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Steak & Pasta! BONE MARROW Pasta and Grilled Wagyu MBS7 WOW!

Steak & Pasta! BONE MARROW Pasta and Grilled Wagyu MBS7 WOW!

Welcome back to Guga Foods everybody
today bone marrow pasta with Wagyu marbling
score seven check it out! These are all he ingredients I’m gonna be using for this amazing cook today We started off with Iberico cheese then I also have
gruyere and parmigiano-reggiano and obviously we can’t make bone marrow
pasta without pasta this pasta has a little rough texture to grab a little
bit of that wonderful sauce that I’m gonna be making. The Wagyu marbling score
seven is just gonna be the cherry on top. And then to finish it off we have the
bone marrow. Now I always like to remove as much blood from the bone marrow as
possible and the way I do that is by soaking it with water and salt, all you
have to do is leave it in the refrigerator overnight and it comes
out very clean. Now my last bone marrow video I showed you guys me using a
cleaver and getting cut as you can see right here by that cleaver this is
probably one of the worst things that you can do to remove that meat since
then I have learned a new method I started using a meat hook and let me
tell you it is a lifesaver if you cook a lot of meat I recommend making a little
investment it’s quite cheap and make cleaning bones so easy. And there you
have a perfectly clean bone. Then I season them with salt pepper and garlic
powder. Like always I want to cook this wagyu
to perfection so I am using my wireless thermometer. Now that they are
both ready I am going to be reverse searing them at 225 degrees Fahrenheit
in my weber kettle with the slow and sear. So let’s do it! As they were coming to temperature I
started boiling my pasta. Once I hit an internal temperature of
115 degrees Fahrenheit the steak and the bone marrows were ready. So I started on a skillet with the bone
marrow as he was melting down I added a little bit of garlic paste. Remember
exact ingredients and amount of the description down below. and thru in my al dente pasta Then I shredded all my cheese’s right on
top To give the pasta some creaminess I used
the boiling water from the pasta and just mix it well instead of using the
starchy water you could also use milk but for me the starch water was
perfect. After mixing it well I seasoned it with salt and pepper Now it is time to sear that beautiful
steak. Check it out! Alright everybody we have our beautiful
steak here together with our pasta. Yeah. Are you are you ready? I’m ready! You are looking like you ready you go you’re not gonna go in for the pasta first? Of course I’m
gonna go both. are you gonna do it all right very good.I gotta wait now well
let’s try everything together this pasta is kind of special. Oh really? Yes it has…
You doing Guga things? Two of your favorite things in this pasta are you
ready for this? I’m ready. I’m gonna…here go Angel. I want you to try it and you
tell me what you think about this oh look at that a pasta comes with a little
bit of steak and everything. I’m okay with that man. You know what this is? We
got bone marrow pasta. Okay whoa wait what? Bone marrow pasta. Oh I like that. I
know you do together with Wagyu. Mmm! How’s that wagyu?
Wagyu tastes good by itself! How is that angel? I’m excited to try
this you know what I’m gonna try without the wagyu. Let me tell you
something different. Is different? How’s the pasta? That’s
what I’m talking about. Is it good? Oh yeah! there’s a…oh
man that was a big bite Angel Does the pasta taste anything like a little
bit of steak? Mm-hmm. It does Tell us, describe the taste of the pasta I want
to know. But you’re finishing the whole thing before you give me a review Angel
what are you doing dude! Look at this kid no hold on I guess it’s
not that good All right I can’t take you anymore I’m
gonna try it because Oh! while I’m trying it you give your own review sounds good.
Alright I have my my opinion on this I have it and I think I should share huh
should I share my opinion? Share it while I eat say whatever you want. I’m gonna make
it quick so I can continue feasting. Oh my god. This is awesome. This is great
probably my favorite pasta so far man. It tastes like a steak everybody you taste
like a steak Wow I don’t even want to talk for the first
time I don’t want to talk. I know a lot of my Italian friends you know how much
hate I’m gonna get on the comments from the Italians oh they don’t they do like
a little crisp you know they like it. Well no this one is kind of al dente
it’s not very soft but at the same time I know my Italian friends please go easy
on me, tell them Angel. Guys, chew him up, hit him all the way up yell at him in the comments. They are going to
chew me up. I read those sometimes they’re funny they are funny these guys
are awesome. This is fantastic in every level like wow the pasta tastes like a
steak the bone marrow mixed together with all those ingredients all those
cheese’s together extremely creamy super flavorful beefy taste you’re eating a
pasta with a steak taste. The Wagyu is just ridiculous obviously the Wagyu has
an incredible char when you mix both together and you eat them up. It’s awesome. Wow
it is fantastic this is the first time that I make a video and I don’t want to
talk I’m speechless because I don’t know how else to describe, Angel stop eating
and describe to the audience You thought this wasn’t gonna work I
really didn’t think this was gonna work this good because I don’t know what to
expect I never done this before everybody it is my very first time
putting bone marrow on a pasta and I have to tell you right now this is
probably one of the top-five best cooks I’ve ever done in my life
Wow! it is incredible anyway guys we’re gonna go ahead and enjoy our wonderful
dish I hope you enjoyed this video if you do enjoy it make sure you give it a
thumbs up if you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos
remember if you’re interested in anything I use everything is always on
the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and if you make this
tag me on Instagram because this is incredible I’m telling you right now
guys gotta try it this is really good it’s good
any time, any time that you see is eating more than we’re talking I think that
that’s a very big indicator that says it all Thanks for watching, we will ses you on the next one everybody, take care bye bye

100 thoughts on “Steak & Pasta! BONE MARROW Pasta and Grilled Wagyu MBS7 WOW!

  1. That looks amazing and I'm definitely going to make that. I watched your last bone marrow video and immediately bought some bones and made it (without the wagyu steak) and it was amazing and surprisingly simple. I served it as "garlic toast" with Spaghetti to my family and they loved it. My daughter actually asked me to make "bone toast" for her when I explained to her what she ate.

  2. guga hey man, i'm italian and i totaly support you, i eat steak and pasta at least once a week, and damn it's good, my mother is from Argentina and my father is from Italy, so i guess it's the best of both words 😀

  3. Omg I’m a 14 year old and I cook for my parents and my friends… I really want to be a chef when I’m older. So my Twitter is @Jordanpellegri5 so if u could tell me the best recipes would be awesome. Thank You!

  4. honestly i watch a lot of crap on youtube but guga foods and sous vide everything are the only 2 channels where i watch every single video

  5. Guga!! YOU are AmmmMAZING!! I love your videos! I got a joule and that's how I found you. I'm so glad you do what you do so others can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes you've made in the name of SCIENCE..AND also to help everyone out! Always entertaining! Always making me jealous! Thank YOU so much for what you do my man!!

  6. Hahaha hahaha I can't stop myself really your angle is very very very very Funny

  7. I’m Italian and I’m going to try the pasta. I’m gonna tweak it a bit but what a great idea. This might go on the menu. Holy cow, this made me hungry.

  8. Guga you and your whole team are insane man, i wish more people can watch your clips. That freakin pasta looks perfect…

  9. I font thing that you are goin ti fake hate from italians cuz apart form the bone marrow the pasta itself was perfectly done

  10. so my gram used to make a bone marrow pasta similar to this when i was a kid she used 5 marrow bones a pound of pasta just parmigiano reggiano and alot of parsley tho she left the blood in the marrow for it as she calmed it left more flavor when she would cook them and serve on the bone she would soak overnight in salt water like you did

  11. I'm italian and you did a great job with the pasta and the meat. Pasta was al dente (perfection) and the meat was really cooked to perfection 10/10 would watch and make this dish at home again.

  12. Damn I’m surprised how traditionally u made the pasta, using the pasta water, parmigiano reggiano, al dente. Tremendous

  13. Taste like mcdonald compared to the black truffle pasta HAHAHAHHAA, this video show the differences so much

  14. Qué pena q se diga que es queso "ibérico" cuando en realidad está hecho en Estados Unidos. Mi españita está triste…

  15. Guga as an italian who loves cooking and a good pasta I can tell you, taking the pasta from the pot to the pan and using cooking water is perfect, you know what you are doing and trust me this is as good as pasta can get the way you did it. You guys are simply amazing.

  16. If i had a father or uncle like that? Omg iam one of having the luckiest father
    But i dont say that iam not lucky to my father hes my hero

  17. GUGA: can you PLEASE make an environmental & economic PASTA cooking experiment? 1) Cook spaghetti boiling a lot of water and boil them for their needed time. 2) Then cook other spaghetti but just boiling enough water for them to absorb it, and after putting the spaghetti in an boiling them for a few seconds, then turn the stove off, cover the pot and maybe wrap a towel around it.

    It cooks equally well and much easier to pull out without them overcooking. Needless to say it SAVES A LOT OF ELECTRICITY!!!! Does it taste the same? Better?

  18. Dear Mr Guga….i will certainly try your creación but I will do the pasta without beef. In año their time I will do this original pasta but with meta diced Argentine supreme rib eye steak. What do you thanks about it? You can ansiedad me to [email protected] and regarás Daniel

  19. Silence can be the best complement when sitting with someone eating your food. It speaks volumes about the truthfulness of their opinions afterwards when they finish their bite.

  20. I think italians have more problem with you underseasoning food (like Tasty videos) than with you modifying dishes haha

  21. Dude I love your videos but you spent an insane amount of money on those ingredients and didn't bother to make fresh pasta yourself. I bet it was delicious but that just blew my mind.

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