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Student-Run Ad Agency Teams Up With Porsche

Student-Run Ad Agency Teams Up With Porsche

(intense music) (engine revs) – [Austin] It’s not
every day that you get to work with a world-renowned
brand like Porsche. – [Haley] I definitely feel
more prepared for a job after having this experience. It’s given me experience in
a fast-paced environment, a team environment, all the kind of things that go into an agency setting. – [Austin] Talking Dog Agency is a group within the Grady College. It gives students an opportunity to gain real-world agency experience. Through Talking Dog we are
able to work with Porsche. We’ve mainly worked with
their sport driving school in Birmingham, Alabama. The main reason that we were brought on is to run their social media accounts, starting with Instagram. – [Haley] The Porsche Track Experience is an experience created
so that people can learn what it’s like to drive, essentially like a race
car driver on a track. They go through different
drills and different exercises to help teach them certain skills, like braking and turning, and
then at the end of the course they’re able to drive around
the Barber Motorsports track. So they start, in the beginner levels, no knowledge of driving, and they get to leave with
this really cool experience, getting to work with
well-known driving coaches, and experience driving on a race track. – [Austin] Working with a
client that’s in Birmingham, we had to travel ourselves. We only had two two-day trips to capture nine months’ worth of
social media strategy, so it was fun but very challenging. – [Haley] When I started Talking Dog, I was not very confident
in what I could do in terms of advertising or
social media or photography, was kind of new to all of it, so it’s really cool to see
myself grow into that position. – [Austin] We came in as strangers and were really able to
bond and come together to really make a huge impact for Porsche. (intense music) (engine revs)

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