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STOP wasting your Money! Learn how to create FACEBOOK ADS that make MONEY!

STOP wasting your Money! Learn how to create FACEBOOK ADS that make MONEY!

Hey guys and welcome to another episode of our youtube channel, it’s more from my drop shop today I’m gonna explain and present to you how you can make Facebook ads from scratch. Even if you are a complete beginner I’m gonna start with some Facebook vocabulary so you can understand. What are we dealing with here? And after that we will jump on the max screen to show you how to create the Facebook ad from point 0 We built Facebook ads on three levels level number one is the campaign level This is your highest level. You can have multiple ad sets per campaign and each ad set can have multiple ads Level number two is the ad set level. This is where the magic happens You can create detailed targeting here to only show your ad to the people most likely to buy your product or service Level number three is the ad level. This is what the customer actually sees This is where you write your ad copy and choose your product images or videos to actually show new potential customers other Facebook vocabulary, you need to know our Custom audience you make a custom audience from pretty much anything the two most common examples are from a customer file, and that’s where you get your email list or Website traffic and that is people who visit your website or specific web pages These are important because you can get fancy with what you do with them For example, you can create a custom audience of everyone who viewed your sales or order page But did not view your Thank You page and the Thank You page only appears after buying a product This means you can later retarget buyers who were close to buying but didn’t get for whatever reason Look-alike audience a local our audience to utilize is Facebook almost unimaginable store of data on pretty much everyone on earth to create a new audience of people who are similar to another Or basically your audience You can also create a local our audiences from people who? Purchase your product to create the most targeted possible look-alike audience the more purchases you have the more accurate your audience becomes and For the last vocabulary you need to know about is the Facebook pixel have you ever noticed one day you’ll be casually browsing your favorite gaming and Electronics website and then all of a sudden you have electronic advertisement all over your Facebook feed. How does that happen? well think of the pixel as an identifier the meaning when you visit a website, let’s say newegg.com They have what is called a Facebook pixel installed in the HTML back-end of their website hidden from your view Facebook has IDs for each of its users. So when you visit wwe.com That Facebook pixel fires and says you visited that website And allows the owners of the website to then retarget you with more ads because they know you’ve expressed interest in their fine electronics now, let’s jump on the Mac screen to start creating the ad a Small thing I want to talk about before we get started I use what’s called business manager So business manager is basically just a slightly more advanced version of the Facebook Ads manager This manager is important for a couple of reasons So if you have multiple Facebook pages, you don’t want to have to navigate through 20 different ad account pages You want them all in one place? And you also want to be able to add access? So let’s say you want to hire somebody to help you with Facebook ads Or refine your campaigns or build out some new campaigns for you in different countries or whatever the case may be It’s much easier to add somebody in facebook business manager I’m not gonna show you the business manager in this video, hopefully in another video and Also the Facebook pixel let’s start with the ad now first, we’re gonna create that campaign and This is going to look complicated if you’ve never seen it before but trust me most of these actually for 9% of Facebook advertisers Will never use and I’ve been on Facebook ads for years, but I’m still gonna explain all of this for you So we’re going to focus on the types of campaigns that are actually going to be most applicable to the most number of people and that is traffic In post engagement and Conversations you need these three Also quickly app installs Its if you want people to install your app with views If you’re trying to make a video viral or you want to bring people into your ecosystem that way video views is interesting because you can actually retarget people based on how much of the video they watched But it doesn’t have to be a video of your audience to do that you can create a traffic campaign where you have your advertisement video and then if somebody watches 25% you can create a custom audience of people who watch 25% So guys the most important ones were gonna focus on is traffic engagement and conversion So the lifecycle of advertisement has worked for me when I was trying to sell affiliate products to earn that Commission The first part of the ad life cycle is engagement So social proof is extremely important when you’re advertising on Facebook When you’re selling a service or when you’re selling a product doesn’t matter, what is it people like reviews? So you want to have some engagement you want to have some likes on your ad you want to have people commenting on it? so there’s that ad that has Zero engagement and the other ad has 100 likes and a few comments and some shares I would like to rather go engage with the second one remember you can get cheaper engagement from world countries and When you build up some likes and comment centuries, you can pop that add to the other countries because in the third world countries It’s really cheaper Traffic is the most widely used type of campaign on Facebook. You can do anything with it You can drive people to your YouTube my drop shop website. You can do anything with it So we’re gonna make a traffic campaign now guys, you need to be specific when naming your campaign Because as you enter more and more into facebook ads, you’re gonna have a lot of campaigns Now I’m gonna name the campaign Keyword So I’m just giving an example here Here you can create new ad set or use an existing one or skip ad set. I’m gonna use it and I’m going to type just That’s it and the ad you can create a new ad That’s So it saves a draft now Here are the details of the campaign Traffic the best gaming keyboard campaign details objective is traffic You can set a campaign spending limit here Set an overall Spending limit for your ad campaign this this means your ad sets in the campaign will stop once you’ve reached your spending limit so let’s say you Set a limit of $100 When the limit reached $100 it’s gonna stop running Let’s get to that test ad set Here you can choose where you want to drive traffic you’ll enter more details about the destination later There’s the website the app and the messenger You can choose where you want to drive the traffic. I’m gonna choose the website I’m not gonna use dynamic creative You can here a post an offer see their own select page offer Here you can set the budget for $20, this is the minimum Actual amount spend daily may vary Here you can set the start date and end date you either Choose don’t schedule and date run has an ongoing or and run On and this is the date you can end the campaign Choosing the audience here. We have the custom audience And you can add it in the ads manager You can create custom audience look-alike audiences and it will appear here here I made the one for you custom test audience And here you can include more than one audience so your retargeting will be much easier Here we can I pick the locations You can pick people who live in this location people there is this location people traveling in this location United Kingdom is already chosen you can choose all the countries you want Let’s try United States Here you can pick the age the people you wanna target now from 19, let’s say 45 you can choose men women or both Languages that they speak English For all Detailed targeting here you can target people with their interests I’m gonna target people with Entrepreneurship at interests you can also include other interests Here you can add connection type People who like your page friends of people who like your page Exclude people who like your page you can exclude them People who use your ads and one for the advance friends of people who use your ads to people who used your apps And you can save the audience tape Now we’re entering the end this is the name of that test ad I Made the test page for the and dropship showcase Here Here you can edit that ad with an image or video ad with multiple images video and chorus all and a collection We’re gonna write the website URL Www Here you can see a preview of the ad When you continue you go to setup the payment method and That’s it. You got yourself an end That’s it for today guys. I hope you enjoyed this video and don’t forget to Like subscribe and drink that notification Well, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Have a good night

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  1. Can you make a video about google adwords..I am really bad at making an ad in google adwords..Specially for my music purposes..Thank you !!
    This vid was usefull tho.

  2. Please let us know your thoughts on our Video and if you have any Questions make sure to ask in the comments section. We will anwer all of them.

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