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Successful Facebook ADS to run? – J.R. Fisher

Successful Facebook ADS to run? – J.R. Fisher

hey everybody JR Fisher here and I want
to talk to you about Facebook Ads I just got off the phone with a guy and
he works with a very large insurance company and they started running ads and
they’re not getting good results I mean really not getting good results and what
they did is they did some lead ads and he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t
working and basically he ran his lead ad where somebody would click took hall and
that was supposed to make their company call these people and when they called
these people they didn’t want to talk to them they were like oh I don’t know what
you’re talking about I’ll know who you are and he knew and
they knew that they had clicked on it so why does that happen well I’m gonna tell
you why it happens in just a second but first I want to show you what you’re
gonna see inside Facebook that’s gonna scare the crap out of you let me get
this thing straight here there we go it’s good okay so when you get in there
you’re gonna see a whole lot of stuff and that’s the bad news
now here’s the really really really good news the good news is you don’t have to
worry about 99% of them don’t even have to worry about it so what I want to do
is go through each section for you because the number one question I get is
what kind of hand do I do I don’t know there’s so much in there jr. all right
so let’s check it out first when you get in there you’re gonna have three
categories your ads gonna look like this when you go in there you say I want to
do an ad it’s gonna first say awareness now under awareness there are two
categories and the first category is brand awareness now understand that if
you want to make people aware of your brand your coca-cola your for your
Chevrolet this is the one you would use you’re not gonna get any interaction
you’re not gonna have anybody buy anything from you they’re not gonna opt
into anything they’re just gonna go hmm Junior Fisher exists okay so I’m gonna
tell you right here now you don’t have to worry about that you don’t have to
worry about this one right here not necessary but now
women that you’re gonna see under this awareness is reached and what does reach
me reach means that for the lowest cost Facebook’s gonna send your ad out to
tons of people it’s gonna be all over there all over the place okay so what
will they buy for me no will they opt-in no will they give me their email no they
won’t do any of that so we don’t really have to worry about rich not necessary
then we’re gonna come to this middle column here and this is called
consideration hmm okay so let’s see what consideration is the first one you can
do is you can optimize for traffic now what does that mean that means that
Facebook is gonna send you a whole bunch of traffic yay whole bunch of traffic
and you say to yourself well that’s the one I want because if I get a whole lot
of traffic a bunch of people will buy from me no that’s not how it works what
happens is Facebook is going to send you much traffic they’re gonna send you
people who just like to click on stuff and go places that’s it they’re not
known for buying they’re not known for opting in they’re not known for any of
that they’re just known for traffic okay so
they’re just gonna go there thank you for posting that just gonna appreciate
it there’s a little link there guys if you want more information my shameless
plug is up there too that’s my inner circle you can access to
a bunch of my courses and training and it’s a it’s a really cool group of
people but you can check that out later so my first one here is traffic do I
want traffic well yeah I mean technically I do but if it’s not gonna
be traffic that’s gonna buy from your opt-in or give me their email or do
anything do I really want that train is that what I want to buy the answer’s no
I know the next one this next one’s kind of tricky this next one is called
engagement now what is engagement me engagement is people who are gonna click
on your ads people who are gonna like your stuff people who may comment on
their and you know technically those people aren’t gonna buy from you but
what we’ve done is we’ve devised a way to actually use this site of a man to
our advantage and what we do and that’s another training I have but what we do
with engagement ads is we’ll get like ten pictures for our advertise
and we’ll have the same text and we’ll send it to engagement but not to the
country we’re trying to sell in because we try to sell in the US Canada
Australia in the UK and that would be really expensive but what we do with
this one here is we actually do an engagement campaign to see which picture
is going to get the most engagement in other words which picture gets people’s
interest the most and then we send it to Pakistan India and the Philippines why
because I can get clicks four point zero zero zero zero four cents they’re just
super cheap and what it allows me to do here is to see which one of my images is
good and then we’re going to turn it into our ad that we actually want to
make money off so I’m gonna put a little star by this one okay the next one is
app installs now if you’re an app developer or you want to get people to
get your apps great this would be simple and I guess you would use to get people
install your apps we don’t do that we sell stuff we sell information we sell
physical products so apps is not good for us now here’s a real tricky one
video views people say yeah I want a lot of people to watch my video that’s what
I want I want tons of people watching my video all the time but to what end just
so that people watch your video right I mean don’t you want people to buy from
you or engage with you or do something at some point because these people here
that Facebook is going to send to you guess what they’re gonna do they’re
gonna watch your video and you’ll get a lot of video views and you say well jr.
if I get a lot of video views somebody’s probably gonna buy from me no doesn’t
work that way what Facebook does is they look for people who just watch a lot of
videos well some of those people buy from you I doubt it I highly doubt it
but all they do is go out there and go these people are known for watching a
lot of videos so some people will sit in their house all day long and just watch
videos and that’s who you’re going to end up with so you know it may make you
feel good cuz you got a lot of views on your video but it was just from people
who like to watch videos so we’re not going to do that one either and here’s
the tricky one this is the real tricky one lead generation we’ve never even
seen this one the company that I was just talking to did lead generation
and the problem with lead generation is it’s easy to do and what I mean by that
is in facebook you can create a lead ad really simple and people just click and
their emails already populated to name all that good stuff is click a button
gonna lead the problem is are these people really interested in what you
have I found that if I want to do lead generation I would rather send them to a
sales page that I have my own lead generation page that explains my entire
offer to them and what I have or what I want to give them or whatever
and then if they opt-in they’re going to know what they’re getting here it’s just
a lot of people who are going to click and put in their information and that’s
what happened to that insurance agency they were trying to get these people who
had lower income who trying to get on Medicaid or whatever and they were
getting a lot of people that were opting in as a lead but then didn’t want to
talk to him didn’t want to do anything so I don’t like this lead generation if
you want to do lead generation you need to build a page build your own form have
some information there so we’re gonna get rid of lead generation now if you
want to talk to people this is your next one right here messages if you optimize
for messages guess what you’ll get messages ok so if you’re still trying to
sell a product or get some opt-ins and get some emails this would not be the
way to go what can we’ve narrowed this down so far
ok so now we’re at our last category here and our last category really is
just two things even though there’s three things listed and you log into
your account and the first thing here is conversions because your conversion type
of ads and what a conversions mean conversions mean that you’re trying to
get somebody to take some action ok so they’re going to either opt in and give
you their email and go to another page that’s where we’re going to use our
conversion code we can talk about that in another video or they’re going to buy
your product ok or they’re going to do your download or whatever it is so
that’s a conversion and this is the one we use a lot in conjunction with this
one once we figure out what pitcher works then we want to go ahead and run
ads for people who are going to convert and we want to run that to the country
we sell in which is the US Canada Australia
in the UK so we were in conversion adds conversion adds what Facebook’s going to
do is it’s going to try to optimize people to buy from you okay so if
somebody comes to your page and they buy your product and they end up at your
Thank You page it’s gonna trigger that conversion code and when a tree is a
conversion code Facebook’s gonna go oh that’s what the guy wanted let me go see
if I can find more people that look like that person who just did that thing okay
whether it’s an opt-in whether it’s buying your product no matter what it is
Facebook is gonna look through all their data and say we want more people who
just did with that person did and they bought this product so that’s what we
want now guess what these cost more I mean they just do they cost more money
to get a conversion right then it does to just get a lead or something along
those lines or to get people to watch your videos that’s pretty cheap because
Facebook knows this it’s not valuable to you if somebody watches a lot of videos
or does a lot of video views it’s gonna stroke your ego but it’s not gonna make
you any money they know that a conversion you’re gonna
get somebody’s information or they’re gonna buy a product from you and they
can charge you for that because that’s super value valuable now the next one on
here is catalog sales okay in catalog sales is when you’re gonna actually hook
your store in to Facebook and you’re gonna send em to your store and
hopefully get some sales we don’t use this one we don’t use the catalog thing
because we like to focus on one single product and then upsell them to other
products or get them to buy multiples of that product so we don’t do care log
sales and the next one is if you’ve hooked your store into Facebook they can
send you a lot of traffic to your store and you say that’s what I want I want a
lot of traffic some people buy stuff no it doesn’t work that way they’re just
gonna send you people who like to go to these places and look around that’s it
now could some of them be a buyer I guess not enough of them to make that
possible okay done we’ve really narrowed this down to they haven’t so you’re all
confused you log in use all these things to do and as it turns out unless you’re
coca-cola you know or Nike or something like that you don’t need
in this category here and you don’t really care about consideration because
this is just kind of stroking your ego right outside of engagement to test one
of your images so we’re left with conversions over here and you want the
top one right here that’s going to get them to buy now I hope that makes it a
little bit easier because I know when I first logged in I saw this I was like
what am I supposed to do with all I don’t even know I mean it sounds like
traffic’s what I want it’s not okay well it sounds like I want people to watch
all of my videos it wasn’t it was none of that
it was conversions and I didn’t do these in the beginning because they were so
expensive mmm that should have been that should have been something that I
noticed if it’s more expensive maybe it has more value
I hope this helped you out if you want to get more information you can check
out my website you can like this video put a commoner stuff on there I would
really appreciate if you put comments in there if you’re watching this video
later the comments kind of help it be a little bit more viral so if you would
type that right there that bi t dot ly /jr – I see that is my inner circle
great group of people if you want to join it you can go there and watch and
you don’t have to opt in you don’t have to buy anything you don’t have to give
up your email credit card nothing there’s a free video there that tells
you all about it so check that out also put it in the comments there and I
really appreciate you watching now if you’re watching this video a week later
or two weeks later and you know it’s like he’s never gonna see my comment
it’s not gonna happen I mean because he did this video a month ago or a week ago
I will see your comment because what they do is they notify me when you put a
comment there so I appreciate your comments if you like this let me know if
you didn’t like it let me know if you want something different put that in the
comments too and I’d love to help you out and I will answer you so make sure
you do that thanks a lot for listening

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