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Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (2019 Review)

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (2019 Review)

Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing
Agency is an online course that promises to teach you how to start your own
marketing agency with social media and get small businesses to hire you. But is
the course actually any good? Do students really get results? And how much should
you pay for access? (Here’s a hint: not this much!)
We bought Social Media Marketing Agency ourselves and went through all the
materials. In this video we’re going to share with you five things we liked
about the course, four things we didn’t, and seven other things you should
definitely know before you buy. “This may be the most important video you’ve
watched in a while. I know that sounds cocky but I’m serious. Listen and you’ll
see.” Let’s start with the good stuff. First off, Tai’s SMMA course is
comprehensive. There are more than 64 hours of video training inside the full
program, making up 130 plus lessons on all aspects of building
a social media marketing agency. Within the program you will also find case
studies from successful students. “I’m real living proof that SMMA is legit. In
my first week I was able to land three dental clinics and earn between thirty
to thirty-five thousand dollars on a six-month contract.” And the live calls
keep you updated on new trends and best practices in social media. The next thing
we liked about SMMA is that it’s taught by multiple experts.
Unlike the 67 Steps, a course where every core lesson is taught by Tai Lopez
himself, Social Media Marketing Agency is taught by multiple digital marketing
experts. We counted 34 different teachers in the four core modules alone, and at
least a dozen more appear in the bonus sections and on the live calls. While the
many teachers approach has some drawbacks, the big benefit is that you
get to absorb the expertise and perspectives of multiple professionals
all within one course. “It’s what I’ve done for 30 years, is teach people how to
close deals.” Another positive of the course is the private Social Media
Marketing Agency Facebook group. Last we checked there were more than 22,000
members in the group and dozens of posts every day. While many of the discussions in there tend to be rather basic, and there doesn’t appear to
be a lot of moderation going on, for the most part we found it to be a supportive
and encouraging community and a nice add-on to the SMMA course itself.
Another thing we like about SMMA are the real success stories. It’s smart to
be skeptical of success stories that are displayed on course sales pages, but
everything you’re seeing right now are reports from students of the course that
were posted inside the private SMMA Facebook group, so only other students
who had already paid for the program could see them. This tells us that
students are clearly getting results from the course materials. Before we get
to some criticisms of Social Media Marketing Agency, here’s one more thing
we liked. The course is excellent value for money. Or at least it can be,
depending on how much you pay for it. We’ve seen reports that when SMMA was
first released the price tag was as high as $997.
Nowadays the everyday price is listed as $697, but
we strongly advise that you hold off buying Social Media Marketing Agency
until you see it priced at one hundred and ninety seven dollars or less. Tai
seems to constantly be experimenting with the price of the program, but you
can click the link in the description to check how much you can get it for right
now. SMMA is still decent value at the
everyday price of six hundred ninety seven dollars, but get it for less than
two hundred bucks and it’s an absolute steal. Because at that price we’ve yet to
come across another course that offers such comprehensive training from so many experts, with a thriving private community and plenty of real success
stories to boot. Alright, that was the good, now for the bad. Our biggest
criticism of the Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency program is that it’s
poorly organized. For example, there are two welcome videos for the course,
one from a guy named Terry seems to have been the original intro, and another from
Tai Lopez himself introducing the updated 2.0 version of the course.
Another example: phase three of the course is entitled Acquiring Clients, but
there are multiple videos in phase two – Mastering Social Media Marketing – also on the topic of acquiring clients, including one lesson called, “Twenty ways to find
clients.” Also, you’ll often find two or more teachers covering the same topic in
different lessons and occasionally contradicting each other. For example,
Peter Wang recommends building your website on Squarespace or Weebly, while
Sean Vosler later recommends building your website on Wix. In short, while there
is a ton of helpful and insightful material in the course, it seems to have
been thrown together in a haphazard fashion, and it’s left to you, the student,
to resolve all the disorder and contradiction. Another thing we didn’t
like about Social Media Marketing Agency is that it’s outdated in places. The
original course content – which is approximately 40% of the course material – was created back in 2016, and given how fast digital media evolves, it’s become
quite dated already. For example, you still find videos of Tai talking about
the “new” iPhone 7. “This is an iPhone, the new one, the 7.” And there’s no mention in
the course of GDPR, which is kind of a big deal nowadays. The live calls do help
to offset the outdated material, but it’s left to the student to check for
themselves if the best practices and recommendations in each lesson are still
valid. Which, in fairness, is easy enough to do via the private Facebook group.
Our third criticism of the course is that some of the teachers are much
better than others. As mentioned, there are at least 34 different teachers in
the four core modules of the course alone and the quality of their material
and delivery varies quite a bit. Some teachers, like Tai Lopez himself, come
across unprepared and overly informal – “I’m here in San Diego, and I figured for
this lesson I’d do one while I walk” – whereas other teachers offer very
practical and concise tips and recommendations. “I promise you this
process, once you’ve got your copy thought up, it takes literally a few
minutes.” It can also be a little disconcerting to see a new face every
lesson or two, requiring you to adjust to a different style of teaching each time.
It’s also worth mentioning that out of those 34 teachers, only two are women, so
there’s that. Our last complaint about the SMMA program, and this might be
nitpicking, is that the content is mostly video and very little text. Given that
Tai Lopez is known primarily for audio-visual content, we didn’t expect to
see a full written version of the material covered in each video, but it
would have been nice to see at least a few bullet points below each video
summarizing the key points and linking to relevant information and resources.
The best you get though, is the very occasional timestamp listing. Given that,
it can be frustrating referring back to the course material to find a specific
recommendation or piece of advice. You usually have to re-watch long stretches
a video to find what you’re looking for. Before we wrap up this video, here are
seven more things you should know about Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing
Agency. “Knowledge!” First, when signing up you may be given the option of buying a
QuickStart version of SMMA. Note that the QuickStart version contains only
about 20% of the course materials, but it’s easy to upgrade to the full version
later, so this is a good option if you want to test drive the course before
committing fully. Second, while it’s promoted as a four month training
program – “Over the next four months you’re gonna get your certification, you’re
gonna get paying clients, you’re gonna make this happen, it’s gonna
revolutionize your life.” – you do get access to all the course materials as
soon as you sign up to the full version of SMMA. The only thing you can’t access
immediately is the private Facebook group, which you have to request access
to via email. Third: one selling point of the course is an official certification once you complete all the lessons. However, we’ve seen many comments within the SMMA Facebook group from students saying no client has ever asked if they
were certified. As one student put it, “Certification means nothing. Just like a
college degree doesn’t guarantee you a job. Solving problems and being valuable
to others will get you paid.” Fourth: while you can get started implementing what
you learn in the course right away at no extra cost,
it is recommended within SMMA that you spend more money on registering your
business, buying various tools, etc. etc. “Number two, you need to come up with the legal structure of a company. And number three, you need to have a website.” So fair
warning here: beyond buying access to the course, you should expect to invest more
money in your business the bigger and faster you want to grow it. Five: if you’re
not happy after buying Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Program, well
tough luck. As per the Terms of Use, you are not entitled to a refund. Six: with
that last point in mind, again, we strongly advise you hold off buying SMMA until you see it priced at $197 or less. If you put in the work, it’s still
good value at the everyday price of 697, but be patient and you should be able to
get it for the bargain price of less than $200. Seven: it’s worth noting that
extroverts and natural-born salespeople will find it easier to succeed with this
SMMA course, as finding and closing clients is a key part of the process.
“Ideally, ideally, do business in person.” There is quite a lot of content within
SMMA teaching sales, but we know from personal experience that salesmanship
becomes much easier to some people than it does to others. “Who needs one of these? I got two of them.” Alright, that was a lot of info we just threw at you, and you might
still be wondering, “Should I sign up for Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing
Agency? Well if you are interested in building a social media marketing agency,
and you’re willing to work hard, then yes, this program will serve you well.
Overall we give the Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency program a rating
of 4 out of 5 stars, because we’ve yet to come across another course that offers
such comprehensive training, from so many experts, at such a low price – provided you
buy it on sale, that is – with a thriving private community and dozens of
believable success stories. Even if you only watch the videos and take a little
bit of action, you’re going to get a whole lot more out of 20 hours invested
in SMMA, than 20 hours spent binge watching Netflix. Be sure to check out
our full written review for more information about the course, including
our top tips for getting the most out of it, and the latest
pricing updates. Lastly, we want to know what you think of the Social Media
Marketing Agency program. If you signed up for it yourself, please let us know
what you think of it in the comments. “Leave a comment below.” Or, if you have a
question about the course before signing up, ask in the comments and we’ll get
back to you. You can also give this video a like if you found it helpful, and hit
the subscribe button if you’d like to see more from us here at eBiz Facts.

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