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Step by Step facebook ads tutorial Selling Etsy Shop for beginners

Step by Step facebook ads tutorial Selling Etsy Shop for beginners

– If you have an Etsy shop
and your looking for a way to promote it on Facebook but
you’re not really familiar with how to boost an actual listing or create an ad for Facebook, I’m gonna show you step-by-step down here on the computer
exactly how you can run one. And we’re going to hop
into that right now. (upbeat music) Hi guys, so I’m going to show how, I’m actually gonna get
into a question that I got but how to actually run a Facebook ad. Actually boosting a post. A very simple method to
not get too technical but something you can do on your own and to make a really simple boost of an ad that can make you money
without spending a fortune. Now, there’s a couple,
there about three steps to what I’m about to do. And I’m going to explain
to you exactly what I mean. As well as what I’m showing
you down here on the screen. This is actually a listing of a product on my Etsy store. I’m gonna show you
step-by-step how I do this. From copying and pasting
the URL, the link itself to actually creating the add. Now when I say there’s three
steps here’s what I mean. The one thing about
operating a Facebook ad, let me just scroll down here really quick. The one thing about these ads is this you need to do it in three different ads and I’m gonna tell you what I mean. Number one, I want you to run an ad and I want you to spend about five to $10. You don’t have to spend 50 or 100. You don’t have to spend a lot. I want you to run the ad
after you see how I actually do this here on the computer. Run the ad for five to $10
because what I want you to do is I want you to accumulate some data, some information about who it is that’s actually clicking on your ad. And from there you can kind
of tweak and fine tune it so you can do it a second time. And on the second time I want you to do the exact same thing. Spend about five to 10 bucks. Okay. Because what you’re really wanting to do, this takes a little bit of
time to get some information about who your demographic is, who your customer really is. When it comes to food it’s I don’t want to say tricky but it’s a little different
than if you were just selling some USB drives, right. If you’re just selling these USB drives, which I have bunch of those, if you’re doing that finding a customer for that is pretty simple and it’s pretty easy to narrow down because there’s a lot of people who obviously use computers but when you’re doing something with food and has certain types of flavor profiles or if it’s cookies or barbecue sauce, it’s a little different. So you want to accumulate information. Do it two times. Don’t spend more than 20 bucks, $10 to $10, two separate times. And then I’m gonna dive in and I’m gonna show you
right now what I mean. Okay. So what you want to do is
pull up your listing on Etsy. Now this specific video
is gonna be about Etsy and promoting on Facebook. Then I’m gonna have a second video, I’m gonna do on Etsy and Pinterest, actually promoting a Pin. We have about 210,000 monthly
viewers on our Pinterest page as you can see right there. So we have a lot of people who come and there’s a lot of traffic but I do have about 15,000 Pins and I’ve doing it for quite a few years so it’s not something
that happened overnight. Can you do the same thing? Of course you can. And I’m gonna show you in
a separate video exactly how you can promote your Etsy shop by promoting a Pin and getting traffic. So let’s get into this one first, this is gonna be Facebook. All right. So here is the listing, this is just a two pound
pretzel bowl we make, we dunk a bunch of
pretzels, different shapes, we make two pounds and then
we ship it to our customer. Okay. I want you to come up here. You need to copy the URL. Now this is something new
to you, you don’t know, when you search for
something in a search box on your computer, the
top here is the address. It’s kind like the internet
address of the page and that’s called a URL. Want you to copy it. Now, come over to your Facebook page. This is Marketing Food
Online Facebook page. I want you to take that URL, by the way if you don’t have
a specific Facebook page set up for your food business
or even your own Etsy shop, you need to create a Facebook page. Sorry about that, I’m
talking really quick. If you don’t know how to
create a Facebook page specifically for your Etsy shop, I’ll actually do another video explaining how you can really,
really easily simplistically set up a page and you can
get cracking with this and start promoting your products. Now, the new thing, I’ve been on Etsy since 2011. I’ve sold over $100,000 worth of products. We’re actually approaching
around $150,000 now, worth of products on Etsy. The reason why I say that
is not to toot my own horn. As you know from my other
videos I’m not about jumping up and down and
telling you how much I make but I tell you the amount
that we’ve actually sold because it’s taken quite
a few years to do that. It did not happen in a year. It did not happen in two years. It’s taken time. I don’t sell $100,000 on
that site every single year. I have sold over $150,000 total. Okay. So keep that in mind. And we have of course six other websites because I have a lot of
streams of revenue coming in. But Etsy has been really good for us and we make a little extra
money on the side as well. So what I want you to
do is then paste the URL right onto your Facebook page. Now give it a second to come up. Now, here is the link,
this is the important part. Go up here. When you copy and paste a URL and you have a link to a product on Etsy or eBay or Amazon, whatever it is, okay, you need to understand
that it doesn’t stop there. You need to add some more information in your description about it. And that’s what I’m gonna show you now. So here is how I do it. So chocolate dipped pretzels, this is a two pound party bowl. Okay. Now, here’s where the fun comes in. The power of a hashtag. Let me move this over a little bit so that lights not in your face. So the power of a hashtag, do not underestimate
how powerful they are. Every social media platform
hashtag, hashtag, hashtag but keep in mind you
don’t want to over do it. So after I do a little brief description, watch what I do here. So two pound party bowl,
chocolate covered pretzel. Okay. It’s great for #wedding events, #corporate. We do a lot of, also a lot of corporate
business with a lot of corporations where they
send out gifts every year but if you hashtag certain catchphrases or hashtag certain groups of words you’ll get a lot of exposure as well. Let me show you. Corporate gifts. Okay. Delicious and it’s made to order. Now, I don’t want to over
do the hashtags right now. I’m just trying to show you, you wanna throw a few of ’em in there but you want to make it sound
as part of your description. This is how I do it and
it’s worked really well. Okay. And hold on one second. Let’s make sure that’s correct. All right. Good ole Grammarly. All right, now we scroll down, now watch. I want to share now. Give it a second and let it come up here. And now I’m gonna show you what I do. Now, I’ve already run as I mentioned on my Marketing Food Facebook page is actually where we promote
all of our food products. Okay. When I do any promotions,
if I do any Facebook ads it’s actually on there. So here is let me go down. There we go. Here is our page. I’m sorry our link. So now you can see it’s on Etsy, right. So y’all want to boost it. So hold on one second. Here we go. Now, the information
that’s already in here is actually information
I used for my other ads. It’s actually already stored in this. So every time I wanna promote
or boost and actual URL, getting people to go to my other stores it’s gonna have the same information, the same data. But you can actually change it. Now this is what I mentioned
in the opening information. Listen to this. So basically send people to your website. Okay. And I’m gonna scroll down a little bit and sorry about that. All right, here we go. So this is the information, people you choose through targeting. So you want to target a
specific group of people. That’s where when I said in the beginning, you wanna do this twice. This information is
gonna be the information that’s stored in there after you run your two separate campaigns and your two ads. Now, let me edit this and I’ll
show you exactly what I mean. All right. Here is the information
that’s in there right now. These are four states. Now, this is really important, if you begin to sell
product online be aware, be aware of the states
that you sell to the most. Now, the reason why I say that
is we make over 400 items. I actually have chocolate pretzel rods sell the most to New Jersey. Believe it or not. Not sure why. But they do. And I’ve paid attention
to where those sales are. Now, you see right here,
New Jersey right here. I target them specifically
with everything that’s related to chocolate pretzel rods. Because I just do. This age group 22 to 49, on my other ads that is the age group where most people interact with, engage,
and buy products from me. So that’s already in there. What you need to do when you
start your first and second ad, you need to target a pretty
broad range of people because you don’t know yet
who is gonna be the one to click on your link. So age 22 to 50 or 60, keep it open, run the ad and then you’ll see exactly where it is and I’ll show you some more
information about that. You see exactly what group of age, what age group is really clicking on and engaging with your ad. Because when you run another ad, similar to the product
that you’re selling, you need to target those people. Now, I specifically target women. Why? Because most of all my clicks and engagement comes from women shoppers. Men don’t really click
on a lot of the links so I’m not gonna waste my
time trying to target men for certain food products. Okay, so let’s go down here, California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, these are the four states that
I get the most business from. I’ve sold product to every single state in the US and 15 countries but I don’t wanna target
every single state. I wanna target those people
who are in those states who have engaged and bought product from my other websites the most. That’s gonna use your
money more efficiently and the most accurately. Okay. All right. Scroll down. Now, here include people who match. What does that mean? Well, you could create specific either demographics, interest, or behaviors. So people who are interested in chocolate, very good likelihood
they’re gonna be interested in chocolate covered pretzels. People who are interested in snacks. People who are interested
in chocolate pretzels. People who are going to have a wedding. People who are gonna have. So here’s how we do it. Right now, I have a size
of 20 million people. Guess what? That’s sounds amazing. 20 million people I
could potentially reach. Sorry but that’s not good. That’s way too many. The more precise you are
about who you’re targeting the more chances are
you’re gonna get engagement and then sell product. You don’t wanna try to
advertise to 100 million people. That doesn’t make sense. Because 100 million
people aren’t interested in chocolate pretzel rods. So how do we narrow that down? Watch. Okay. I could go to Foodie, Health
Awareness, or Parenting. Or watch this. Chocolate. Give it a second. And let’s take this up here. Sorry about that. Now let me pull it back up. There we go. Now, you have all chocolate
brownies, chocolate cakes, chocolate bar, hot chocolate,
et cetera, et cetera. So you wanna find people who are obviously interested in the product
that you’re selling and if you don’t find an exact
match within the interests you find people who are close to it. So chocolate, obviously
people who like chocolate probably like chocolate pretzels. Weddings. These are interests so
maybe weddings because why? Because we sell a lot of these products geared towards wedding
favors and dessert tables that are associated with weddings. Again, that’s something that we have because I’ve done this for so many years, I’ve accumulated that information but if you’re just starting you need to run a few ads
to get that information. Okay. So let’s type in pretzels. There it is right there, pretzels. So people who have a shared, an interest, or expressed an interest in pretzels, which that’s what I’m selling, they’re gonna be ones
who are gonna see the ad. They’re gonna target those people. Makes sense. Okay. Now it narrows it down
to about 12 million. A little bit better
but kind of still high. Now, I don’t wanna create
too many of these interest or too many of these suggestions because I don’t want the ad
to go in so many directions it’s not associated with what I’m selling. Foodies and food in general is
a very broad kind of category but I don’t want to
necessarily be reaching out to 40 million people. Because it doesn’t mean
they’re gonna sell. I’m mean they’re gonna buy. So let me go up here. I’m actually going to go ahead
and eliminate some of these. So let me take out California. Okay. So what’s gonna happen now, Damian? Well, you’re gonna have three states, three states that they’re gonna specific, there they are. Okay. And those three states
are gonna be the ones who will get the ads. And I’ve really focused, really honestly more on
New Jersey than anything. But we get a good amount of business from New York and Florida in regards to this product. So I’m gonna scroll down. So all of these three interest, food, chocolate, weddings, pretzels are going to be associated. So let’s save this. Right. And then now there it is. Right here’s all of the
information I put in. These are other types of audience but I’m not going to click on them. Because I’m not going to gear
my ad of chocolate pretzels to people who like Brazil nuts and snacks that we sell Brazil nuts
but I’m not really trying to find those people. They’re not gonna be
something of interest. So as you scroll down here that’s the gist of it. I’m not gonna go all the way to the bottom because my account number is on there. So I don’t wanna do that. But here we go, right there. Here’s how it works. So the duration, how long
do you want to do it for? Now, if you’re doing this
for the first and second, the first two times, five
to seven days is good. You can accumulate some
really good useful information in five to seven days. You don’t need to do it for 10
days, two weeks, or 30 days. Don’t do that. This one here, I’m actually
going to go to five days. How much do you want? What’s your budget? Okay, let’s do $25. Just to start with. How many people is that actually reaching? Well, look at this, 1200 to 3500 people a day. Now, another quick tip
that’s gonna save you money and make the use of this more efficient. If you have a product that’s $29, let’s just say 30, round it off, you have a $30 product, I always try to find a product
that if I sell just one, which I normally sell more than that but if I sell just one, I can recoup my ad spent on it. Okay. If I sell you a $30
product and I spend $30 on the actual ad then I want to at least
break even and do that. When I first started that’s my method. I know now that obviously
I’ll sell more than that but when I first started like for you guys if doing a five or $10, or 10 or $15, try to find a product
that maybes $25 or $30. Why? Because if someone buys one of those you’ve already recouped
your entire budget. So everything moving
forward is just profit, even more profit, okay. So that’s my thinking, that’s how I do it and it’s always worked fine for me. Now, obviously I know I’m
gonna sell more than one unit so $25 is perfect. This item in particular I think is 20. I forgot the price. 29.99, 24.99. So if I sell two of them,
you’re already good to go, which I’ll sell more of ’em of course. But six days, $25 total,
that’s not $25 a day, that’s $25 total, I’m gonna reach 3500 people. If I sell a thousand of these and I’m reaching 3500
people a day for six days and I sell a thousand of
these, I just made $29,000, 29 grand and I spent $25
to get those people, right. On a low end if I don’t do that and I get 500 of those people then let’s see that’s 1500, that’s about yeah, 15 grand, I guess that would be. So long story short,
maybe I did that wrong. (laughing) Anyways so yeah, I’m gonna
make several thousand dollars at least or more on an
investment of only $25. So that’s how it works, very simple, and then just hit boost. And I have to do some payment
stuff here really quick but that is how we basically
run an ad very simple, very, very simple. You wanna run a couple
before you do anything. Don’t be in a rush to do it. Make sure you do it, take
some time, do it right, accumulate your information and then tweak it and play with it so you can get it directed to the people who really make sense. So that is how you can promote
your Etsy shop on Facebook for just a fraction of what
you could spend anywhere else. Now, Etsy does have other ways, they have Google ads you can do. Since they went public and they had IPO they have a lot of great
features that open on Etsy. I don’t use them, they’re
not that effective in my opinion for what I do. I reach more people
specifically here on Facebook by doing these types of ads and it just makes more sense. So I hope that helps you out. If you had any questions let me know down in the comment section. And give me a big thumbs
up if this helps you out and is gonna make you some money. Please do. And if you do this, by the way, get back to me and let
me know how your ad went. I always love to hear you
guys feedback on my videos because it encourages me
obviously to continue doing this. But I want to know if
this really works for you. So that is it and I appreciate the time and I will see you guys on the next video.

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