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Step 4 of Google Ads Optimization – Add Negative Keywords | PPC Training

Step 4 of Google Ads Optimization – Add Negative Keywords | PPC Training

Hi. Welcome to #4 in our 21 Steps to Google Ads
Optimization series. Today we’re talking about negative keywords. Now, don’t tune away yet. Stay tuned till the end and I’ll show you
how to get a list that we’ve already put together that you can use in your own business. Hi. I’m Mike Mancini, with PPCvideotraining.com. Thanks so much for joining us on our 21 Steps
to Google Ads Optimization. Now, for those of you that have been following
me, you have seen my negative keywords series or videos. I have done a lot of them. The reason is, I can’t stress it enough. Negative keywords can break your count. It can break it in half. When people come to us and work with us, they
say, “Well, you know what, we tried Google Ads, or Google AdWords before and it just
doesn’t work.” The first thing that we do is we go and look
in their search terms and realize, well it doesn’t work because you don’t have any negative
keywords added. You have just wasted all your money. Now, of course we don’t say it like that. You get our point. We have a whole negative keyword series that
we’ve done, where they are, how to find them, so on and so forth. You can go check that out. I’m going to put a link down below in the
description, so you can go right to the first video and check those out if you want on your
own. In this one, what I’m going to do today is
give you just a very quick version of what those negative keywords are, how to find them,
how to add them, and just what they can do to your campaign, just how much they can cost
you. All right. Let’s get started. All right. I want you to go into your campaign and I
want you to click on the campaign that you’re working in and then go and click on keywords. Once you have clicked on keywords, I want
you to click on search terms. What these are, these search terms are actual
terms that people typed in when they went to Google and your ads happened to show up
when they typed in these terms. Now, if you have never done this, you may
be shocked. I want to give you just a heads up. Don’t think of it, about as how much money
you’ve wasted. Think about how much money you’re saving,
moving forward. This is a campaign. We actually rebuilt this one, but I’m going
to show you how to do it in this campaign. It’s a very good example. This is a spa or hot tub removal repair business
in Las Vegas Nevada. If you have never added these, or it’s been
a long time, I want you to go up here and I want you to change this date here and change
it to all time. Now, when you’re in here, you can sort by
impressions, you can sort by clicks, whatever you want to do. I want you to go in and I want you to look
at, the search terms. Take close look at those. Now, the reason why we’re taking a look at
this campaign is, there have been a lot of negative keywords added. There was one in particular that had been
missed for quite some time. That is called a lazy spa. Now, for those of you who don’t know, and
I didn’t know at the time either, a lazy spa is basically an inflatable hot tub. You blow it up. It’s like a big pool for kids that you throw
in the backyard. It’s for a hot tub. You blow it up, fill it with water and it
becomes a portable or inflatable hot tub. This company does not deal with those or have
anything to do with them. What has happened is, somebody has typed in
lazy spa Vegas and their ads have come up. They’ve been clicked 61 times, costing them
$94.18. Lazy with a space in between, spa Vegas, Lazy
Spa Vegas, Lazy Spa Vegas, under a different ad group it showed Lazy Spa Vegas cheapest. So, on and so forth. All of these that are checked, and I went
through and did this, to save time, our key words that we don’t want in the campaign. Now, why? We don’t sell them. We have nothing to do with them. They don’t want these clicks costing them
money. Another big one is, your competitors. If you’ve been running a campaign any time
at all and you have not gone through your competitor list and added them to your campaign,
I’m sure you’ve probably gotten calls saying, “Hey. Is this ABC company,” and you’re like, “No? This is XYZ.” “Oh, sorry. I got the wrong number.” That is happening more and more. We used to have clients that say, “No. We want our ads to come up when somebody searches
for a competitor.” If somebody searched for ABC company, XYZ’s
company ad will show up at the same time and try and entice that person to call. The problem is … That worked for a while. Now, over time what had happened was, they
started … People would call, and these guys were amazing sales people. They’d say, “Hi. Can we help you?” They’re like, “Oh. We were looking for a different company.” “Well, you know what? What are you looking for? We can help you out. We also have a price match guarantee,” or
whatever it might be. They would get a lot of business that way. Over time people have started just typing
in ABC company, not looking at the ads they’re clicking, or not looking at the phone number,
calling it and calling the wrong number. It’s just more and more of wrong numbers,
or people calling because their service technician didn’t show up or their orders haven’t shipped
or are late. They were just basically answering the phones
for their competitors, with business that they were never going to get. Take a look at those. I would suggest you’re going to have a lot
of competitors probably in here. Ad those. Here’s how you ad them quickly. I’ll show you a couple of ways to do this. You can check off every single on or every
single term that you don’t want in there. And then, you can just go right up to the
top, click add as a negative keyword. You can probably add them right to your campaign,
brackets around here will say, if anybody types in lazy spa Vegas, that exact keyword,
it makes sure our ads will not show up. Add those to your campaign. You can scroll all the way down to the bottom. You can click on save. You can see it’s got excluded next to all
of those. Now, why did we do that? Well, you saw how many. There were 97 keywords that we had actually
selected to add to our negative keywords. I added up the cost for all those keywords. It came down to $1,279 had been wasted on
those keywords that we don’t want in the first place. Now, if this is the first time you’re going
through, once again, don’t freak out. It’s one of those things where, like I said,
don’t worry about how much money you’ve wasted. Think about how much money you’re saving in
the future. Now, if you have a list of negative keywords,
so maybe you went and copied all of those, or you have a list of your competitors, you
can just go to negative keywords, you can click on the plus button and you can just
add, add them to the campaign, select the campaign that you’re working on here. Just add all of those negative keywords there
and then click on save. You can do it that way as well. Once you get done with that, add it all up. Let us know in the comments below. Nobody’s going to judge you. We just want to show that there’s a lot of
people make this mistake. It’s okay because you’re here to learn. Go ahead. Let us know in the comment below, how many
keyword terms you found that were wasting your budget. If you really don’t care, please by all means,
put the amount in there as well. Let us know. We just want you to know that you’re not alone. All right. We said that we’d tell you how to get our
negative keyword list. We have actually put together a list of over
2300 negative keywords, that you can have for free. Now, this list is broken down by geography. It’s broken down by keywords that you don’t
want, like cheap, inexpensive, cheapest, those types of keywords. It’s broken down by swear words. You would be shocked at how often we find
swear words. People type something with a swear word into
a campaign. Literally 2300 keywords. I think it’s broken over 25 different lists. Down below in the description you should see
a link. It should say, negative keyword list or something
like that. That will take you to out YouTube video where
you can watch it, you know, show you how to use it. There’s a download link for it there. If you’re not one of our subscribers, please
make sure you click the big red subscribe button next to here. Please like and share this video with anyone
else that might find it helpful. If you or someone else you know might be in
need of Google Ads services, please let us know. We’d love to help. Thanks so much. See you next time.

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  1. Let us know how many negative keywords you added… or what they cost you? Remember… no judgement… you're here to learn and you're not alone.

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