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Super 30 | Official Trailer | Hrithik Roshan | Vikas Bahl | July 12

Super 30 | Official Trailer | Hrithik Roshan | Vikas Bahl | July 12

That’s right, from India A third-world Country. A country of cheap labour. But just a moment, think: Who is the worldwide head of Pepsico? Who’s running Unilever? Who’s running Mastercard,
Vodafone, Deutsche Bank? In case you don’t know,
just Google it. While you’re at it, ask Google
Who’s the head of Google? Well, he’s also an Indian. What do you aspire to be? Computer Engineering
is where the money is.. He’ll make it. Meet Mr Anand Kumar. He’s a brilliant teacher. He’ll be your tutor from now on. And under his guidance,
you VIP guys will get VIP entry into IIT. Anand Kumar. … will now teach at Excellence Coaching. Y-1=X-61 How can anyone be so wrong? I’ll make a star out of him,
and the world will watch in awe. We’ll make millions. Anand has started his own coaching centre. Free coaching? Anand, this is cheating. This is plain cheating. And what do you call
what destiny did to these children? They were blessed with talent,
but denied resources. If that isn’t cheating, what is it? – What does your father do?
– He is a driver. – Drives a garbage truck.
– Labour at salt factory. He’s dead. The rich paved a smooth road
for themselves. And dug holes in our way. But that was their biggest mistake. They taught us how to jump. And when the time comes… …we’ll jump higher
and farther than anyone else.Ain’t nothing going to take us down.Mechanical engineer. Marine Architect. NASA.We’re unstoppable now.It won’t be the prince alone but the deserving
who shall mount the throne.We’re unstoppable now.

100 thoughts on “Super 30 | Official Trailer | Hrithik Roshan | Vikas Bahl | July 12

  1. A misogynistic movie like Kabir Singh making 300 crores is an apt reflection of the kind of society we are living in. People love to see a man getting drunk and beating up a woman whom he claims to love. An excellent movie like Super 30 on the other hand had to struggle to reach the 150 crore mark.

  2. ..Dosto, "Super 30" film is very inspiring, motivational and entertainment movie on education after "3 idiots."..Must watch with family… Superb 30.. just outstanding!!!

  3. BHOT let kar diye sir bhojpuri bhasa me movie nikalne me WARNA AAP bhi aaj salman khan dabang amir khan pk lagaan jesi movie ki tarha AAP BHI femos ho jate

  4. Best movie ever seen by me if you have saw and if you like it it tell me how is it by liking my comment if you don't like it you can dislike my comment

  5. Washisth narayan Singh…..ek gumnam Mathematician…..hai koi director jo inka biopic banaye…..sab paise walo ki sunta hai bs….

  6. Opening speech is bullsh*t. Indians are running big global companies because they are good at politics. Oh and if you noticed, Google has been caught in corruption and Citibank, Visa, Deutsche banks profits are not as they used to be. I have seen bootlicking village "geniuses" who goto US. Talent, yes, but to brown nose – raw talent like Rahul Yadav are still crushed globally!! And this movie peddles lots of lies, mixed with some truth.

  7. So sad,😭
    India me kabir Singh jaise movie hit ho jati hai jisme daru gaja ki shiksha he par super 30 jaise movie nahi so sad brillent movie love 4 all bihari
    Super anant

  8. Solid points but the solutions are weak. Made for Bollywood, not reality. In fact, only a thousand well organized moral people can completely change this world. We have the ideas but we are not popular.

  9. Where can I watch this movie? Roshan is one of the greatest actors I’ve ever seen! Coming from a family of artists, I know when I see one.

  10. very nice…..Moroccan young man mehdi meniar aka " oustad mouajiza " did same effort couple of years ago and get as much as 100% of admission in baccalaureat the moroccan high school degree……motivation and good coaching can make miracles …

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