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Switzerland: So Many Guns, No Mass Shootings | The Daily Show

Switzerland: So Many Guns, No Mass Shootings | The Daily Show

America loves guns. (screams) Hell, I love guns. But I also hate guns. Another mass shooting
in America. -Another mass shooting.
-Yet another mass shooting. KOSTA:
So I was wondering, what if there was a world where
people could keep their guns and have no mass shootings? Welcome to Switzerland, a neutral country most known for its cobblestone streets
perfect for skipping, its clocks,
sophisticated pocketknives and guns. Turns out peaceful Switzerland is one of the most heavily
armed nations in the world. And, like America,
they love their guns. Yet they have
almost zero gun violence. How the (bleep)
is that possible? Luckily, I ran into an expert. Is that a gun in your pocket
or are you just… Oh, no, that’s a gun. Meet Mikko. For 20-plus years
he’s been a firearms instructor for law enforcement personnel,
military and special forces. He also happens to be
one hunk of a man. So, Thor, tell me about Swiss gun culture. We respect the guns because
we have a mandatory service. Every man who goes to the army,
they get training and a rifle, um,
in case of invasion. KOSTA: Which, to be fair,
is a real threat, since the last time
Switzerland was invaded was in 1798
before color was invented, so of course
they have a militia. The culture
is a little bit different comparing to some other country. You’re familiar
that I’m American, right? You can just say these things
to my face. You don’t have to say
“other countries.” I think the gun culture
in America is getting out of hand.
It is a joke. There should be
common-sense gun laws. Common sense.
That’s not our strength. Yeah, I’ve noticed that. Yeah, well, I can say that, -but I don’t like it
when you say that. -Okay. KOSTA:
But what we do have is that good old American
gun freedom. God! You know how easy it is
to get a gun in the U.S.? I just go to Walmart,
give them the money, gun. -I know. It’s crazy.
-My Uncle Paul, out of his truck,
he’s got a bunch of guns. My brother Todd has a gun. You want to use it? Boom,
borrow it for the weekend. -That’s nice.
-Not really. In Switzerland,
you can get a gun from your grandparents
or from your father, but you still have to do
the paperwork. Even if I get a gun
from my grandpa, -I still got to tell the cops
about it? -Yeah. KOSTA:
That’s crazy, because in most states
in America, you can buy a gun
almost immediately without any background check. But not in Switzerland. You apply the permit
from the police. You provide clearance
of your criminal record, that you don’t have
any convictions. -Wait for two weeks.
-What if it’s a small crime? What if you got caught urinating
in public? You got caught for sleeping
with your cousin ’cause you didn’t know
it was a cousin ’cause it was
at your family reunion and she looked like she worked
at catering? -I mean… -What if it’s, like,
assaulting a police officer, but really you were
just tickling him? If you can’t be responsible
of following some other simple rules
in society, to behave, why should you have a gun? You don’t need to raise
your voice over this. Was there even a payoff
to all these rules? -How many school shootings
have there been? -None. -What about malls? Are there
many people sh… -None. What about, like,
major holidays? -People get shot up at
major holidays here? -Nothing. KOSTA:
Come on. With all those guns, they had to have at least one
mass shooting somewhere. After weeks of research, I discovered there was,
in fact, one mass shooting in the Swiss Parliament
in 2001. But they haven’t
had one since?! C’est incroyable. You had a mass shooting
17 years ago. We have one every 17 minutes. This is something that I’m having a hard time
comprehending. You learned from a mistake, and you made an improvement
in the law. That’s so Europe. And while Switzerland’s
last mass shooting was in 2001, America has had…
No, keep going. No, more. More. Yeah, there you go. Over 1,900 mass shootings
since 2012, averaging to about one a day. Which is why Mikko felt
I needed to be properly trained before I headed back
to the States. We have the talk
about safety first. Can I, like, like…
with this one? -Yeah, just leave it alone.
Don’t-don’t touch it. -Don’t… How are we gonna shoot it
if I can’t touch it? Well ,let me explain you
the rules first. So, number one thing
that you have to remember is that you always treat
the guns as if they’re loaded, because probably most
of the accidents that happens happens with “empty” guns. -All right, so this one here,
this… -Don’t touch it. Don’t touch it. I think you don’t pay enough,
you know, attention -to what I’m saying.
-Okay. I’m listening. So, you just have to follow
four simple rules. Number one: you treat the guns
always as they’re loaded. (distorted): Number two:
you never point anything… Number four… I got a feeling that
you’re not paying attention. What? No, I am. Let’s do it. Let’s blow some shit up. Mikko,
when you load these things, you ever get a little bit
of a… (whistles) …erection? -Do exactly what I say, okay?
-Okay. -All right, pay attention.
-Pay attention Okay, and slowly press back
until the gun goes off. Jesus! This scares the shit out of me. I’m glad we had
that safety instruction. This is the dream. Shooting guns without the fear
of getting shot? This is where
America should be. All we need to do
is keep ammo separate and have universal criminal
and mental background checks, have extremely strict
open carry laws, justification for ownership, send written requests
to authorities, and…
(sighs) basically just change
our entire gun culture. We can do that, right? It’s not really that fun
when you keep shitting yourself. You’ll get used to it.

100 thoughts on “Switzerland: So Many Guns, No Mass Shootings | The Daily Show

  1. most are white and have lots of $ and food and this country is tiny. size of south carolina . never compare. cheaper to live only 20% of what you make goes to cost of living. happy people = happy living

  2. I heard Switzerland is the unofficial globalist headquarters. If that's true then we now they do know how to keep a country safe with guns but don't want the rest of the world to so citizens are left vulnerable to to petty and high level criminals.

  3. Dont change anything just every 18 yr old should have some kind of training to get diciplined about safety and they will respect the weapon more , theyll learn its not a toy …

  4. Most of the things spewing from your mouth are nonsense. It always amazes me how the people that report things like this don't take the time to find out what the real laws in the United States are. There is background checks for every purchase. The problem with gun violence in this country is not from guns but from lack of family discipline and moral beliefs. it is easier to blame a gun than to realize that we need to change our way of thinking back to God and Country. Guns in this country are not new the mass shootings are so what's the difference what has changed it's not the guns it's the people.

  5. Eight and half million educated, civilised people, earning a fair wage in one job, free schooling, and proper health care in a largely homogenous society is no camparison to the world's biggest pigsty.

  6. People life do matter and the government should step up and fix this problem . So many killing we have in America .SO MANY LIFE ARE DESTROY EACH DAY BY GUN VIOLENCE DRUGS , MASS SHOOTING AND NOT THING IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT .America is leading the world by its greatness and power but not by good example ….it lacks in this area much improvement is needed.If you are so big on human rights issues around the world WELL . Why are you not helping to stop THE SHOOTING of so many innocent people in our own country every day and this problem is getting worst each day … ….fix your own back yard first before you look onto others hypocrites..The only human right you support in this country is the LGBT COMMUNITY….FROM WHERE YOU CAN GET YOUR ELECTION VOTES

  7. Funny how the left continues to tout the outright lie that "you can buy a gun without any background check in the US." I've gone through a background check for every single gun I've bought. Guess the rules only apply to me. Oh and those basic gun safety tenets the Swiss instructor is trying to go through as Comedy Central glosses over it for comedic effect are the exact same tenets that the NRA's concealed carry course teaches.

  8. there ar too many colors in America. Switzerland is mostly white. White Americans hold mass shootings because they wish America was more like Switzerland.

  9. No shootings in Switzerland because Swiss White people have no one to shoot at. They killed their diversity in 2001.

  10. Gun violence, like any violence, is rooted in poverty and the whole "I dont have what they have so I'm mad" mentality, Switzerland is fairly affluent with less disparity between wealth classes. Our violence and crime is mostly due to poverty stricken areas of minorities and whites alike. As far as mass shootings go, this is a consequence of poor self esteem in a world where you a surrounded by peoples success and think your own can never be reached, and this eats away at the already feeble mind of the mentally iill.

  11. >tfw Iceland and Switzerland have high gun ownership rates
    >homogenous population
    >no gun crime
    >USA has high gun ownership rate
    >population is full of mutts and most diverse in the world
    >gun crime is prevalent

  12. Oh yes, learn from the one country where the majority of the population is white, how original.
    Do you want to know what happens when a country with guns does not have a homogeneous population? Oh right that’s the US

  13. Every country should have the same gun laws and culture as Switzerland, including countries that have banned guns.

  14. You can not walk into Walmart into and just buy I gun. You still have to go through the 3 day background check and waiting period. Also you cannot got to a gun show and buy a gun, you have to still go through the 3 day waiting period to get it. Plus I would love to know where they get their info from.

  15. See 2Aers? It is absolutely possible to have sensible, sane regulations that safeguard the public vs loonies, without your paranoiac fantasy mass-disarmament occurring. The Swiss are MORE likely to be armed, but don't fvck everything up the way you nuts do.

  16. American gun laws were made, when the people had guns that couldn't shoot 5 foot straight. Do history research, even western guns weren't reliable in hitting the target at all.

  17. Chicago has the Strictest gun laws in America, and the highest killing in America. Because the only ones that have guns are the gangs, killers, and bad guys, as they Slaughter the Innocent. To believe that evil people will not do evil is insanity, but to believe that the police will protect you is just as insane.

  18. You k ow why they are so much more civilized? They have a higher density of native Europeans rather than immigrants (esoecially from the Middle East). Im from the Middle East by the way.

  19. I bet crime is low too, Who the hell would try to rob someone knowing they're more than likely armed and the witness's are armed too lol.

  20. Is not about law and regulation there. Is all about culture if 2 dudes get into a fight in switzerland even if they both have guns they will never draw them and start shooting each other ,they try to resolve in conversation and if that doesn't work they go into a fist fight and that's it they go home.

  21. Because we don't hate people!!! But we have the highest suicide rate in Europe, so I guess we hate ourselves..

  22. Paranoia seems to be what drives a lot of America's addiction to guns. Americans always seem worried something bad is going to happen – be it a break in, or a military invasion. Here in Switzerland we don't worry about that stuff. Everyone is pretty relaxed.

  23. This is not the theme for jokes.
    In Switzerland those guns are military guns the members of military store at home in a safe way.
    It is only allowed to use them for military purpose.

    The US guns are in privat hands used for nonsense & crime.

  24. Mass gun ownership. Switzerland 0 mass shootings since 2012. USA over 1900. Ouch.Yeh but you can twist stats to say anything. It's the price of freedom! (groan)

  25. That one mass shooting in Switzerland was because a man felt treated unfairly by the goverment. That‘s why he shot at politicans. Since then they are using metal detectors.

  26. 1 mass shooting per day in USA? Defined as 2+ injured…we need to reduce handgun violence in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, etc.

  27. You Americans are really bear children, look at the man’s attitude, so American… take guns seriously, they are not toys, if you buys guns as easily as buying chocolate, no wonder you treat it so lightly, but in fact it is a killing weapon

  28. There is a clear distinction between the average mental health of Swiss vs US citizens. We have to many people wacked out on medications and the wrong culture here in the US.

  29. Trump can win by saying "while you struggle through traffic to go to work, the democrats want to open our borders so people can flood in and get FREE HOUSING HEALTHCARE FOOD DENTAL LEGAL AND EDUCATION while you pay for it. Bernie wants you to work your whole life, pay taxes and then let the GOVERNMENT take 50% OF WHAT YOU EARNED in estate taxes. They will regulate small businesses to the pint that they close and then 52% of our population will loose their jobs in every community in this nation. The local stores will close, services will cease to exist and we will all be poor. Mind you Nancy Pelosi will still have her 1250 million and Elizabeth warren will still have her 15 million as she takes money from the same corporations she criticizes…

  30. Another major factor is that Switzerland has very little poverty because the government prioritizes people not corporate profits
    So no one is shooting each other up in gang wars and other crimes

  31. Most of our shootings are carried out by trained mercenaries then they place a patsy and kill him or keep him drugged up and locked away also remember Hitler started the practice of gun registration before he confiscated all the guns then well you know what happened

  32. swiss national here, were taught religiously that guns are a privilege and not a right- to the point that no one feels threatened when we see the military boys carrying assault rifles across their backs

  33. I discovered an interesting statistic, “America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 241Years – Since 1776“, i.e. the U.S. has only been at peace for less than 20 years total since its birth and war is big business.
    Plus's American news has people believing that Russia, China, North Korea and all the Arab nations are knocking at their door wanting to invade.
    Poor Clowns.

  34. People of europe are very freindly calm and gentle . they accept everyone hindu muslim wheter from afghanistan or iraq and treat them like their own but americans are real crazy shits just empty head ….
    Not all the americans are same but majority is authority

  35. The people in Schweiz are incredibly hospitable and friendly. And their mainstream popular culture are so far removed from a culture of violence and paranoia, that firearms are simply treated as a sporting gear. I know it sounds ridiculous to some, but it's true.

  36. Interesting how none of the proposals "Thor" mentions in the video would have stopped any of the most recent deadly shootings in the US. All passed background checks, one passed a check he shouldn't have (Sutherland TX shooter) due to improper enforcement of the law, all had weapons for a long time before going on their rampage, except Lanza who stole firearms from his mother before killing her (legally purchased, registered, and properly locked away), not to mention the fact that Nebraska, Maine, Wyoming, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and South Dakota have combined population more than Switzerland, combined gun ownership per capita higher than Switzerland and a mass shooting per capita rate lower than Switzerland. I find it ironic that my friends on the left who talk until they're blue in the face about how strict drug regulations don't reduce drug use and drug-related crime lecture the entire country about how lax federal gun laws are responsible for mass shootings.

  37. Guns aren't the problem. America has a population around 350 million with loose gun laws. Naturally there will be higher gun deaths. You are more likely to die driving than getting shot to death. The only reason we have mass shootings is because we glorify mass shootings.

  38. It was black and white before 1798 what about the green plants I thought that was like a necessity for plants to grow how could they not have been green

  39. Here I’ll tell you how it is you want to know how uncomplicated this is if everybody had a gun you wouldn’t have very goddamn any mass shootings out with you that’s all simple list as you’re making fun of it but that’s how simple it is if you walked into school and you knew five or six people and her had a gun you probably wouldn’t be trying to go in there because somebody could shoot you

  40. I did not know this about Switzerland. We (US) should be adopting their gun ownership regulations. It all sounds logical. And something I have thought about for years, don't give the shooter their 10 minutes of fame. The media needs to stop, just stop. I don't want their name, their picture, their motive, I want them in jail or dead.

  41. Sounds like the daily show with Trevor Noah is trying their absolute hardest to blame guns. America does have background checks, anyone who has ever bought one legally knows. The only logical reason why gun homicide in America is higher than Switzerland is because of people’s behavior

  42. If I ask my father for gun he'll put bullets in my head. He'll be like "wallahi! Why do u need gun! Come here iblees"

  43. There are background checks to buy a gun and there is paperwork to transfer gun ownership including another background check

  44. Americans are all at least borderline sociopaths… We love to argue, fight, and defend to the death our right to be completely bat-shit crazy if we choose to be. We contradict ourselves by saying we "love Jesus", holding others to a certain code of ethics when it suits our fancy, and then dropping The Lamb of God like a fucking hot potato when it comes to screwing over our neighbor to make a fast buck. No wonder Europeans assume we must all be from Mississippi…

  45. Why can't gun ownership be linked to a person's psychological profile? What if psychologists came up with a test that measured your ability to empathize with others, whether or not you dehumanize other people, and if you have homicidal fantasies before you're handed a gun?

    For people who think forced military service will do anything other than make mass shooters more efficient killers, you're stupid. Same with people who think safety training matters to people who don't respect the lives of others. I'm pretty sure most mass shooters view their victims as NPCs or lower, which is the real source of the problem.

  46. I know this is old … but i have to say …. Mikko is a hottie … Quit touching the gun Kosta until Mikko says so!!: )

  47. Where can I buy a gun without a background check? What range can I go to and not have to go through a safety orientation?
    The misinformation in this video is mind boggling.

  48. This only proves people kill people. Our culture is much different. I dont know why it seems more crazy people live here.. I think many of the mass shooters would have passed strict background checks. Gun laws are as effective as drug laws.. criminals dont follow laws. I know its cliche. Suicides, police shootings and mass shootings comprise .01% of deaths in this country. Cars, eating food, and falling down stairs are more dangerous. Let's all walk, stop eating and start building ramps. After that let's get rid of guns.

  49. They probably don't have an NRA equivalent buying all their politicians. That's why they can actually pass sensible gun laws.

  50. Many more reasons. More stable families. Switzerland also has a school system that teaches kids real skills, not just how to take a test.

  51. Well you already failed one, I think your mental…..I mean funny. You shouldn't own guns! How you like those gun laws now?

  52. We have too many different races and religions here. Most feel threatened because they are not the majority. When people fail in life, they tend to blame all the other people. That is how the revenge starts.

  53. Left wing socialist bs. They lumping gang shootings and suicides and accidents all together as mass shootings. It's the same old lie to try and pass gun control. Mass shootings are about 0.16% of gun deaths in America. More people get killed with knives than guns.

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