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START Your FACEBOOK Ads Agency NOW! 💰| Kevin David FB Ads QUICK Review

START Your FACEBOOK Ads Agency NOW! 💰| Kevin David FB Ads QUICK Review

Word on the street is that you’re
looking to become a Facebook Ads master also word on the street is you’re
looking to open up your own Facebook ads agency where you get to charge companies
$1,000 or more as a retainer fee so you can run their business for them on
social media we’re in the perfect place Let’s go! talk about oh sorry guys hey what’s
going on welcome back okay so in this chat I’m gonna so want to become a
Facebook Ads master you want to open up your Facebook ad agency course when
people get to pay a retainer fee that’s exactly what you’re here for you in the
right place okay also if you guys just have products and you have Shopify or in
Amazon you want to get your products out there the best way to do that is to
learn how that platform works it is a priceless thing to learn the newest drop
that’s happened last week was the ninja master Facebook ads class it is a drop
by Kevin David you know that he’s dropped previous courses before so I’m gonna
dive right in I’m gonna keep this video short because I know your time is
precious so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get right into it I’m gonna dive
into the module to talk about what you get what type of stuff that the modules
talk about so that way you know if it’s for you or not and if you’re still
not sure what just go ahead and click on the link below if you want to skip all
this and you want to hear directly from him himself
it’s a webinar link that’ll take you straight there all you got to do is
enter your email and then it will go straight into the webinar and get you
logged in for when the next webinar starts okay don’t miss that let’s go and
BOOM! Ladies and gentlemen we are back I’m logged in already to the ninja master
class Facebook Ads course okay we’re gonna dive right into it waste no time
whatsoever but before we begin if this is your first business venture for
whatsoever I want you guys to understand that it does take work on your end to
make it work anything does even if you decide to go the traditional route and
go to school you still need to work in order to graduate
right so it’s no different here the only difference is now we’re teaching you how
to work for yourself earn your own dollars okay that is my goal with this
channel and hopefully it gets across alright once you log in and once you
decide to invest in yourself and in your business you want to go ahead and click
on the student group instructions but that’ll do it’ll download a word
document and it will be just like this right here it’ll give you access to a
private student group where the link is right here and the people that can help
you in case you run into any issues on Facebook are right here and it’s jr.
Lauren Amy, Daryl uh Rose Belen and Eugene all these people are always there
to help you round the clock do not feel like you’re pressured or swamped in any
way they’re here to help you okay and ease that pressure once you go in if you
never purchased a course in heaven day before the way it works is it’s set up
in modules we have modules through six you also have bonus modules
right here and this part right here I think it’s pretty cool is the master
adds mini course and what that does is if you think that this is too much to go
through all at once you just go down here it gives you a quick synopsis about
what each module is about kind of just what Facebook Ads is introductory videos
for each of those modules because if I click on one of these let’s go to module
one look at this it’s a monstrous and we have so much but the beauty of that is
now you have time to sit there and digest at your own pace you’re not
rushed there’s no expiration date when you purchase this is always available to
you and that’s the beauty of that okay so going down I’m gonna use one of these
videos to show you what it looks like so once you open up the module so it’s
gonna look like this once you open it up and have a list of here these are all
the videos here you’re gonna click on one of them the video will populate in
the middle of the screen with the play button you click that it’s gonna
populate in the middle like this and you start to hear mr. Kevin David speak
himself and so there you go and that’s how you do it so now let’s start off
with module number one module number one it talks about understanding Facebook
ads and how it works Facebook has a whole entire different language if
you’re not used to it you will end up spending a lot of money so the best
thing is to do at least learn the language and how to do different things
like what is a pixel what’s a conversion data what is traffic data what is a
traffic campaign what does the engagement campaign for social proofing
all these things matter because that is the difference between winning and
failing all right module number two straight into it how do you go from a
complete beginner in Facebook and ads and only in campaign types you need so
he talks about campaigns that are just the most effective ones you don’t have
to get into every single campaign like brand awareness you don’t have a brand
you don’t have to worry about that one you can focus on engagement so that way
you get social proof and then you go straight into traffic campaign and you
go straight into a conversion campaign and that’ll help you to kind of go from
step one step two step three and kind of keep it super clean okay you don’t have
to get bogged down by which one do I pick because they give you a large
selection okay well on to number three quickly it talks about the how to create
ultra targeted audiences in that will skyrocket your business okay and I’m how
to become a secret master at this so it gives a lot of tips and tricks on how to
actually optimize your exact audience so that way you can get the most out of it
because Facebook has or two billion people are actively on
Facebook and Facebook aggregates all that data into ones place and your goal
is to go ahead and go through all the data and pinpoint based on those
people’s habits and click habits you can know what at what you want for them
so you ask Facebook okay I need people who are single mothers just purchased a
house or who are who live in San Diego California and you want to put you know
focus on that specific niche of people you can do that and it’s also worldwide
which is beautiful because now you can target people in other countries and it
doesn’t matter you can bring this your opportunity your products whatever it is
to the world and that’s I think it’s just a wonderful thing module number
four is how to pretty much create an ad copy and I know sometimes that could be
difficult but sometimes even myself I could caught up and how to make it
catchy alright so it gives you some tips on how
to do that and even gives you some some templates that he has used throughout
his entire experience with using Facebook Ads which is really cool and so
with that you can actually formulate into your all depending what you’re
selling if it’s an ad product or if it’s a physical product or a digital product
you can customize it to make it your own thing alright and also now coming down
to module number five one of my favorite modules of all time is how to become and
make a ton of money like I told you guys in the beginning and this is how you can
create your own ad agency course without even experience your own ad agency is
where companies come to you and they say or you approach them you say hey you
know I have experience on Facebook and I know I can get your company out there to
kind of increase your profits increase your revenues and bring in more
customers into your business whether it be a doctor’s office real estate agent
who needs more eyeballs on the properties that they need you know
better pictures whatever it be you could open up an agency using this module
almost alone one of the students from the beta group was able to get $28, 000 dollars per month from companies that he was able to sign up
under his ad agency that he started after taking this course and I’m telling
you the thing works it works like magic and you know obviously this is not the
only place where you can do this but this is the most in-depth one that I
found yeah so yeah there are other people who have other courses that can
do that I know Tai Lopez has a very famous one
another a lot of other entrepreneurs who released courses like this but believe me
when I tell you that when you have this under your belt your your net worth will
go up and people will recognize you for your skills and your talents because
everybody’s willing to sit down and learn all of this by themselves all
right module number six is also how to
retarget and optimize so now after you have your audience you’ve already ran a
few campaigns now you get to go back and really hone in on those who actually
clicked, who got who actually were interested you can gauge who is
interested in who was not so you can retarget those exact people in the
individuals so that way you can have a more profitable return likewise so if
you go here we have some bonus modules and it’s what’s great is is that it
teaches you teaches you how to use the pixel how to use psychological tactics
that will kind of get people right into the buying zone and Instagram blueprint
and also how to use messenger bus because as you know emails are sometimes
becoming the emails are soon going to become obsolete soon but I don’t I don’t
think totally obviously actually I think they’ll be not used as much but they’ll
always be there because that’s how we communicate online usually but messenger
bots are are so much more successful and there’s data that’s proving that it has
over 30 percent click-through rate and trust me when I tell you that is very
very very important when it comes to you trying to get a product or message
across some people and of course we talked about the Facebook Ads ninja mini
course what you can do if you’re you feel like this is just too much for you
to handle right away the first thing I advise you to digest is the intro video
and then come straight down here I’m doing the ads mini course watch the
webinar if you’re confused about anything Kevin also has a free video on
YouTube and if you type in Facebook Ads he’s the first one that pops up it’s a
great video they gave me the perfect footing that I needed before investing
in myself in this course guys trust me when I tell you it’s awesome but you got
to put in the work okay once you join the group I can’t wait for you to join
happy to see you drop a comment and a like let me know what you join and if
not I’ll see you in the group if you invest later on guys peace alright guys
so that was a quick overview of the modules and what you get along with
everything in there if you’re still interested don’t forget I mentioned
again below that you go ahead and click that link and it’s gonna send you over
to the free webinar and you go all you have to do is enter your email so that
way they can send you the link to go into the webinar directly and once that
starts we’ll give you all the information you would ever need
okay you guys interested to hear more information or more drops like this that
can help you in your business that way you can excel and further you can go
ahead and subscribe to this channel and also hit a like that lets me know that
information like this is getting to you directly okay
alright guys tune in next time PEACE! Oh! how could I forget to mention guys if
you do sign up I have to actually have a promotional code down below check… yeah
when you see down there it’s gonna be a promotion code it says “BLUENINJA” for
those of you who just listen to this review you get to get 50% off the entire
course right now “BLUENINJA” all caps no spaces is a code that we’re using for
launch week and I was part of the beta testing group so please use that code if
you want to get 50% off right now and take care!

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