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[STEP-BY-STEP] Facebook Ads Beginner to Expert in 1 Video | How to Create Facebook Ads in 2019

[STEP-BY-STEP] Facebook Ads Beginner to Expert in 1 Video | How to Create Facebook Ads in 2019

Hi Mariah and welcome to another daily video from stop by drop shipping lifestyle. My name is Ricky Hays Today’s video is going from being a beginner with Facebook ads to an expert in a single video Okay, it’s really not that hard. So let’s get straight into it So first what you need is a business manager, so if you’re just literally Google Facebook business manager It’ll guide you through you make a business manager. It takes five minutes we’re here spend some time going through all of these and then I have some tools that Will help you to make your ads to find products look at trends various things like that So the audience insights run into that in the previous video audience insights is extremely powerful Sorry, I deliver cold And audience insights will allow you to look at audiences based on the country in an idea as to what their interests Demographics and stuff is so if I put in because I love dogs or you probably seen that quite as a trend See here that we’ve got age and gender we can see that 69% of people on Out of men and women that are entered into dog So 69% of the audience related to dogs are women 31% men 54% of these are on Facebook. So what that means is the other 46% is on Instagram. Alright, that’s how big Instagram is It doesn’t really show you much data to do Instagram, which is kind of annoying I’m sure they’re going to integrate that more in the future You can see stuff like pate and obviously as well you can see they’re different ages And what’s the predominant age demographics of these? So obviously 25 34 are they married? Are they single etc? So you can still see at this age is what you’d expect You can even see their type of jobs as a general overview Ma’am you can see the type of interests. I’ll put in the dogs Petsmart. I love dogs These are all interests you can use for your targeting in your ads Okay, you can use this so I can actually now I could go pet smart And this will change it a bit we’re gonna sit down the bottom here It’s going to change see I love my dog. I can now save this as an audience So dogs, and I can come back to it So if I didn’t want to have a look at this in the future to get some ideas some inspiration I’ve got it right my fingertips. It’s how easy it is obviously location being us You can even narrow down to the various states so you can see Oklahoma is a big one I’m not sure. I don’t look at this all that much, but that is that’s there You can look at the frequency their page likes comments. This is over the last 30 days on average Again, this is all average important things that you can see from. This is the devices As you can see that the predominant devices so it’s always mobile computers there We can just see how big mobile is All right. Just how big mobile is that is a big key tip from being a beginner to An expert is understanding that most of your sales are going to come from mobile iPhone and Android and that is important to note because your website needs to be optimized around that this works not only just for dropshipping this works For any type of business doing any type of marketing on facebook, okay This is why I’m running through it, and I’m trying to keep it condensed but you can see this this basically just gives you an idea of Audience to generate ideas. You can use these in your interest targeting All right, you created half you won’t use the creative hub much You can actually just do a lot of testing here you can make projects especially if you have a team you can Basically, it’s just planning out a project before it actually goes live. Alright, so if you’re a large corporation and And you’re looking to make a marketing campaign you want to make up? an Actual project and have people involved and have your ad accounts So, you know your big idea starts here move mock-ups to a shared project if you want to collaborate with your team So this is private you Can choose your image text? You know you? It’ll give you ideas your view formats. You’re gonna see all the different view formats So this is purely if you’re wanting to try and get an idea first and you can see all the different Actual placements that Facebook have to your marketing campaign. Alright, and it’s important Especially to understand these different placements Okay that the main placements is undoubtedly going to be Facebook newsfeed in the instrument of newsfeed for you Then there’s going to be messenger than there’s Instagram stories Right column marketplace there’s lots and so you can do that all in here Just making some simple mock-ups Okay, this is more for if you’re really planning a large-scale project, you know, just gonna do well, okay It is very handy to know very good to look through gives you some ideas, you know You can see image text frequently asked questions things like that But for the most part that’s not one of the main tools that’s for but see how it’s got planning So now we’ve got our create and manage Which takes you back to your home page Alright, so you can go over to your business settings from here And this is actually where you actually see the whole back end of your actual settings. So, my name is Andrew Appel Um here you can add people you can add partners which are agencies they have to apply for that it’s a stupid program Facebook have Where these agencies barbwire it’s meant to be a more authority based thing, but if you are a partner That’s where you don’t have a partner ID You add them in there because adding in a person is different to adding in an agency Okay, because if they’re an agency, they can have multiple users on the backend and that they then have access through the partner portal alright, so Here, you know I I’ve made a dog page. Alright, so I’ve made a page and you can stipulate access to that page to Anyone, so anyone that’s in as a person or a partner you can stipulate their level of our says page advertising moderator Editor and admin and then you have your an account. So you have an account So you have your page which is just your page what your customers see and then you have your ad account You can have multiple ad accounts as you grow. You’ll probably want to have a couple more for backup because sometimes Facebook can can Actually disable them based off various policies their reviews in most cases It’s very rare but basically you can then you can stipulate this access again if they only just have access to an Analyst just a viewer an advertiser or an admin again So you can stipulate all that it’s as simple as that when you add the person it’ll prompt you. It’s got a simple Property that you can add properties you don’t Mostly use properties you’re gonna have catalogs. Ok, and again your catalogs if you’re doing e-commerce Is for your products from your store whether it’s WooCommerce shopify bigcommerce? whatever the other ones call it keep forgetting and Basically you’re pushing it across here because you can see I made a track by one because I previously I made a um a Video I ran out of track file, which is what I highly recommend watching definitely for experts and Basically it pushes your catalogs to products that he can do DP a DP a adds Dynamic product ads is what the note is. I don’t go through that shortly and then you have apps as well So if you’re an app developer Basically, like making an actual app for firing or something That’s where they’ll show up there Again, you’ve got the pages So you have your pages you can add pages you can request access to a page Adding a page is different to creating a new page so adding a page is basically already on it creating a new pages as it says creating a new page and Then you just basically make the page And you know you put put an image of it. So if we have a quick look So again, you know you can add a picture And then a background the page has been unpublished You know I haven’t published it Of course and then you you’re an admin and you can start to modify all of this. You can go into the About section I don’t know why you have to double click at some reason it just bugs You can change the button from send message to edit button to contact you shop now you’re in comments shop now learn more if you’re like a business around subscriptions or a Service orientated business you can modify all of these fields. Ok, so it’s important that you do do that because Basically, I’m for some reason and aerospace companies what I made it is that It tells the customers about your business. It gives a bit more authority legitimizes your business That’s all there is pretty much to that it’s pretty straightforward You’ve got as well your actual settings see in the backend here You got a lot of options that you can go through connecting your Instagram Across posting authorizations apps that you can connect to your page edit your page moderation, you know visibility profanity, you know if you’re doing e-commerce you you want to turn especially drop shipping and profanity being Doesn’t mean that has to be swear words, but words like China Aliexpress Alibaba crap long shipping time shipping, etc Etc That’s where you can then what do that and it actually hides them So that customers don’t see it and it does it automatically so what it means is that you know you might be asleep be a customer service agent may be asleep or whatever and I in that 2-3 hours you could have missed out on a sale or to simply just because someone’s seen that a Negative review so you can try and hide the ones that are frequently negative reviews. That’s a really handy way to do it Ok, you can turn reviews on turn reviews off. Obviously if you’re a business and you’re doing well You want that turned on alright? All these settings you can go through There’s a lot to it. I would highly suggest going through the help articles the Facebook have if you’re really wanting to do that alright and It is valuable to know for the most part You won’t use a huge amount of if I’m honest, but you can also see things like insights of your page But insights is your own individual Audience insights, you know people commenting liking age all of that It’s it’s really quite in-depth obviously, you know, you need a page with at least probably ten thousand people for this to be Tangible data because you know by that time you’ll probably be posting daily multiple times day, whatever and Then you can sort of see you, you know, it gives you an idea of what what type of posts work. What don’t if You know some of the biggest pages like tasty Annette with millions of people on them. Um, You’ll see a very common similarity between the videos and they’re all how to make a cooking meal Whatever it is and I must admit they’re nice yeah, especially the Mexican ones anyway, and They’ve obviously seen from their data shows them what posts actually do best And so they’ve obviously keep making those and it engages their audience and keeps crying. It’s a very important to note again I’m starting out and you won’t be using this much but later on in the game as you start to build a brand or whatever Type of page this data is very valuable, right? And again, this is all just teaching people from beginner to expert at accounts again, you can add multiple add accounts you need to have spent a good amount of money before ah, Before you can add multiple add accounts, I believe it’s five hundred dollars Facebook They just limit that that’s just how the habits it apps you can add apps So again find that stuff like that Instagram account. It has to be a business Instagram account. Okay, so if you have an Instagram If you have a Facebook page and you know via Instagram account make it a business account. You have to do it on mobile Facebook have sorry Instagram have helped articles for that It’s in your settings convert to a business account If you’re an e-commerce store Then you can push your catalogue to there you can tag products that people can actually shop on Instagram you build a following and you start driving organic sales again projects is pretty much the same If you would see it in a creative hub data sources again catalogs. So is the actual cat parks? ma’am, and Whatever that may be if I have a look here, this is the one that I made that has my beautiful self and on my catalog no, and basically Under the products, I should say. Yes. Look at that dazzling fella you can obviously I added this manually all you need to do on shop fire add the Facebook sales channel connect your Facebook page and It’ll connect to your business manager. Push the whole catalog. That’s it. There isn’t a huge amount to it you can create ads so see how catalog sales it’s Known as a catalog sale, but it’s also DPA dynamic product ad catalog. So same thing. I’ve gotten any purchases This is just a bogus set up You got your products. It’s you can actually make practice sets Basically, if you have thousand products and that you want to make a DPA add that retarget Spiegel based on three of those products you can make you can just basically Filter and say I only want these three products in this ad if you want to do that. It’s really easy to do You got your product data sources again That’s like your RSS type feed where it’s pushing it from If you have your Shopify one there, you’ll see your Shopify one Your event data sources is basically just telling you of errors and I have a few And then you have your settings Frequency like what it connects to? Stuff like that. You might need to look at that all that much once you set it up. It’s pretty good to go. I mean our Syllabi anyway, we’ll just keep working on here The ads manager is where you spend most your time, okay, so this is where I want to give you all some good feedback I’ve made some videos already around this, but I’m going to throw it into one I sort of like an all-in-one guide and that I just wanted to do But I’m trying to keep it short and sweet here you get an overview of all your data amount spent reach impressions So I reaching impressions are different so reach always be higher than impress Basically what that means is is that you might reach 100,000 people and your impressions is only 60,000 All right what that means is that our Facebook defines reaches hitting all these people but impressions of people that actually Took a bit more action in regards what you can see a country location account name It’s pretty cool, huh? And you can go creative reporting so you can even make reports And spit them out and then send them to someone so if you’re an agency You’ll probably want to make a report and That report you can then send to your clients campaigns And so again, that’s very important man If agencies, you know, you can you can make custom columns and then save it send a link export the title Table data, etc. And a lot of the fuckin agencies out there rip off pieces of shit anyway So here you can go create now There’s two ways I go the QuickStart because I’m an expert as a starting out beginner You want to go the guided creation or app? so I’m going to give you all a run-through of all these different objectives why they’re important and What why so you can understand what one is for you? brand awareness if you’re a brand and you’re wanting to make awareness of your brand, basically You just follow this increases awareness of your brand by reaching people who are more likely to be interested in it So if you’re doing if you’re a gym trying to make yourself into a gym brand You would just put that out there and you just like to learn more call to action button CTA is what also stands for Reach is you just want to hit as many people as possible show you add to the maximum number of people So if you want to just really brand awareness and reach are very similar But reach is basically just going to fit every cent you spend try and get as many people as possible Alright, and that’s more again for if you’re trying to really build a brand put your name out there You’re willing to spend some cash just to say this is who I am You’re not really trying to get sales or or cash flow through the door or sign up for leads at any point. Yep You’re purely just trying to put your name out there so that then down the line. You can lock them in. Alright Traffic is basically if you’re running to a website, so if you’re running a blog at the e-commerce And your formal website you just want trap it so traffic would work best for a blog and because you want to try and promote something that’s interesting to someone an audience your audience and You want as much traffic as possible because on blogs you’re running affiliate links. They click your affiliate link They buy some product they signup for some service that they provide their email they whatever but your objective for blogs would be traffic for the most part traffic campaigns work really well for that engagement is For well, it’s used for e-commerce. I don’t agree with it and It can be used for brands again you can see how these all overlap in a lot of regards, but you want to try and Understand the core differences between a get more post engagements likes event posts and more. So Engagement would be really well again for it’s more geared towards events. It’s more geared towards You know seminars and stuff like that We’re trying to get people interested in It and they’re going to comment and share with their friends and tag their friends and stuff like that So that’s what you’re really trying to get out there because then they’re gonna see it They’re gonna click your ad and they’re gonna go and try and sign up for that seminar for their event. Whatever that may be That’s what you really want So if you’re running to things like that That’s that’s mainly what you want or if you’re trying to sell a service and you’re trying to put your name out there That’ll work well app installs as the name says that’s an easy one. Just basically just trying to get more installs of your app So if you have a like I get marketed all the time game apps That’ll work well for you, that’s all you need to do and it just guide you through it video views is if you have a video and you want as much views as possible same as reach and Basically that its objective is just to get as much use as possible. Now when it comes to video views is different percentiles So there’s 3 seconds 10 seconds 25% 50% 75% and 95% Facebook to find 95% as a hundred percent basically, um And it’s going to optimize your ad to hit people that it has data right that are going to watch your video now again The rate and watch mut as much of the video as possible The reason is that you want to do that again if you’re running like a YouTube channel, you want people to watch it get interested and sign up for your service or if your Does work for e-commerce not as well? If you’re trying to again run a blog and you want video views of your long video and they’re gonna get interested in sign up That works well there so you’re just wanting it for video views lead generation is as the name says Which I’m sure many of you heard But again, we’ll run through it drive more sales leads such as email addresses from people that are interested in your brand business So if you’re an agency, let’s say or for example And your job is to try and help generate leads for a dentist Then you would use that because what you’re trying to do is you’re not trying to directly Sell them what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to push them down basically to a farm And you’re trying to you’ll show them the ad they’ll click the ad They’ll see the services see what provide and see what they get. You know, I do they get a free checkup You know do they so like with the dense free checkup and then that checkup turns into you’ve got a small cavity There you go hundred eighty dollars for a three dollar lead or something, right? That’s that and the whole objective with lead generation is really to get their contact information for them the business to contact customer lock that customer in and Inadvertent basically turn that into a paying customer Messages is for instant messaging on messenger. So if you have an audience, you can actually target those people Let’s say entrepreneurs you can use the interest entrepreneur and you can send people a private message that Facebook will send and it’ll charge you based off each message sent and read and For most of you probably watching this you’re probably doing e-commerce. So these this is the Basically where you want to be so conversion so website conversions. So basically you A website and you’re wanting to sell something you’re directly trying to sell something And so you want to go conversions you want to convert the the traffic into buying customers? So that’s what conversions works for you again, if we drive valuable actions on your website in your app or in messenger So basically, you know, you’re sending them to your website you’re saying hey, um Add to Cart initiate checkout purchase and and Facebook will help find people that are likely to do that in the catalog sales as we’ve been through your catalog catalog DPA is your you have your catalog connected and You make ads they’re store visits So this is for if you have a physical brick-and-mortar store So if you have a physical store you want people to come into your store. This is the type of campaign in your brand Alright, so that pretty much explains all those different campaigns. All right It gives you an idea of all what they all do. It’s very valuable to know So again, if you’re building a brand and let’s say it’s a brand around a blog. You’ll probably want to run traffic if you are wanting to At me if you are wanting to do again with a blog and And you’re wanting to try and make a video. You probably want to use video news so as many people as possible because they’re all in the back end so that much the same but Basically the objective you choose here the tells Facebook what type of people you want to hear? Okay So brand awareness people are people that just like to know about brands that the Facebook algorithm Has determined based on their their various actions because it’s all recorded traffic of people that like to just look at websites, basically Engagement are people that like to just comment on everything. They’re there constant comments. It’s people that love app installs they just love to install apps and stuff around in apps like a free app and then as in-game purchases BAM people that love to Lead generation people they’re Likely to be people that are interested in a dentist that Are willing to give out their information more likely? messages people that are likely to open messenger and I take valuable action in Convergence people that are likely to purchase, you know Because that’s what a conversions for so I’m going to go in conversions And the reason is that I’m choosing that is basically because that’s where most of you that are all watching my videos Will be interested in so this will run through how this works. I don’t so for starters I’m gonna do create split test on I do budget optimization. I’m your campaign name can be anything So I like to name it the type of objective WC website conversion and then let’s put dots so I like to use the example cost so we know at face value what type of campaign it is and Yes And We know what the the Campaign actual practice. So now you sort of know now firstly you don’t need to create multiple new ad sets All right, and you can show Advanced Options so you can actually use templates existing info If you really want I don’t do it. I prefer I’m a bit manual that right. So here is where you choose your Purchase pixel is what I call it. So these are all pixels and These are all defined based on Derek various things So anta basket track when items are added to a shopping basket AG clicking landing page one Add to Cart button and two basketballs right and see how it’s got sources you pixel That’s the pixel that you’ve met and then go through that momentarily. I Go purchase because what I want is I want a website conversion which means that I’m converting those people into a purchase and these purchase purchase events are basically for Telling so now we’ve told Facebook that we want to conversion So we want traffic that was going to convert and we want those people that are going to convert into purchases Ok when you’re optimizing for Add to Cart, you’re still going to get purchases when you’re optimizing for your content You’re still going to get purchases? But when you go straight for purchase, you’re specifically telling Facebook algorithm exactly what you want and That will define you that a very big difference right but you can see these are all just different Pixels for different objectives and you’ve got heaps, you know If you’re doing lead gen, you do lead if you want registration lead gen then you do complete registration Very different objectives give you very different results. Alright, so in your ad set name you want to use a template so Basically, see how it’s put Australia 18 plus it will do that by default So again, I like to put dog color the name of the product then I do slash is like another section They’re not put purchase to the type of pixel. You can see how I work down Basically, then I choose my countries so Australia in this case Then I each so 18 to 65 plus Oops then We got gender and languages so gender male men and women and Then languages so we just put English English all because there’s an option in which all okay, so English all meaning UK and us basically Then you have your target always untick expand interests. It’s not useful at all So then you’re putting the interest so again for dogs dog color, I’m gonna put in dogs and I’m just gonna keep it simple and then you put it online shopping Now you can see how these all relate to your audience insights All right. So these relate to your what you’ve done in your audience inside some reason my things bugged out I’m you can see my cursor is bugging out But these are interests. So what we’re doing is when they are telling Facebook What we’ve said we want people that are going to purchase some reason that hasn’t applied We want people that are going to purchase these are the people these are the locations these are the ages these are their type of interests so you can see how now if I’ll put dogs plus online shopping The reason that this is so valuable Is because when you make heaps of add sets you can see it glance what this add set is so it’s important to be consistent okay, because it’s money left on the And then you go automatic placement by default will be set and you want to change to edit placements So I want to show you this because these are all the placements where your ad can show now guaranteed one default What’s going to happen is it’s going to either it’s going to target Facebook newsfeed and Instagram newsfeed, then it’ll start targeting you All right column, which is only for desktop, and then it’s going to target messenger and then it’s going to start targeting suggest Stories and that there too. So stories is actually quite a new placement on Facebook as well And but basically these are all the placements so based on what? Data you get you can optimize for it So if you’re doing all of these in u5 some reason the Instagram stories is doing really well Then you make another ad just purely stories because in theory that means you’re gonna get more money for your buck Alright, so that that’s pretty much all there is to it. It’s just ticking I’m ticking Because you’re just telling face well, this is what we’re doing right now is we’re telling Facebook who where what why Right, and then you’ve got your mobile devices so you can actually narrow down you can narrow down. Let’s that Android – you can even choose the type of one like newer versions older versions Yeah, that may this would probably be more beneficial if you got an app All right, if you’re using an app in store you might be not supporting version 5 and below so For you, you might want to change that and same with iPhone. All right, you can choose only when connected to Wi-Fi That means is if the phone is connected to Wi-Fi It’ll only show this ad if they are In theory that what that is meant to do is it’s meant to make it so that your website loads faster However, I have found that it’s just not true with the fact that most internet Sorry 3 4 5 G connections now are just so fast Anyway, it really makes no difference and watch my other videos on how to circumnavigate that If you’re running an e-commerce store I’d suggest watching them. Anyway, they’re very valuable videos on park research And engaging with your audience. Anyway, very valuable or completely free So you can add block lists you can add exclude categories You can say you can exclude gambling diving tragedy and conflict mature-age content. You can add block lists So you can but you’ll never really use those really at all and if I go show Advanced Options So this is going to by default always set your daily budget to $20. You set it to whatever you want that Is a lot of money spent on a daily basis. I am sure Facebook would be sort of what the hell but basically let’s say $10 and You run it continuously. So basically you can start a sit you can either Schedule it to be for specific time frame if you’re let’s say running an event and you only want to run an ad Maximum of three days then you can set it so that after three days I’ll turn off And that’s it. That’s that’s it. Or you can schedule it to run indefinitely until you turn it off That’s the better option to run Okay Because you launch them at midnight because Facebook runs on a 24 hour time frame And same with Instagram that it’ll optimize it from midnight over a 24 hour time frame, okay So if you start optimizing it from 1:00 in the afternoon It’s going to spend your entire budget in that 11 there and live in our time frame Whereas your audience might be 8 o’clock in the morning Might do better and what will happen is the more data you get it will just optimize and it’ll just blast Your audience at the time so they actually finds best. But if you want that manual control you can also have that are so optimization for and delivery you have conversions will deliver your ads to the right people to help you get the most data you can even See this is where it gets confusing and this is the difference between the beginner and expert All right, so experts will always go conversion just stick with in conversion. It’s simple and it’s quick and that’s why any Landing page views will deliver your ad to people who are more likely to click your head again. They’re people that are likely to Actually make a sales Link clicks people that are going to click your ad Impressions you’re going to see as many people as possible Daily unique reach as make as many impressions and then reach is just a hit as blast as many people as possible But again, see how Facebook have recommended. Alright, so basically what that means is that just follow Facebook’s recommendations All right in that case just use most of their recommendations Now you got your conversion window select the amount of time It typically takes for someone to complete a valuable action after clicking or viewing your ad We use data generated using this time frame to optimize ad delivery. So In most cases you don’t you want to use these two They’re not really useful you want to use after clicking my ad so if you’re running a product under $50? So you want a one day after clicking? So basically in Cirebon if it’s a product, that’s over $50 the general consensus is that you do seven days because they have and half because $50 in above is Technically in the e-commerce world defined as a high per ticket product. Alright, so keep that in mind if However, both will work. Alright both will work It’s up to Interpretation of what you believe is better I just go one day click simply just because I like to keep a consistent approach. I have previous videos on this I Suggest going to watch them. Okay. I’m just giving everyone an overview of how this all works Again, you have you can schedule so see how you can actually schedule it. It only works on a lifetime budget being this option and You can set a start and end date and then schedule it the delivery type. You can write a standard or accelerated Always want to leave it as standard. It could hurt you really big-time in terms of wasting your money continue So here is now this is pretty much the same for nearly any of them You can choose carousel. So if you have multiple images see I got a little preview there multiple images and People are going to see it as a carousel that they can pretty much swipe through and see various different images relating to that product Service, whatever that may be single images if you’re just wanting to show a single image of your service of your product of a Testimonial with a bit of ad copy a single video as the name says just a video is very similar in a single image Except instead of an image. It’s a video with the same copy slideshow is multiple images that you can make for free and make it into a video slideshow with a bit of video and a collection so you can actually use a Collection like your actual collection pushed from your store if you wanted as well But let’s just go carousel So here you got manually choose images or fill the template dynamically So if you have again, see how you got a catalog and you can automatically just push the products so if we push this price somebody’s and something to do with my Haven’t set up properly but doesn’t matter. Basically if you go manual you can enter the text we can say blah blah blah And what will then do its Baghdad I think You’ll just see a preview here of the different options Right you have these were all your placements so you can actually view your placements to make sure it looks nice to make sure it looks nice and Because that’s what you want to try and do alright again, there isn’t a huge amount to it automatically show the best card first and for dpi you would definitely want to do that because It means you get the best conversion and it can’t be in to be business So you want to promote your business and then you can select images you can go video slideshow So if you have the images mekka slideshow video you add your headline. So this is underneath it. The product will have Awesome. Don’t pull up and in the description 50% off plus Free shipping and your destination URL so you can have you could do this is what carousel is very effective you can actually make Destination URL being that you could have collection carousel. So one could be Dog collars and other one could be dog coats and another one could be dog tweets and you send them all to those collection pages and they just browse by and That’s a very effective strategy See more URL is your home page, basically? So you just put that in because that’ll be relates to your profile picture when they click that or take them to your home page You don’t want to use you see want display link. You don’t need that and you call to action But so you have different called action buttons for different objectives the e-commerce, it’s always shop now for if you running legit and sign up YouTube subscribe watch more again That would probably YouTube see menu If you’re obviously running a restaurant request time, basically if you’re trying to get appointments from people, you know You’re adopted and you want more appointments? Send message, you know, you can send them a message to instant messenger apply Now if you’re like a university or college or something where people apply to actually for a job or something book now I’m you know again if you wanted to book in a dentist Contact us if you just want to contact them to inquire about a piece of furniture Download if you’re wanting to download like some cheat sheet like I have been below actually speaking though. There’s a cheat sheet down below So make sure to download it’s very helpful for you get offer is again They’re providing providing you some offer that’s going to be a benefit to you So you’re saying I want that offer get showtimes. Obviously if you’re running event.listen now like a podcast playing game if you want that so you can see how Basically these call to action ones very important because I’m in the right call to action button Helps drive that traffic as well so if you’re trying to sell something you want them to shop shop now if you’re wanting to install an app install an app Play play game. So if you want to play a game Then that’s what you would choose. Okay, that’s pretty much it and all the campaigns are much the same in the backend So this will be pretty much the same for any of them It’s just your optimizer for different objectives. That’s why I wanted to spend some time telling you about the objectives. All right? Now I don’t leave this page. Thank you so now you know Ads manager We’re going to try and get through as much of this as possible page post so you can actually again you have a page you can schedule page posts you can Preview them you can publish them. You can unpublish them you can wanna rate Hosts now this is buggy as well a fan I don’t know why but here you can see got scheduled published add posts to add post being is your ads Your scheduled posts is posts to a page than just scheduled. That’s for organic And so you can choose link carousel or photo video status. You can choose all of these and you can schedule them And much the same. It’s very consistent experience This is mainly for if you are running a page and you’re wanting to provide consistent posts, then you want to do that All right So that’s what page posts are for and then you’ll see your ad posts basically is if you make an ad it’ll make an ad post and you can actually see see and moderate the comments and stuff like That there your app dashboard is again If you haven’t aptly become a Facebook developer build get social apps and more again. You have to register for that Alright, but basically that’s all that is. So that’s more for app developers witness loads. Ah, Ads helper again if you’re making an app, basically, these are the third-party apps that integrate with Facebook like an espresso stuff like that that actually help optimize your campaigns or Do various things that actually help enhance your ads? Automated rules is something I use a lot love automated rules automate rules. You can do four different objectives for different things You can see I’ve made one so row S stands for return on ad spend twenty percent service twenty percent and 2.0 means 2.0 right. So it means that I’ve spent a dollar make yours back which means that I get that 2.0 robots Here you can make rules on everything It’s just completely up to your Facebook have really opened this up and we can send you know all the active ad sets or all Active campaigns you can turn off if there is is bad you can you know very–it heaps of different options claw split website You’ll have to sit through that iraq, but that’s pretty much what about rules is to try and help again drive a consistent approach to hook to your Various objectives if you’re trying to run apps and you’re getting 10 installs a day you want you might want to increase the budget if you’re hitting 10 installs and you’re happy with that increase the budget by 20% because it’s hitting the objective count you’re after so here you got your reports so you can see in-depth reports of impression device DMA Being region city made something You don’t use much region, you’ll use country business locations gender age. All your demographics videos sound type Destination you call to action people to click it description people that read that headline Image, you know, you can that’s from your dynamic creative set being your your DPA or your catalog So you can see this report here. Alright, these are very detailed reports You can save save as you can export again, if you’re like an agency or something or even want to look at it yourself It’ll export it as a CSV Test and learn again is basically the same as planning in a project that you’re basically just testing run test learn what works for new business So what question do you want to ask which campaign causes the lowest cost conversions to occur set up test? How many conversions or all my facebook ad to causing what you’ll get will tell you how? Much your Facebook can add account increases the rate which people convert that blah blah But you’ll need a Facebook ad account as pretty much just like a step step guide and yeah it’s teaching you how to run ad so But you don’t really need it What my God’s doing is teaching you that anyway analytics again is just more looking at your pixel analytics So you can sorry page analytics and then your pixel analytics so you can look in depth into your actual pixel analytics So, you know, you’ll see like this bar and jump up and down. It has just absolutely yes. Yes. Yes cool You can see you can make reports you can make a funnel you can Retention cohorts breakdown journey percent up sent arts events I mean debugging there’s so much you could spend literally your entire day in here look at reports, you know You’ve got an overview of you if everything to sort of age gender location Device those are the main things you’ll be after because you can look at all of that data, but it If you really want, but I just wanted to run through it your events Your Events Manager is Basically, just the cat just a headline as you can sort of see for you pixel So here you can make a pixel if you’re running ecommerce You know you can track website Activities if you’re running offline events measure how your facebook ads are driving real world outcomes such as shop purchases booking Upload offline data to track or all add conversions. So if you’re running For CRM point-of-sale internal systems. This is very effective app installs and I had so for the iOS and Android That’s pretty much it you got customer conversions Custom conversions is you can learn in from customers version see the details of how custom conversions interact with your business such as the priced are Optimized use custom conversions or show ads to people who are most likely to take the actions you can you can use this feature once you’ve recorded at least 50 conversions, so Basically, you make a custom conversion if you like running e-commerce on a product That still extremely well, and then you can change it from purchase pixel as I’ve shown you previously to purchase pixel of this So I could I don’t have a dinosaur so I have to add a data source Let’s say and this is hey, this is one of the important things to do. So you name your pixel? It can be named anything you go create It’s going to give you a guided tour. Alright, and On how to set it up. It’s going to set up your pixel a unique pixel for you and it’s going to Ask you to set up integration manually do it yourself if you’re running shot fire It’s got guides, you know, all of these it has guides for very handy You just go shocked fire and you follow there guy very easy to do You copy it in it’ll verify and you know, it’s connected so you can get as much tracking as possible Then you can use that tracking data to they make custom conversion and partner integration Just again, like again just these apps that you can actually connect to your pixel Basically that’s all there is to that and that explains all of these again audiences is where you’ll spend a lot of your time You’ll spend a huge amount of time and here you can create a custom audience So if you’re running with your pixel, whatever objective whether it’s légion, whatever you can it’s basically a filter so if you have a hundred thousand people and you want to save these hundred thousand people I want the 10 thousand people that They’re added to cart for this product then you could say I want to create a custom conversion, sorry custom audience of people that website traffic and at once shockers and then have it but basically Of people that add it to basket there will be an option once you get data at the basket over the last helped many days choose 180 days and then you Would choose so then you say add to basket they said it was a basket hundred eighty days and you put the URL in and the URL being the end of part they unique part of it because it Will then filter through that and say all right. These are the 10,000 people that added to basket of that product Here you go. You now have a custom audience you can use those custom audiences for retargeting Which is basically the same as before Except you putting the custom audience to say you’re specifying the Facebook. Well, I already have this traffic I’m gonna attack they write on a tag that new people on that target them and Then it’ll target those people because it has in a filter hmm Look-alikes is They you make a custom audience. And then from that customer you make it look like so you can tell Facebook Well, I have 10,000 people that I met at the basket I want to find millions and more people in the United States They say or Australia that are similar to the people and another fine people like that Say accordion says if you like what I did before Dogs plus online shopping. You can save that dog Plus online shopping at 18 to 24. It’s just a it’s like a shortcut Really? That’s just so that you can make another ad and you could paste it in there and you might do it because you might Be testing different areas. You might be testing a new conversion window. All right, so that pretty much explains that That to you it’s pretty straightforward watch my other videos for more in depth This is an all-in-one. That’ll teach you from going from beginner to advanced So you’re learning all the fundamentals? Images is basically any images you’ve uploaded for any of your ads so You can upload them there or you can upload them in the actual add business manager creation tool But you’ll see any of them listed here. Alright, and so, you know, you can delete them modify them, etc Catalog again as you’ve seen it’ll show my two catalogs that I have the one I manually made the one that was pushed from a previous app that has That pushes all your parks from your website into the catalog. You can see errors at parks, etc Business locations. So again, if you’re running and various business locations, that’s yes, okay Somebody’s just not shown for me. And again you see how we’ve touched on before that block list You can make a custom block list. So choose places You don’t want the ads to appear we show ads in different places But always to your target audience what this can help you control where your ads a scene so block lists You know, you could make a block list on country You have to upload it You know website domains App Store Web site block URL special page or else you can put all of that there if you really want If you really wanted to know that do same as with images, there’s videos. So any videos you’ve uploaded you can upload them here And you can control them all here. See how you’ve got your audiences You’ve got the images and you got your videos so basically is Basically you can add a video here and upload and then you rather than having to upload it when you credit me a did you Just choose the video Basically just a shortcut. That’s all that is here. You’ve got your settings This is where you have your settings of your business manager again. It’ll take us back to like our ad account So it’ll show your current seeing your business name your country I am if you’re an agency ABN, it’s just Australian business number of if you’re from Australia, but other places will be different That’s Basically it there there’s not much to it. It’s pretty straightforward. You got your pages again. It’s going to show your pages I have one access to page Exact that it’s just there. Otherwise, we’ll show them here your payment options you can add PayPal or your card? Obviously you’re paying for the ads and will automatically deduct it You can change your spending limit if you want it to start charging on $100 every hundred dollars You’ve spent your notifications and that’s it. So that pretty much gives you a guided run-through of how our Facebook Ads manager the backend works The various campaign types the various settings This will give you the tools that teach you how to run this The other things I just wanted to touch on is some other tools that you’ll use outside of Facebook To help you run your business better Canva camera is a tool that a lot of people use I use it to make my thumbnails stuff like that It’s free. You can pay for it. You can make a team. It’s extremely good. It’s like Photoshop basically but web-based There’s a bit cut down, but it’s really really simple really easy Highly recommend it for making ads for cropping Making thumbnails and new images, etc very handy gives you a lot of it’s very simple to use very handy and Espresso is a Facebook and Instagram marketing partner there One of the big ones out there. Basically it helped it’s a third-party tool that helps you to optimize your campaigns You can even connect it to Google AdWords MailChimp etc. And it’ll help you create manage analyze collaborate and learn. So basically it’s all around Improving what you do but better and you can see obviously they’re there they’ve got some pretty big customers and You know, then they know this stuff A very handy tool this is more. I would only suggest using it for if your are really using a brand however, it does have Memory unless they’ve changed it, you know, it works they may have changed it, but you used to be how to See people’s ads and stuff here Which was really handy just to give ideas of how other ads work, but it’s a third-party tool That’s very handy, especially as you start grow your business it’ll integrate with your Facebook and Instagram as well as Google So you have your three biggest channels to sort of see it basically just presents the data and helps optimize it in an easier fashion on Facebook does if be down net is for if your drop shipping And you want a video and you want someone else’s video? You just copy the link of the video placed in there and you can download the video. Google Trends is basically If you’re wanting to find a trending product there, you might want to start marketing so you can see of course It’s Kim Kardashian there Look at that Anyway, um World Cup is very big Football etc. So you can see it’s gonna tell you that so if I put in dog collar That it’s going to give me some insights from Google’s perspective and again Although Google and Facebook are different. You can get a lot of similarities Alright, so we can see interest over time is always pretty much the same drops and Peaks a little bit But pretty much look the same throughout the entirety over here. You can see what areas really like at, New York I mean a lot of people in New York. It’s a very large, isn’t it it is I Love dogs, you can see that it’s going to default to America you can change it to Worldwide you can add in countries you can change the time the category being there various categories if you definitively know And web search image turnips new search So you get all that data and you can see basically what this is for is if you have a product and you’re wanting to see is it on an upward downward trend because if Google Trends is telling you that it’s on this severe downward trend. That’s highly likely on Facebook that it’s doing the same Another one is watch count. So this connects to Ebay by default connects to your country. So for me, it’ll be Australia just change to us. You always want to use us And you’re just again putting dot-com so this will help you get an idea of product dog collars and doing really well that a probably dropship you can see here that I’m not sure if that’s dropship, but that’s obviously done really. Well. We’ve got thousands of watches B’s people are highly interested This is by looks of it a dropship product. I believe I’ve seen this myself and You can see that it’s got thousands of watches and it just gives you an idea from a very large marketplace how that’s going there’s also a tool for Amazon called new corn Smasher That you can put keywords in there and it all do is very much the same so unicorn smash up Google Chrome extension thief Co is I Can’t bother Sonia basically thief code will help you find drop shipping items So just sign in and you put in your category and you can find new items new ideas And the last one I don’t know why that’s not loading Camtasia Camtasia is for videos can bat in speed images. Camtasia is a very simple very effective tool to use to help Basically make videos. It’s like what I’m using to make this video alright, so now you pretty much have you understand the Facebook ads as well as All the various tools you need to get started So now you should be going from someone that doesn’t That wasn’t sure to someone that has quite a lot of confidence in that field. Um That’s pretty much it from today’s video on that again. Try to keep it short and sweet and Watch my other videos. Okay guys just watch those other videos. There’s so much content there I’m optimizing my youtube channel too to help with that making more videos just around on Facebook I wanted to make a long one. That was just an all-in-one that people can watch around Facebook that I think you all like Basically to give you the necessary tools to get started today rather than tomorrow If you did like today’s video Please drop a like and drop a comment down below hit the subscribe button and the notification bar Because I drop daily value every day. Don’t forget to join my group on Facebook shot by drop shipping lifestyle It’s a closed group. I help people and there I am still slowly developing my my new Exclusive group will have a hundred seats only It’ll be lifetime access and I’ll be promoting that soon just being Occupied with other things at the moment and just take my time the group’s growing rapidly Great community. Love it very much The link down below for a free cheat sheet on shop for a QuickStart guide as well as it has Facebook tips in there Don’t forget to sign up for that. It’s completely free And then I can I’ll send you updates on videos and stuff like that as well and Again down below if you are interested in coaching. There’s a link down below just booked in when you get a chance Um, and we’ll arrange something at that point in time pretty easy. Okay, but again, thank you very much for your time today I hope this has helped you in understanding the backend of Facebook. I’ll be providing more of these Daily to help you all achieve your goals. Okay, so, thank you very much for your time and goodbye

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