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Successful process for profitable facebook ads – JR Fisher

Successful process for profitable facebook ads  – JR Fisher

heyJR Fisher here I wanted to talk
to you about how to do winning Facebook Ads that’s the goal right
winning Facebook ads and we determine that by conversion or sales so the the
first thing you want to think about is when you set up your ad you want have
the right audience because if you have everything else in place and
everything’s great and you have a great product and prices and ad copy and all
the other stuff and it’s not in front of the right person that’s a problem so the
first thing you want to do is pick probably four to six audiences your
audiences are your ad sets on Facebook so you’re gonna need four to six of
those and that’s also where you set your ad spend and I like to start with five
bucks you know I just do that is a low amount he gets me some data I can figure
out what’s going on so once i’ve done that and i’ve got my audiences okay i’ve
got four to six audiences inside each one of those audiences is where you’re
gonna put your actual ads and I like to write two different types of copy and
with each one of them try two different images so I’m gonna have a couple
different images I’m gonna have a couple different types of copy and I’m not
gonna stop there but that’s where I’m going to start so first things first
make sure your audience is right second thing have a couple images and a couple
different ad copies okay so you’re going to take each one of those ad copies and
you’re going to run both images to it and if you do that and you have two
different images you’re going to have four different ads in there the next
thing you want to look at is when they’ve excuse me when you’ve set up
these ads the page it goes to has to has to have to be congruent and what do I
mean by that is I don’t know let’s say you’re selling a a blue jacket and when
it goes to that blue jacket it comes to a landing page and the jackets there but
if you have your default set to a brown jacket instead of a blue jacket that’s
not congruent and you say well it’s it’s the exact jacket they can pick any color
they want they can pick blue but that’s not how the brain works if the brain
gets there and it says I clicked on blue jacket and I saw a
brown jacket uh somebody’s trying to mislead me something’s wrong here
something’s bad I got to leave those little tiny things can ruin I mean ruin
your conversions and it’s a simple thing I know but you know you just got to be
consistent and it’s gotta say the same word so whatever you said in your blue
jacket ad when it gets to the landing page make sure that landing page says
the same thing for that blue jacket so that’s simple enough and then there’s
other little things you can do and I this is kind of like a bonus but there’s
things you can do to make your conversions better and they don’t cost
you anything so instead of just saying shipping or fast shipping or something
like that put in their company insured shipping right because we do insure it
right if you ship it you know through the postal office or you know you should
put through UPS or whatever you doing you’re getting some type of insurance so
you want to make sure you put insured shipping very very important so those
are just a few tips to help you with run your ecommerce store and I will talk to
you next time you

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