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Stevie’s Scam School: Unauthorised advertising scam

Stevie’s Scam School: Unauthorised advertising scam

Welcome to my school. Stevie’s Scam School. Yeah, great. Hello. My name is Stevie,
the reformed scam artist, and I’m here to teach you
how to avoid being scammed. On with today’s lesson. I like to call this one ‘the advertising scam’. Now, listen up, this is how it works. You receive an invoice by email, letter or fax, requesting money for an advertisement that your
business supposedly placed in a directory. Here’s the clever part: sometimes it’s a directory we’ve made up (chuckles). But because a small business like yours is so busy,
you pay the bogus invoice! No questions! (chuckles). Oh boy! Poor folk! Look. To be honest, it’s real easy to
catch these sneaky scammers out. Always be suspicious of an invoice
screaming ‘Free Advertising Trial’. Also, check your records to see that the
advertisement was actually booked. It’s that easy! You too can be like me: agile and vigilant, and ….um handsome! (chuckles) Stevie’s Scam School. Yeah! Nice!

6 thoughts on “Stevie’s Scam School: Unauthorised advertising scam

  1. This video in no way represents the limited creativity or intelligence of any person whom resides in this state. Phew, I was just in time; they almost forgot the fine print!

  2. I just happened to notice that 10 people 'like' this and 3 ar*eholes don't!!

    Good job keep it up I got the tune firmly embedded 🙂

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