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T⏰ – A Message to YouTube Advertisers | YouTube Ad Boycott 2017 #youtubeisoverparty

T⏰ – A Message to YouTube Advertisers | YouTube Ad Boycott 2017 #youtubeisoverparty

So I’m going to talk about the YouTube ad boycott. Now h3h3 does a better summary and actually a good couple of videos on this so go watch them. Summary is advertisers are getting annoyed because their ads are being put on racistly titled or edgy content or even just content associated with bad current events. Basically Philip Defranco say talking about a rape or Isis, the video gets de-monetized he loses revenue. So just to be clear I do sympathize with advertisers to a degree, when we have things such as the rape being steamed live on Facebook or execution videos being put on YouTube it can be a bit nerve-wracking to put your ads on there just in case they are displayed next to this sort of horrible content. But on the flip side of this for the people who run these services it can be quite difficult to filter this stuff if the people uploading it don’t explicitly tag it with words the machines can recognize such as rape, execution, death, because machines sometimes can’t tell that this content shouldn’t be advertised next to it and that’s ultimately where the crux if it comes down to, it then goes on to a human element and unfortunately when these websites get hundreds and thousands of report requests a day and millions of hours of community and user submitted content they can’t vet it as easily as you would think and if you believe that these brands support this sort of content because their ads were displayed by an automated system next to it then I think you’re being about as dumb as the people who pulled their ads site-wide over a few errors in an automated content flagging system. Now I wouldn’t have a problem if they were just lodging a protest against their advertisements coming up on videos similar to this such as execution videos, rape videos, death videos. Fair point, all right, your ad shouldn’t be on there but they’re not they seem to be gunning for sanitized content where anything that even covers a current event that is negative or bad or even could be deemed offensive in any way or even is just a negative video they want to pull their ads off of it in the name of advertiser friendly content. it makes no sense because advertiser friendly content should be shit that people watch it shouldn’t be sanitized content because sanitized content is boring and not many people pay attention to it unless you’re old or a child and even then children most of the time just want to watch content that they think is more adult than they are or aimed at adults. I don’t really watch TV i watch netflix if I want to watch TV shows or i buy the DVD and rip them. Most of my entertainment and even advertisement exposure comes from YouTube because it’s played before creators that I enjoyed watching. Anyone under 35 will not watch TV for X amount of hours per day because what’s the point when all the entertainment we want is online on netflix. People of my generation, which is going to become the biggest market are moving away from traditional advertising places into well new media, is the term that’s well, used in all media studies courses I was a part of. If you kill the single platform at current is the largest source of advertising bar Facebook for new media and even then Facebook is crap for advertising YouTube’s not bad. What that going to say? That’s going to set a precedent for all these other websites and it means that your brand is not going to be trusted by the places that allow you the most exposure and let alone what the public thinks of your brand. You want to advertise you need to do it in the fun and exciting places and yeah, youtube should have some form of vetting system for advertiser friendly content if that’s what people want. YouTube should have had this from the start or the advertiser should have been a bit more calm and talked to YouTube about having this implemented before pulling their ads. You want my prediction on this? Even if YouTube has an automated system where advertisers can pick if they want advertiser friendly content and non advertiser friendly content you’re going to find that if they have this enabled they will make less money and get less exposure because no one’s watching it. The advertisers that choose to go on these raw videos, these entertaining videos, entertaining channels that are a bit edgy, such as philip defranco or h3 h3 the ads on there are going to get watched more and by more people that might consume them. Admittedly if you’re a chain supermarket you probably don’t want to advertise on h3 h3 and this will help in some way for some advertisers to get to a more relevant audience but coca-cola needs to advertise on these bigger channels and this is a problem I have I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot because they’re going to be in boring places. Basically my channels too small for this to even matter by the revenue share drops off but i’m kind of annoyed for creators i do see on youtube and i just don’t get the thought process. So [RASPBERRY] You need your brain screwed in.

3 thoughts on “T⏰ – A Message to YouTube Advertisers | YouTube Ad Boycott 2017 #youtubeisoverparty

  1. Good video! here's a wall of text if you feel like reading my thoughts on your thoughts. 🙂

    I think it's pretty rational to consider that the business wants their ad's on positive content, but it's also impossible to completely weed out any ad potentially being on negative content.

    Of course there is ad targeting… and goodness knows google doesn't already know enough about us down to the type of toothpaste we buy because of it's resources and data collection. therefore "Targeted ads" would be the best choice for someone concerned over where their ad's are being put.

    Honestly I think part of the problem is that these… "old fassion" businesses who aren't familiar with the world of the internet don't understand the options they have, and want the same type of control they might have on regular TV.

    That said, projecting negative feelings for a brand because the content it proceeds is bad, is like blaming a McDonalds Sign you got mugged under at night. You can have reasons to dislike the brand, but not just because something bad happened which isn't really related.

  2. I have no idea why you only have 135 subs! You are such an good youtuber. Looks like it takes a lot of work to make and very entertaining to watch!

  3. It's also worth mentioning that (as other channels have pointed out) these advertisers could have other motives for doing this boycott. Not least trying to pressure YouTube to reduce the cost of advertisements or change the relationship dynamic so that they can call the shots more often.

    Sargon made a good video detailing everyone who could benefit from this situation, not least the person who seems to be trying to initiate a patent violation so he can sue Google.
    Look for – 'The YouTube Controversy: Who Benefits?'

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