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“Stretch” – Obama for America TV Ad

“Stretch” – Obama for America TV Ad

[President Obama voiceover] I’m Barack Obama
and I approve this message. [Narrator] You work hard. Stretch every penny.
But chances are you pay a higher tax rate than him. Mitt Romney made $20 million in
2010, but paid only 14 percent in taxes, probably less than you. Now he has a plan that would
give millionaires another tax break, and raises taxes on middle class families by up to $2,000
a year. Mitt Romney’s middle class tax increase: he pays less, you pay more.

56 thoughts on ““Stretch” – Obama for America TV Ad

  1. It should say "He pays nothing (and paid nothing for 10 years), you pay everything (including your life) to ensure he lives in luxury".

  2. In almost every other election I've seen worldwide there's a lot of mischaracterization from both sides. But in this one Obama doesn't have to tell any lies to paint Romney in a bad light. He simply repeats his words and his plans. No hyperbole or euphemizing, practically Verbatim and he comes across horrible all on his own. But yet Republicans defend him tooth and nail. What do they see in him that the rest of the world does not?

  3. Romney actually told ABC News he's "not sure if he's paid less than 13.9% in taxes."

    After hiding his returns for years while allowing John McCain to see copies of over 20 years worth, what are the chanced he doesn't know exactly how much he paid in each and every one of those 20 years? None.

    So when he says he's "not sure if he's paid less than 13.9% in taxes," you can pretty much assume he has. Otherwise, he would not use such weasel words.

  4. The Obama campaign made this ad just a day after the Romney tax plan analysis came out. Now that's rapid reaction!

  5. If in the only year MIttens is willing to release he paid 14% chances are all the many years he's hiding he paid less than that. If elected he'd simply rig the game even further in his own favor – no thanks!

  6. I'm 100% sure Obama will win reelection, So far he and his crew have done an splendid job. He has accomplished and will finish his goals as president. Go Obama!

  7. Despite this obvious disparity many, many people are supporting Mittens. Those 99% folks are voting against their own best interest. Mittens and his Republican cronies will do nothing to benefit them, the young college students, the elderly, veterans, public service employees (firemen, police officers, teachers) , women or anyone with a pre-existing health condition (honestly who doesn't know a kid with asthma or someone with diabetes). Get the facts out there, volunteer now.

  8. There's only one question. What is Mitt Romney hiding that he won't release his taxes? Americans buying a home have to produce more documents than this buffoon has put out there, and he wants to run the country. NOT!

  9. look, I support Obama, but I've seen way to many GOBAMA comments, and it really just sounds like they are all just asking for thumbs up

  10. Its funny because Obama doesn't need to do ANY of this…Romney's shooting himself in the foot left, right, and center.

  11. As an average worker, I currently pay ~ 30% in taxes. The rich pay ~ 14% in taxes. I'd love to compromise and have everyone pay 20%

  12. So good to see the president stand up and fight! Keep up the great ads. When you are telling the truth, there's no need to splice things together out of context, like some other people we know.

  13. Not as strong as the America the Beautiful ad, mostly because that was catchy and did not appear to be immediately negative, but still a really hard-hitting ad.


  14. When you have your opponent on the ropes don't let up…finish him off.
    Team Obama is trying to seer the image of Mitt as a rich elitist corporatist tax evader into the minds of American voters. And what exactly can Mitt do to counter it? Release his taxes, perhaps. 🙂

  15. Almost half this country pays NO federal taxes. How is paying 14% more than 0%? Is this some some sort of liberal math?

  16. I was debating whether to vote for Obama, but after reading about Romney's tax hike on the middle class, I'm not debating any longer. Romney cannot be elected.

  17. Romney pays less of the percentage of the tax cuts because it isnt practical for him to pay more when the value of his share is much greater than the average american tax share this video is lame

  18. Romney/Ryan= 1, maybe 2 – SCOTUS Appointments, Top Income Earners – Pay Less, Own More, Control More, Buy More "Public" convert to "Private" Control, Control Pricing, Control Capital, Dictate Women's Rights, Deny Civil Rights, Eliminate Equal Rights, Force Feed Their Religious 'standards' on All (Freedom of Religion perverted). Health Care – They Don't Really Care, The Caring = A Distraction with lies of socialism, etc many believe. End Result, Freedom, What Freedom?

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