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Sugar Free Creamy Milk Chocolate Fudge – Keto Fat Bomb

Sugar Free Creamy Milk Chocolate Fudge – Keto Fat Bomb

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com. Today’s video is a techniques video, rather than a new recipe video. That’s because this melt-in-your-mouth, luxurious, sugar-free, creamy milk chocolate fudge actually combines two of my previously posted recipes. To begin with, this sugar-free, creamy milk chocolate fudge has a macronutrient ratio of 14.4 to 1 with 1.3 grams of total carbs, 0.2 grams of dietary fiber, resulting in 1.1 gram of net carbs per serving, or one square. For this recipe, you will need two basic ingredients, as I mentioned, that I have already posted. The first ingredient is my Sugar Free Sweetened Condensed Milk. For your information, I will post the links to all of the recipes I will talk about in this video. And they will be available in the YouTube description under the photo. I would recommend that you make the sweetened condensed milk first and, if possible, on the same day that you intend to make the fudge. Although you can liquify the sweetened condensed milk, it is just so much easier to just make it on the same day. And, after you have made the sweetened condensed milk, just set the bowl aside in order to allow enough time for the condensed milk to cool down a bit. So there is no confusion with which sweetener I refer to, I would like to be clear that I use Lakanto, a monk fruit based sweetener, which I have ground to a confectionery sweetener, or powder consistency. I used this particular sweetener in almost all of my recipes. And now to continue with the next step: While my sweetened condensed milk is cooling, I next make the chocolate truffle mixture. This is also a very easy process, and I make it the same day as well. In a bowl that will fit over my bain marie, or double boiler, I place all my chocolate truffle ingredients. Whatever order you toss them in does not matter. What is more important is that you try to measure as accurately as you can. Then, put the bowl over the pot on your stove top that has the simmering water. If you are not familiar with this technique, the reason you do this, is because the steam is used to gently melt the chocolate and the other ingredients. Also, I’d like to remind you that when melting chocolate, always do so over low heat. That is because chocolate scorches easily over high heat. When everything has melted and you have a nice creamy chocolate mixture, continue cooking over low heat for about five more minutes. This will allow the sugar alcohols to combine, and this extra time will greatly reduce the crystallization of the fudge when it is cooled. And, don’t forget to scrape the sides and the bottom of the bowl as you continue cooking. As I was making this recipe, my son came in and asked why don’t I just melt some chocolate like I did for the other recipe. To which I replied that if I use the baker’s chocolate, the Lindt 90%, or the Lily’s premium chocolate chunks, the result would be the same dark chocolate fudge. And, what I really want for this recipe is a true milk chocolate flavor. And, the only way to get that creamy melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate flavor, the very best thing to do, is to make my truffle fudge. There is also a second huge benefit. By making my chocolate truffle, which is actually an amazing fat bomb all by itself, the combination of my sugar free sweetened condensed milk and this amazing chocolate truffle recipe results in an amazing 14.4 to 1 macro ratio. Which is much better than just by melting chocolate. And, by combining these two specific recipes, you will get an authentic milk chocolate flavor. And that is what we are after. Now that the chocolate is done, remove the bowl from the pot and let your chocolate cool a bit. By the way, we are almost done. There are only two more things to do. First, combine the sweetened condensed milk with the truffle mixture. Stir well until you have a really creamy, homogeneous mixture. You don’t want any streaks of white or chocolate. Lastly, pour your fudge mixture into the parchment lined container. I prefer a glass container, but use whatever you like. Then place the container in the refrigerator for about one hour. That’s all the time it will need for everything to firm up, and you absolutely do not need to freeze this fudge in order for it to set. When your fudge is set, and nice and firm, remove it from the fridge and lift it out of the container. Then, just peel off the sides of the parchment. Eighteen pieces. I cut the block into three equal rows lengthwise and then six equal rows along the width. Try to make all the rows as even as possible. And there you are. Now it is time to enjoy! For your information, this fudge will keep well in an airtight container if you store it in the refrigerator. How long it will last in your refrigerator will totally depend on your willpower. I found that after two weeks the fudge still tasted nice and fresh. However, I would like to recommend that, if you are going to make this ahead of time or intend to eat a little at a time yourself, over a longer period, it is best to store your fudge in a freezer. Unfreezing this fudge is very simple. Either place it on your counter and let it get to room temperature, or place it in the refrigerator the night before, or a day and a half before. You’ll find that this fudge is quite stable at room temperature and can be left on a plate for over an hour, except in hot weather or if your room is very hot. And, if you’re wondering what to do with your leftover chocolate truffle mixture, pour it into a mold and make chocolate truffle fat bombs. If you like my recipes, please consider buying me a coffee. A ko-fi link is available in the description below. To everyone, thank you very much for watching this video. And, please let me know if you have a favorite fudge flavor, that you would like to recommend. And one that I could make for some future video. Recommendations are always welcome. I will post my next recipe on September 8th. That is because I want to remember my mom’s birthday and to honor her. One of the things my mom really loved were cheesecakes. And, I’m sure she would have loved the one that I will be posting in her honor this year. So, if you have not done so already, please turn on your notification bell so you will be notified when I post that recipe. I want everyone to know that I greatly appreciate the time you have taken to watch this video! The link for the printable recipe for this sugar-free creamy milk chocolate fudge will be posted in the YouTube description.

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  1. OMG I am doomed, I just made the 2 ingredient chocolate fudge and let me tell you that it is to die for 🤤 I am sure this fat bomb is too. My kids loved it. Thank you for simplifying the process

  2. Hello!! Thank you for sharing :-3 is there any way to substitute the ingredients to make it a vegan version?? Thank you!! ♡♡♡

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