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[STEP-BY-STEP] How To Test Shopify Products Using Facebook Ads 2019 | Facebook Ads (2019)

[STEP-BY-STEP] How To Test Shopify Products Using Facebook Ads 2019 | Facebook Ads (2019)

you want to learn how to test your
Shopify products using Facebook Ads in 2019 I’m going to teach you how to do
that right so just some quick updates before we get
into this so you’re fully aware of everything so this is for Facebook ads
using your Shopify products but this works for any e-commerce site so
regardless of what platform you’re using this works make sure to check the links
in the description for heaps of valuable content even like cheat sheets free
cheat sheet on winning products given to you hundred percent free it’s just a PDF
make sure to comment down below crush it I want to get ten comments if I can get
ten comments I’m gonna give away one of my winning products that I’ve had and
I’m going to give away all the information about our product all you
have to do is comment crush it down below I also wanted to add though that
Facebook changes a lot okay so Facebook does change a lot from when I started to
where it is now Facebook has changed a dramatic amount so it’s really important
that you use this video for here and now okay and you watched my other content to
help you keep updated on this because it changes on a month-to-month basis ok new
strategies come in play so I just wanted to get into that and let’s get straight
into the core content so Facebook marketing 101 just wanted to talk about
this as well it’s the Facebook makes 100 percent of its revenue from marketers
like us doing e-commerce leech and brand awareness whatever their objective may
be that’s where they make their money Facebook for us is always going to drive
the best conversions we’re doing what’s called website conversion so I’m going
to go into and teach you how that works momentarily and it’ll always drive it at
the cheapest price for you okay so Facebook’s always gonna drive at the
cheapest price which results in us spending more money and I thought that
little funny gift because the more money Facebook makes us the more money we’re
gonna give them and it’s purely a win-win so that is Facebook marketing
101 ins very simple terms for everyone to understand I just wanted to talk
about that so let’s move on to the more so there’s a few requirements that we
need to acknowledge before we get started on Facebook and one is that we
use a video now you can use images but videos just convert better on Facebook
now just because of what sort of happened in the last few years Facebook
like anything videos have become far more prominent because Facebook has a
lot more options for that as well as just generally resonate with people
better so we get better conversions so that’s one of the requirements that I
wanted to talk about you need a business manager I’m gonna show you how that
weird to get that you can just click the link there will be a the this file will
be down in the description below for you to use to help guide you through that
and you need to find your payment method really important because you can run ads
if you don’t find a payment method so I’m gonna show you those two things
right okay so step one is your business manager and you’re just landing on this
page here which just gives you an outline of what it does etc attic so
trial you don’t really need to worry about that I recommend to watch my other
videos on how Facebook works this is to purely get you started and you just want
to create macaco just go through the prompts you know putting your name
address all the details it just asks for and it’ll create a business manager for
you and then you’re good to go once you have made a business manager you jump
into your Facebook okay so you jump in your Facebook you’ve got heaps of
options I find the easiest way to go into it is I click this little down
arrow and you’ll have your business manager here you just click your
business manager okay it’s then gonna take you to the default home page here
and you’ve got your pages and then you go out account and then the very
different your page is what customer sees it’s just your actual page so you
know my page Ricky Hayes for instance okay that’s what they see and that’s
where you can go in there and you can adjust all the sittings you know you can
modify the pictures you can look at inside check notifications inbox people
messaging you shares all of that you can it has an ad Center but do not use that
that’s not useful at all but you have your settings and you can change all of
these settings and use various things to adjust your page as you see fit okay so
but in relation to this you also have to make the ad account so when you first
start in order to actually I didn’t include that there sorry but you do need
an ad account and you also need your payment method set up okay so you go
generally into your business settings it’s going to open up another tab okay
and so you have your page okay here’s your page and you can make as many pages
as you want you just need to go create a new page
and if you are starting and you are creating a new page just go brand or
product okay and give the page a name and in a category I have that slightly
relevant if you can’t find one I’ve just choose when it’s not going to be the end
of the world just choose website but if you have one let’s say there is clothing
of course try and use clothing because that helps Facebook with organic traffic
to your page it doesn’t have much but it happens you have your ad account okay so
you can have a top one out account once you spend about 500 I believe dollars
you can have a secondary ed account that’s in another video I’m not gonna
get into that but you just want to create a new ad account remember I want
to explain a lot of people get very confused they’re very confusing you can
request access to Ed account that’s if you like let’s say running a Facebook ad
agency or you can add another count which is claiming it from another
business many of you want to create your own so just create it’s gonna ask you
the name the on behalf of what business manager okay
time zone and currency now I do recommend make sure whatever current
scene that you use I try and recommend using your own county but if you let’s
say you store is in whatever current time zone make sure you add account same
time zone so your data correlates okay that’s really important just a little
expert tip right there so once you’ve done that you then want to go into your
payments okay and here you can add your payment methods okay so you want you can
add you know you choose your billing country in a million dollars to etc etc
so I think this is actually a new feature where you can have you add
account in a different currency and its store and they’re going to charge you in
your currency okay and the benefit of that is you don’t get foreign
transaction fees no one likes foreign transaction fees so you can add your
card you can also add paypal arm downline but I recommend adding card
especially if you have a credit card that gives you some form of reward
points whether it’s you know lots of groceries travel you know a big one I
know a lot of people uses for travel then put it in there and you’re gonna
those points so you need to do that otherwise you’re not even going to be
able to run ads successfully so that is step one let’s move on so now that we
know the base that we need to set up a few things we need to also understand
now is we also need to set up our Facebook pixel which connects to our
Shopify store I’m going to show how to do that it’s really easy I wanted to
explain though that the goal of e-commerce stores is to get sales so for
us we want to use website conversions campaign objective I’m gonna show you
that I’m really easy okay we want to tell Facebook do we want
purchases there’s a lot of different options there but we just want people
that are going to buy and then show you that we tell Facebook the country age
and gender and location which I’ve said there and we tell Facebook the type of
people we want lack two which is the interest targeting and I’m going to show
you and we can even go to the point of what placements and then I show you how
that all sort of works right now all right
so we now want to understand how to set up our Facebook pixel and connect to a
store it’s really important we do that otherwise we’re not gonna get save any
data into our pixel which is important to know you know how much we’re paying
per click how many Add to Cart we’re getting
purchases how profitable we are various things
like that so that’s really important we do and how you do that is you again go
back under your settings and in this case we want to go dollar sources and we
want to go pixels okay so we make a pixel so you can see here I’ve made a
couple of pixels already just for testing purposes so you just make a
pixel and you want to give it an appropriate name so your store name and
you don’t have to put in URL that’s just optional it’s not going to change
anything it’s not important okay and it’s going to then go through and start
getting it set up and it’s going to actually guide you and the good thing is
that so many people use shop fires they’re their platform that we just want
to go set up pixel now and we go connect to partner platform and all we do is we
choose Shopify and it has actual instructions that literally show you
exactly what you need to do so you just go to your online store and you go into
preferences and you copied the pixel ID so you see how you got a Facebook pixel
and you get your pics like and it’ll tell you what it pixel IDs
down there copy paste save done and then you can
actually go to the next screen and you can do a test so you’re just
putting your work URL so you know www my store calm and do a test and it’ll come
up with green for once it’s called activity and then you know it’s
hundred-percent connected okay all right and that’s all there is to that so
moving on anyway so now we want to make our first campaign so now we actually go
into that account and we click that opens up another tab again alright and
we can see here I’ve made a couple of test campaigns or other tutorials so we
can make campaigns a number of ways so I use the quick quick creation tool but
for starting out you’re always going to be set up on the guided guided creation
tool and so if you’ve already made a campaign it’s gonna try and get you to
do it but we’re just gonna going to start again okay and we want to create a
new campaign and we want to choose our objective okay so there’s a heap of
different objectives here do not worry you do not need most these objectives
the only ones you’re ever gonna use is conversions and catalog sales catalog
sales I’d recommend going to watch my video on dynamic Product Ads because
that’s what that is okay so I’m not gonna talk about that ya know talk about
just purely getting your first ad set up and and what you need to do so we’re
going to go conversions okay we click conversions and when you read it get
people to take valuable action on your website in-app or a messenger such as
adding payment info or making a purchase okay that’s what we want we want people
to come to our e-commerce store and purchase that’s why we choose this
conversion and we give it a name so I’m just gonna leave it as conversions you
can name it whatever you want now some reason it always says I don’t count that
won’t happen to you it’s just because this is a test account to ignore that
and so now we’re up to the actual ad ad creation part of this so we simply just
want to scroll down so we got all these what these are called conversion events
so we can tell Facebook that we want to optimize a conversion for view content
now that might sound can’t productive bear I recommend going to watch my other
Facebook videos where I talk Jobeth then I’m not gonna talk about
that today I’m gonna talk about what you need to get started right now okay so
what we do is we go purchase okay don’t worry about anything that it says with
the little red or any other messages it’s fine it’s a new pixel do not worry
okay so we’ve now set up the conversion method and now we’re telling Facebook
who where what why so we changes to people who live in this location and we
choose United States choose United States as minimum okay we put in the
United States so now we’ve told Facebook there this is where they live when they
want to tell Facebook the age of the people I go 25 and up because generally
speaking 1824 don’t have the cash flow and you will market them down the line
what you have a winning product again if you want to know more about when impacts
just watch one of my recent videos on how to find winning products that’s
going to teach you six proven methods to be able to get those results really
quick and easy so we want to choose the gender I’m gonna leave it open in this
case just to show you we want to use language English all because obviously
in America there are people that don’t speak English we just want my only
target English people because our store using English locale if your store is in
a different language of course choose that language okay just a bit of common
sense it we want to antic expand interests and we put in an interest here
so if it’s a dog product I’m just going to put in purely dogs alright and now
we’ve told Facebook the top people and see how the audience size has been
reduced greatly okay so because we’re telling Facebook the type of people that
this should be hitting moving down we want to change the edit placements we
have the option between desktop and mobile we want to take off desktop
because desktop doesn’t get much traffic anyway and it’s more expensive next we
want to do is we want to take off all placements placements but Facebook and
Instagram newsfeed a little expert tip most sales are most likely and it come
from Facebook newsfeed depending on your niche it can be extremely but in most
cases I actually define that it is Facebook newsfeed right ignore any of
these recommendations that are not to be worried about alright and we want any
are set up for conversions again we want to optimize a delivery for people that
are converting not Paige anything like that which one goes
straight for the kill and we set our budget and we set it on three dollars
okay and that’s in your currency so I will try and try and correlate it to USD
currency so that you’re getting the most out of especially if you’re marketing to
the US which is what I do and recommend okay so now I’m going to teach you how
to set up the ad side of it and the bare requirements and how to do it how to set
up the ad in a quick and easy fashion now don’t forget if you are enjoying
today’s video don’t forget to Like share subscribe and hit that notification bell
so I can give you heaps of value we’re going to be making two three videos
every week make sure to check out my channel for over a hundred videos you’re
gonna go from beginner to expert alright so now we need to understand how to make
the right ad okay so making the right ad does make a massive difference because
it mainly is about the act what the customer sees how they feel about it
really does help with the outcome of that campaign as a whole because the
targeting isn’t that important as long as you give Facebook a ballpark figure
it’s the actual ad that’s really important okay because Facebook’s going
to go out there and try and find right people so that’s why I used in the eyes
again how’s that have the highest conversion we’ve won a quality Thumb now
I’m going to show you how to do that as well and we want a video that draws
people in generally the first three seconds so if you you can find a video
that is working well for someone else then you want to use it for your own I’m
going to show you just a couple of tools okay so you can use Aliexpress videos
there’s actually a little download option from the video I’ll show you that
momentarily or you can use that BD and on it okay I’m going to show you how to
do that too you get the competitors video and all
you basically do is you put your own logo over the top of it save it export
it and then you we use that to upload and I’m gonna show you how to do all of
that right now alright so now I’m going to show you how to acquire videos that
you can use within your Facebook ads okay so here if we scroll down just in
my other accounts newsfeed we’ve got this video and this is a current
trending product that is doing quite well we can
see here 110 comments hundreds of thousands of views okay and it’s it
solves a problem so what we do is really really can we can go show video URL and
we can basically just copy that we put it in here paste and download and from
that we can now click download HD quality and it’s kind of play again and
you can click download all right so we’re gonna use this one for this
example now you can also use our Express some of them have it some don’t I
haven’t been out of farm one just in this case but if we have a look here at
this part they it’s usually just down here and it’ll have the exact same type
of screen just with the download option okay and you just download it and then
we’re just going to put that into canva so that we can do some slight
modifications all right and I’m gonna show that momentarily but first what we
want to do is we go into Facebook sorry into canva pardon me and we choose
Facebook post all right we choose the Facebook post and we can create a design
so if we were using let’s say just this image just this case and just pretend
this has an image on it basically all I ever do actually I’ll choose a different
template we’ll choose that one okay is basically all I ever do is I am add a
box down the bottom that’s me so always get those confused sorry a box down the
bottom okay so pretend that this is the product and we adjust this so that we
make it look square and we change the color to black you can even go to the
degree of you know putting this up the top as well I find a lot of people do
that now and it works well and you put like the words
text of oh my god I need this and generally what you do is I find black
text sorry black backbone background with a white overlay works best so if we
now change this to white text and and I find that the best font is impact font
okay it just it seems to just look better especially on mobile and we
change to let’s say like 42 and we’re trying we try and make it as large as we
can and we go to uploads and we try and find try and fine I’ve got so many
things here okay you want to try and find the love emoji and I cannot remove
all that that one that one’s this vehicle one so you know you add that I
like to do it on both sides and then you know like I would do the same okay and
just something like that see how that really sticks out and just sort of
differentiates yourself it doesn’t have to be perfect but you can see how quick
and easy is in camera you can download it we’re just going to download that by
just clicking the download button as a PNG it prepares it and we can now
download it alright so that’s pretty much it to that I’m going to show you
how to do it now edit video quickly and easily so now we want a video edit this
video okay and so for starters we want to take out there watermark so I use
Camtasia personally so what I would normally do the easiest way is and if
you’re a bitch drink for time this is mine my place is we just the good thing
with Camtasia is it’s do that this this is why I use this
software I just change this to a black outline or you can even change it to
white it doesn’t matter and we put in the text and you’re putting your logo
okay so if I wants to put in my logo Ricky eyes okay and you can even get in
the habit of doing annotations okay so you know that this one already has so
there is nothing that you really need to do here unless right at the end that you
want to add like a shop now call to action at the end of your video but the
bare minimum you want to do that once you get some data you want to do
some more split testing and try and another thing that I’ve been testing
that I find also works well is in like in this cases it’s not perfectly example
for it but let’s say we had another one up here and we change that again to why
we made the background black that’s right and we make that black and we take
out the text or we put on my text what what and it’s going to run throughout the
iteration of that video as long as we have extended it I recommend Camtasia
because I just wants the easiest to use and you can add the little emojis as
well and if you can try and use the same font imperial okay imperial sorry impact
font yeah so you can see this isn’t perfect but I would you know put your
logo over the top of that and that oh my god I need this and people just you know
they see that it differentiates yourself a little bit from others and you can add
like a shock now call to action at the end you save it export it so now I’m
going to teach you how to implement the right ad okay so for the thumbnail again
I use canva 100% free want to make engaging copy which I’m going to show
you now for the video we’re going to use the one that I’ve just shown you how to
make in Camtasia there’s plenty of software out there and I’m going to
upload it to Facebook you can see I just wanted to show a little example of some
other people that do that oh my god I need this using the love heart faces and
that oh my god face converts really well with people so let’s all bring it
together now and show you exactly how this all okay so now we’re up to the
actual part of uploading the video and launching a prayer Shopify product so
where we choose single video we choosing our perspective page we want to market
it with we upload the video as you can see I’ve uploaded the video here and
I’ve just chosen a thumbnail already had just for this training exercise and the
video uploads you can actually choose one of the images here as as well so you
can actually do that if you don’t want to use canva at times but I always
recommend making a custom one in canva generally they’re better because that’s
just from the video okay so you upload that it has its dimensions for Facebook
news for you to tell you all the dimension
here if you do want to put it in different placements been on Facebook
newsfeed you’re gonna pretty much be fun now I’ve gone ahead and already just
made the copy just so we can discuss this whenever I do this I generally
start with question and sub benefits called an action that’s the four-step
process and with the need Island this works very well because we can propose a
question to help solve a problem and for this product here when I look at it I’ve
never marketed this product truthfully there are jacksepticeye right it’s
really quick and it actually has other features sorry I didn’t even notice
so I would probably change this but from watching the first part I can jack up
your cat so if this was just purely a car jack or we you know want to jack up
your car without the worry of your safety and time because when people jack
up the car to worry about their safety you know their eye and hear stories of
people unfortunately getting crushed by this happening and and time the time it
takes to do it so those are the two main pain points that I see so I’m going to
touch on that okay so our ultimate car jack allows you to quickly easily and
safely jack up your car for maintenance anywhere and I’d probably put anywhere
at any time okay but knowing this video has more features
on at daddy them too but just you know for the example of this case alright and
so then I went to the degree of saying a hundred percent safe and secure from
rigorous our testing so that is people love to know that these types of
products are being tested and don’t get worried about the moral side of it if
you don’t want to market a product like this I definitely don’t recommend it if
you’re worried about things like that okay but this is just for the sake of
this training exercise then I do 50% off for 24 hours then I do free worldwide
shipping today only and then I actually now do to get our call to action buttons
of get yours here and get yours here and so people can go and they can buy and
then you just put in your website URL again the headline I now I don’t I
actually trying to merge this year so maybe like a car emoji thumb up and then
I do tick-tick-tick and then those would actually be arrows pointing to the right
and I do five stars okay they’re five stars as their emojis and those in there
it helps with people’s confidence okay now if you ever have this is just
because there’s too much text in my image
so I would need to change that and that’s usually from the thumbnail or the
video up there so we would need to change that or you
can do a manual review a lot of the time Facebook let it through ok so that’s
just something to keep in mind all right all right so I hope you have enjoyed
today’s video that was purely about teaching you the best way to my shop
fire products using Facebook Ads exactly how you do it exactly how I do it then
you can just replicate yourself in your marketing ok you can watch for our
videos on how to find proven winning products you can see my thumb now there
there’s a link there and also my facebook strategy on how to launch the
ads exactly what interests I go into more in-depth there giving you a full
course and even scaling I’ll be providing more scaling videos for you
all as well if you did enjoy today’s video don’t forget to Like share
subscribe and hit that notification bell and comment down below guys I want to
see comment down below on crush it if we get enough comments I’m going to be
giving away a heap of cool stuff ok guys thank you

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