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Taco Bell Sued Over Beef Ingredients, False Advertising

Taco Bell Sued Over Beef Ingredients, False Advertising

this episode of the young texans brought to
you by jack threats a law firm in alabama silly taco bell on behalf
of the california resident who says that taco bell’s engaging in false advertising she says
that their ground beef uh… isn’t really be from in fact out of this law firm sent
that ground at beef to allowed and they indicated that only thirty five percent of it is actual
be the rest of it is fillers uh… including our water saw a malt and extreme in silicon dioxide and anti-gun
sting ages that one hurts anti-death beget now winds that was painful selamat they want at let their this is an
interesting part okay the law firm and the california residents
remain as amanda army they don’t want money all they want is for
taco bell to stop advertising their uh… beef tacos as beef tacos from someday so let everyone know that there’s anti-death
stated in your meat you know i love huckabee’ll lovett all you do go off and i know release
once every two weeks and i get five fresco tackles that’s really interesting because
i have never even talk about and i’m not making that up never once gets a bad rap it’s delicious union
it’s really good it’s authentic mexican food technically f_f_a_ it’s the best most authentic
mexican no is really good and the press those are those are just like
lettuce and tomato and in the below the taco sauce on struggling
just like you would get and acquire more but you always hear the stories about the
uh… about the ground beef link and i know never believed mid i’m disturbed by this but and i can live with the water okay initialed people order and this so late lecithin i wrote that has been restored so women so
it must be good bright the mailto dexter little question of authors dexter in it that
sugar sort of maybe mailto when an alleged now bad so skylight had sugar in it i don’t care about that silicon dioxide that sounds like a breast implant ticket right
but that’s not bad because i like breast implants i meet a woman is fine so at this point and
that is offering healthily ectaco it’s got bad sugar so right water b and like fake breasts unlike its of what and then they met those
anti destiny agent and i can’t go any further occasions so this story stroke i got to be done and less time really hungry jaxtr as it is foss pretty likely they are
members only online shopping club but because you know all that you really get it but we
cool uh… but here’s the key deport itself hello obey percent off of the without paralyzed the country ratso cotija actress dot com slash t like
it because it’s free to join and you get all those discounts and you would have been that’s
any of this commercial it right

100 thoughts on “Taco Bell Sued Over Beef Ingredients, False Advertising

  1. I went to a Mexican food place and ordered some beef tacos, and the beef was ground up sloppy joe style. I was thinking what the hell, Mexican tacos usually have the beef diced up in chunks D:

  2. Taco Bell is a place that I would only go if it's between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 AM, I'm leaving a club or bar drunk and there it really nothing else open. I feel the same about White Castle.

  3. WHAAAAAT?!?!?! A fast food chain lying about their ingredients?!?!? This must be the first time that's ever happened…

  4. Taco bell is disgusting. Their "meat" looks like mouse shit. Its funny because Taco Hell, is too White for the Mexican people and too Mexican for the White people. lol

  5. @terminaldeity

    Silicon dioxide is an essential part of our diet??? LOL. Your body cannot digest silicon dioxide. It isn't essential at all. Its actually quite the opposite.

  6. Just don't post anything critical of Taco Bell on their channel or they'll delete it. Their "beef" is to real beef what Fox news is to real journalism!

  7. You people are really over reacting about this. Is there even proof of WHERE this "laboratory" that did the testing is located? Taco bell never claimed that it was 100% beef…so can you tell me how this is false advertisement? Analyze any processed food in the supermarket and you will find a lot of them contain much worse "fillers". Guess what, a lot of "chicken" nuggets aren't 100% chicken and most premade "meatballs" have at least 30% fillers!

  8. You say "matlodextrin…. Ok, there's dextrin in it that's sugar sort of, maybe? Malto, mhm I don't like it, "mal", "bad" so it's got like bad sugar in it, I don't care about that"
    Did you do ANY research on this prior to pretending to be a news reporter? Maltodextrin is "maltose" dextrin. Maltose is a SUGAR…not derived from the latin "malus" meaning "bad".
    Ever had a "malted" milkshake? Did you think the name meant "bad milkshake" ???

  9. Fun Fact Taco bell's Meat comes in a Frozen 5lb Block sealed in a Air Tight Plastic Bag and it's Steamed/Boiled for 30 Minutes same with there Chicken……!

  10. taco bell is SO not authentic. hahaha, has this fool been to Mexico and eaten ACTUAL Mexican food? no, of course not, or he wouldn't have made such an idiotic statement. just because taco bell's food tastes good doesn't mean it's "authentic."

  11. wow this video is just a couple minutes of blithering idiots showing off their ignorance for a couple minutes. if you look it up the anti-dusting agent is just soybean oil. also, it's SILICON dioxide. not SILICONE dioxide. you don't hear the ppl working at Apple saying they work in silicone valley….

    i don't normally watch TYT but this video is awfully disappointing.

  12. Actually her lawsuit has been proven to be fraudulent on her part. Taco Bell has proven that it's " beef products" actually contain 88% beef, and 12 " special ingredients." The woman that filed the lawsuit against Taco Bell can face a counter lawsuit.

  13. ok this is freakin pathetic. i work at taco bell and this is just retarded. our beef is for sure 88% real meat. the other 12% is our blend of spices. u people love it. get over it.

  14. @XxMzt4RVLCNRYxX Actually do a little research. The "White People/Person" wanted a "TexMex" type of fast food restaurant. Hence Taco Bell was founded. And the Authentic Mexican food comment was meant to be a joke.

  15. taco bell beef used to taste good when it was cooked in the kitchen, now they use frozen bags of ground beef thats dumped in hot water that only makes the meat taste more like grease. i ate taco bell last night for the first time in 2 years and im glad i stopped eating from there. the quality of the meat went to shit around 2004, im surprised nobody noticed the change in flavor.

  16. @XxMzt4RVLCNRYxX Understand that back in the 50's there already were alot of mexican culture in texas. So you cant really say it was all white people.

  17. @sickboy13500 I agree with you – I've been saying it for 20 years; every time I went to taco bell I left disappointed; they use 100% beef in their commercials but use a beef flavored bean dip mixed with oatmeal in the resturants, and then dont give you much of that ! about time they got called out on it

  18. My question is…Amanda Obney who put the hair up your ass! Taco Bell has been doing this for years and years. You've got nothing better to do "really"

  19. @sofaking1111 how long have you kept your shit out for it to get dusty?
    i bet you found out it was a waste of time when you heard about the non dusting agent

  20. This guy doesn't know much chemistry, or what he's talking about. Or (more cleverly), he's acting as the general average joe that's not very knowledgeable, and giving such an interpretation of the ingredients. The fillers are very simple and probably harmless, though. But it's true, people shouldn't think that it's pure beef.

  21. i loved working at taco bell, we pour hot water in powder and it turns to meat, made me feel like a magician 😛

  22. @:48 just pick your nose while the amateur camera guy tries to get the camera back on the hottie. Seriously, have you ever heard the phrase 'Come out of the basement and mow the lawn!' coming from upstairs? Just curious.

  23. Alright Taco Bell, can you just tell me why I shoot liquid hot magma outta my ass after eating your food?????

  24. Eat It Guys.. The Shit Is Nastyy!! Bad Example Of mexican Food IF YOU WHANT TO EAT REALL TACOS GO TO A REAL MEXICAN RESTURANT!

  25. Never been to Mexico have you? Taco bell isn't even real Tex-Mex — its what it is — Precooked and preserved for whoever dares enter their front door and partake

  26. This is why I get chicken or steak chalupas. When you ask for ground beef, they are cheap-asses and give you a very small layer of beef. So it seems all fast food places are cutting back on their meat distribution generosity. You used to get about a 1 1/2 inch layer of beef on chalupas, now you get less than an inch. Same thing with Subway, 4 slices of meat and A LOT of filler. Quiznos > Subway Chipotle > Taco bell


  28. I work at a Taco Bell, and as a matter of fact I'm on my 30 minute break as I type this.
    This just breaks my heart to listen to her shenanigans 🙁

  29. The advertising for Taco Bell is deceiving. Wait until the XXX-Chalupas come out again. It never fails to have someone mad because their 'real life' chalupa doesn't match the engorged one they seen on our menu board. It's all planned to make you want to eat it, its called advertising, there is no difference between false advertising and 'regular' advertising. It's all aimed to fool your weak mind into wanting it. Subliminal? Now eat your taco and like it.

  30. hahahhahahahaha! i love how everyone doesn't give a fuck whats in it lol neither do i whatever they use is delicious and im making a stop to the ol bell as we speak

  31. It is delicious but it's also disgusting. A report a few years back stated that the beef (apparently the little beef they use) is actually grade E meat. Grade E. That's a lower quality than Alpo dog food, and if it was any worse it would be illegal to sell. Yup. So enjoy your taco bell, folks!

  32. 1:20 i like jesus's absolute exasperation.
    i do the same thing when people call panda express authentic chinese food

  33. Quiero aclarar a los Norteamericanos que Taco Bell no es originario de México y los platillos que dan a degustar en Taco Bell, ni siquiera son tacos como lo establece la cultura mexicana.
    I want to make clear to all North-Americans that Taco Bell doesnt come from Mexico and their meals too, they dont even appear to look like in the mexican culture.

  34. I stopped eating taco bell because of that very reason! The tacos taste horrible and I can't stand the soy taste. Not a so-called beef taco that has 30% beef! taco bell used to be the bomb after a late night we would tear those tacos up! I remember when they used real meat that was very seasoned and finely shredded cheese and the taco shell stayed crispy! All they want is profits not caring about taste! I am so over taco bell.

  35. Taco bell disgusting nasty food im not even kidding im mexican and I went there with my parents and were like yuck thats disgusting not real mexican food meat tasty fake the taco tasty fake the cheese taste fake I prefer eating in a real mexican food like juans tacos like some 15 dollars instead of this crap.

  36. Do NOT eat a wrap at taco bell! One time a lady's throat swelled up, so when she went to the doctor, they gave her medicine. She took the meds and her throat became even more swollen. So she went back and the doctors found a pregnant roach had laid its eggs in her throat, so she had to undergo surgery to get them removed. Look it up!

  37. They kinda went downhill, I worked for a company in the late 70s that cut and boxes the meat and delivered it taco bell, I was the meat cutter and driver and back then it was 100 per cent beef.

  38. wow! This was back in the day when she looked normal without all of that weird face work done. Fuckin freak bitch.

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