticed already. You can go ahead and read my full Opinion on in this part in my blog, but I recommend taking action online I think you should definitely say carry a copy in that in this low price point It’s the price of a normal large pizza, but you’re getting such an amazing huge goldmine of information in this course, right? So my I do have some custom bonuses as a mission in the starting which if you pick up taking action online through this blog You just have to click the link in the video description If you’re watching this on youtube you’ll get to take it to this blog and just click on any of the active links on this page and you’ll automatically get my bot bonuses will automatically get delivered alongside your purchase in the main back end and This is gonna be wearable for the first 30 people that pick up taking action online through this page and that goes out really quickly All the time so you want to come in early and make sure you see carry to copy really quickly So the first custom bonus that I’ve created for taking action online is a full taking action online course walkthrough So in this I’ll be basically creating a walkthrough video personally where I’ll be taking you through the full course I’ll be explaining the entire course to you like in a much more detailed process how you’ll be making money with this watch? Each part of the course covers and how you’ll be driving traffic and overall This will help you hit the ground running from the start as this is a massive course and you can get over Overwhelmed really quickly, so I’ll be telling you what to do first Not sorts of stuff will really help you Hit the ground running now upgrade number two is how to get guaranteed approval for any affiliate offer So despite the course being really in-depth. I really did miss one small thing it’s not really a huge big deal, but it could be a problem for many beginner marketers where Getting approved for affiliate offers that could be quite challenge for many beginner marketers However, there’s over various, you know surefire strategy as I like to call it Where I am gonna show you how you can get guaranteed approval for any affiliate offer that you provide. I mean requests Where would that be where your plus jvzoo or any other platforms? There’s a general process that a lot of beginner marketers do wrong I’m just gonna be explaining that I’m gonna be explaining why you may not be getting me Why you may be getting tonight in pass and how did Garen get guaranteed approval for any of these affiliate offers? Okay, now bonus number three is a hundred percent Commission’s to my top offer. Okay? So one aspect of taking action online online Involves affiliate marketing and for that you would need good offers to promote as an affiliate, right? So my customers number two already shows you how to get approved for any failed offer. However, I wanted to go beyond that I’m gonna make things even easier by you because in this custom bonus number three I’ll be allowing you to promote one of my top offers with a hundred percent commissions throughout the funnel going to you and this is a Massive value as you know reseller license as you’ve probably noticed this in the past Where you get hundred percent commissions of any product throughout the entire funnel It’s kind of like owning your own product. These usually go for ninety seven dollars and then that’s even at the discounted prices Usually it’s way more than that as well So this is a massive deal that you’re getting for free in addition to just picking up the front end of me Taking action online through this page Okay. Now Boras number four is how to write headlines that sell I just found this is a nice little tutorial that I you know I made where It’s a very powerful video tutorial which will teach you how to write proper headlines that sell. This is one of the biggest problems I see with many beginner marketers And one thing that is a big deal when Britain with online funnels capture pages websites blogs Really selling anything online and you get this bonus at no cost when you pick up taking action online Through this page you came how to write headlines that sell now bonus number five is a special training That’s just gonna show you how to make a hundred dollars per day consistently from just using your smart phone Okay This is one of my absolute favorite courses online which shows you how to make hundred hours per day using just your sub Mart phone And it’s a very special training, which I personally have made thousands of dollars for myself And I’m gonna be showing you I’m giving you going to be giving you this for absolutely free alongside when you pick up taking a short online to this page today now bonus number six is a case study on how to how to go from zero to hundred dollars in just 24 hours And in this special case studies a close friend of mine was went from absolutely nothing 320 to 100 dollars in just 24 hours using completely free traffic no assets no website Nothing that he had prior as it was just like I he want to do it He want to be CV testa if he can make a hundred dollars if he had absolutely nothing, no assets. No website no pages Nothing, and he was able to do that in just 24 hours you able to learn how did he did that deploy that exact store? And hopefully make some nice income yourself as well. That’s bonus number six and borås number seven is profit ascension this is one of my premium courses which got deal of the day on warrior plus when I first launched and Ever since I have had nothing, but great feedback on this course It still sells in the marketplace and you get it completely free when you pick up taking action online from this page Okay So those are my seven bonuses all you know Taking different parts of taking action online and expanding upon them adding further value for you And you get all seven of them for just picking up taking action online through this page in order to do that again Once this goes live April 8 ad at the wave 10 a.m. EST You want to click on any of these active links and that’ll automatically? Give you my custom bonuses. Once you pick up your copy in taking action online and they’ll be available on the warrior Plus back-end Right under the access your purchase. You’ll see affiliate bonuses and value That’s where you’re going to see all my custom bonuses available to you Okay, so that isn’t my that’s my full review of taking action online overall. I highly recommend it I think it’s a great course and I think it should definitely secure your copy at this is really low massive discounted price. Okay Thank you so much for watching

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