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Stop Burning Money With Your Video Ads

Stop Burning Money With Your Video Ads

Stop burning money with your video ads!
my name is Traci Reuter and I’m the CEO and founder of Divine Social and this is
the channel for you to learn all about Instagram and Facebook advertising and
everything that can help you maximize your social ads so in this video I want
to talk to you about why you need to stop burning money on your video
advertising now you may not be but this is more of a public service announcement
for those who either are or might start doing video ads and don’t even think
about this now video has continued to be incredibly hot and we use it across all
of our clients campaigns and we use it in different stages and in some clients
we use them in all the stages top of funnel middle of funnel bottom of funnel
creating audiences building up engagement and getting conversions for
their further business and that’s our three pillars approach and so we we use
video and all of the stages in all of the areas and in some clients we use it
more than others now the one thing and the reason we do that is because video
continues to be very very effective now one thing I see happen quite a bit and
this is where you’re burning your money and this has to do with the way the
video is played in the newsfeed whether it’s on mobile or desktop you see over
85% of videos 85% of videos are watched with the sound off think about your own
video watching habits do you watch all videos with the sound on have you ever
been in maybe you’re laying in bed at night and your significant others trying
to sleep or you’re on you’re commuting to work or there’s places that maybe
it’s just not convenient for you to have the sound play so you probably can
understand why 85% of all video is watchful to sound off well if you’re
gonna run a video ad and you know that and you run that ad without captions you
are burning dollar bills or Euros or wherever it is that you live that you
might be watching this so it’s so so important that if you’re ever going to
run a video campaign at the very minimum you make sure that you have caption
files you want to make sure that you have SRT files
and we the there’s a great company we use called rev.com we don’t have an
affiliate link what we use it with all of our clients the very very inexpensive
and easy way to do things now the other thing that you can do is if you don’t
want to do caption files then you need to make sure that you use some text
overlay in your ad but you want to make sure that whatever you do that the the
video that you’re using can convey the message to your watcher whether they
have the sound on or not now that opens up a whole other can of
worms because that essentially means you could actually be running a video that
has no sound and has no words and that’s totally fine
you can run that if it’s let’s say it’s a demonstration video we have a client
in the arts and crafts space that we’ve run actually we’ve got one video we’ve
been running for them for a very long time that has no sound it’s just a
product demonstration and it’s incredibly incredibly effective because
the what what the client needs to convey to the viewer can be conveyed without
sound now if there was words if there was something important in that we would
make sure to either have text overlay or we would use an srt file from rev.com so
if you’re gonna do video on any of the platforms whether it’s organic or if
it’s paid you want to make sure that you maximize the effectiveness of your video
by using captions by using text overlay by making sure you’re thinking about the
fact that 85 percent of the people that we’re gonna see your video are gonna
watch it with the sound off in fact you might be watching this video with the
sound off and you should be seeing captions alright so just here to make
sure you have success and all that you do stop burning your dollars with your
video ads start making sure that you have captions or text overlay or that
your video can tell the story without any sound on because odds are people
watching it are not using the sound my name is Traci Reuter, the best is yet
to come and we will see you next week.

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