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Start & Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency To $10k/Mo In 90 days

Start & Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency To $10k/Mo In 90 days

What’s up you guys? Jason Wardrop here to this video I’m gonna break down how to start and scale your own digital marketing agency in the next 90 days now guys in this video I’m going to cover how to get started with absolutely zero experience zero investment no technical skills needed and even if your cut starting completely from scratch with no clients the best way to go through and get clients Get results for those clients and then scale from there and I’m gonna break down how to do it within the next 90 days So in order for you to actually have a business an actual digital marketing agency you need Clients right you don’t really have a business until you actually have your first client so the first thing you need to do is go through and you need to pick a niche that you’re gonna Specialize in okay the biggest mistake that most beginners make is they go through and they say well hey I’m gonna help real estate agents I’m gonna help chiropractors and dentists and restaurants and gyms and all this stuff and they go through and they just spread themselves so thin that they aren’t able to really go through and scale from there so if you check out my video that I posted on Monday which I’ll link up here as well you’ll see basically my thoughts of why you should go through and start a real estate digital marketing agency because honestly guys it is the best niche to go through and get started and find your first clients, okay So day 1 guys started completely from 0 the first thing you want to do is go through and on Facebook and if you have a LinkedIn account or Let’s say you have a Twitter account with decent following but doesn’t have to be Twitter Facebook or LinkedIn anyone specific but any platform that you actually have some friends on go through and make a post a hey I’m looking to help some real estate agent or dental friends or a chiropractor or whatever but I prefer real estate So I’ll say I’m looking to help some real estate agent friends of mine generate leads for their business in the upcoming year I will basically run them you run your ads a hundred percent for free all you Have to do is pay for the advertising for the first week and from this post guys you’re looking for just your first client okay and you’re gonna make this exact same post on Facebook as well as on LinkedIn now the best way to go through and make this post is make the post but then add some sort of image That pertains to your actual post because usually the Facebook post or LinkedIn post or anything with an image they’re gonna get a lot more Attention a lot more eyeballs a lot more people actually stopping they see the image and they’re like Oh! man okay What’s going on this post so you’re gonna get a lot more attention a lot more attraction if you have an image in that post as opposed to just going through and having just plain Text so guys you’re not gonna stop here you’re gonna go through you’re gonna continue to take action so you make your posts on Facebook You made your post on LinkedIn but you don’t want to just sit around and wait for some referrals to actually happen What you want to do is get on to a site like meetup.com and go and find some networking events that are happening locally in your community now obviously this takes a little bit more work you have to actually get off your butt you have to actually get out of your house but go to these networking groups and when you’re talking with other people just say hey my name is Whatever your name is so hey my name is Jason and I help real estate agents generate leads okay So that’s it my name is Jason I help real estate agents generate leads don’t get on to this long spiel of all this crazy stuff Well I’m thinking about doing this and I don’t know like I’m gonna probably do some trials of like people don’t have to pay me this atlas long spiel where guess what everyone’s brain shuts off and they don’t listen to you and they’re just like afterwards after you stop talking – like wait what does that person do so just keep it simple of just saying my name is Jason I Help real estate agents so I help who you help or chiropractors or help dentists or I help whoever and then what do you help them do generate leads and guys 100% of the time that I have done this Every single person they go through they say oh! I’ve got a friend or I’ve got a relative or I got somebody that I know that’s a real estate agent I should connect the two of you so when that happened say oh awesome yeah what’s their name and phone number and then from there boom you just got another free referral without having to go through spend any money and Guys that is how you get your first couple of clients a hundred percent for free without investing any money Into this and so now after about a week Of going through and hitting up maybe a couple of networking groups from meetup calm and and there’s several other sites like meetup calm you probably know of them or there’s probably some different groups on Facebook even in your local community and so find those and after the first week from that Facebook post from that linkedin post and from hitting up a couple of these networking groups you should probably have your first two to five clients and then from here guys it really is not that hard what you can do is go through I’ve got several videos of how to go through and set up a facebook lead generation campaign for specifically real estate agents and obviously if you picked another niche you can go through and find some probably other YouTube video on here about how to go through and set up the Facebook ad And you’re not charging them so it’s like you don’t have to stress about it right you say hey let’s sit up side a budget maybe put down a hundred bucks for the next week of you to go through and try to run some ads for them Most real estate agents if you’re gonna do it for free for them they’re gonna be all about it so you get those clients you watch one of my videos watch how I go through and set it up step by step and if you set it up right and you follow the video Within three to five days you should be starting to see these first leads actually coming in and so now your clients happy now you have a testimonial and now this is where your business really starts to grow because once you have the success story now you go back to Facebook you go back to LinkedIn and you go and make another post and you say hey look this is Johnny and I just got went through and in the first seven days we were able to generate 23 leads or however many leads you’re going through and generating that You know maybe if you got like leads for like two to five dollars per lead or whatever it is hey we got 23 leads at five or seven dollars per lead If you guys are if you’re a realtor or if you know a realtor looking for help with your real estate lead generation hit me up let me know Okay and then every single time you have a new success story You’re posting that on Facebook you’re posting that on LinkedIn and so all of your friends are seeing this and they’re thinking okay that’s the guy like Jason’s the guy that does the real estate lead generation so If I’m a realtor or if I know a realtor and if I come across one or if I think about one I’m connecting that with Jason or whatever your name is right and they’re able to go through and send more referrals so if you consistently do this every single time you have a good case study a good success story over the first 90 days and even beyond you’re gonna keep on getting those clients absolutely zero investment into advertising or anything else so guys if you consistently do these things right here you’re able to go through and within 90 days you should have your first ten clients and not only your first ten clients but your first ten pain clients where with ten clients you should be able to make ten thousand dollars every single month from those clients now as far as what software I would be using I would be using the Arsenal marketing system and the thing about that the reason why I would be using this is because you can go through you can set up that real estate agent with their own mobile app the automated email and text marketing is already done for you don’t even to mess with that or xapi or any of these other integrations or anything crazy like that the lead generation Campaigns are already done everything is basically set up where all you have to do is spend maybe 10 to 15 minutes to set up The ad and then you’re getting like these proven results because we’ve just done this time and time again I’ve worked with over 5,000 real estate agents and brokers and so we’ve got a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t work so you can just skip all the trial and error all of like just like the guesswork of how you actually get results For your clients so with Arsenal you’re gonna be able to have them download the mobile app so anytime they get a new lead they’re going to be notified on the mobile app and then also the automated emails and texts are going out and so anytime that person that lead Responds to that text is going to come right to the mobile app so Your real estate client is going to be thrilled with you and you can give them accesses for the first seven days a hundred percent for free during that trial period where they’re just paying for the advertising and now they’re getting a mobile app they’re getting the email the text market you’re gonna all this stuff from you and They don’t even know they don’t even need to know that Arsenal exists but this is all coming from you and they’re absolutely Loving you because they’re seeing the results they’re getting the lead? notifications they’re getting the email and text marketing Follow-up they’re having this all happen in place and they don’t even have to worry about it so then guys after you go through and get your first ten clients obviously we’re just gonna keep at it we’re gonna keep in the same niche and Grow up till we’ve got about 15 to 20 clients and once you get into 15 to 20 clients range What you want to do is start training some they can go and do all the fulfillment Of the Facebook ads for you so you’re gonna be focused on the lead acquisition so you’re gonna be focused on the client acquisition the sales keep on bringing new customers in you’re gonna be the face of your company but then you’re gonna hire someone to actually do the fulfillment work because as you go through and scale up After you get about 20 clients you’re just gonna run yourself thin because you’re not gonna be able to do all the fulfillment and the sales and keep up with it then you’re gonna kind of peek out that 20 Clients and so if you want to go through and scale the 30 to 40 to 50 to 100 clients or even more you’re gonna have to start training new people To do exactly what you’ve done so anyway guys I don’t want to make this video too much longer but literally that is the exact strategy of how to go through and start your own real estate digital marketing agency in the next 90 days how to start seeing results how to start getting your own clients 100% for free no investment no experience even needed And then how to go through and get results for those clients and then once you get results for those clients how to leverage those results acquire even more clients and grow your business to ten thousand dollars per month and if you literally just keep with this Path the same exact structure you’ll be able to get to 25 and then fifty thousand dollars a month with your business So anyway guys if you found this video helpful – go ahead and give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that because that helps other people just like you be able to see this video see this content and be able to go through and get started with their own digital marketing agency if you guys are worried about competition guys honestly competition is irrelevant it doesn’t matter because people are gonna go more likely with some of they know than someone they don’t know and If you’re looking in the real estate space there’s over two million real estate agents in the United States alone, okay that’s not including Canada or the rest of the world so really if you think about competition 2 million real estate agents you could be working with a thousand making two hundred and fifty thousand dollars or more a month And I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be doing all right so what do you guys give this video a thumbs up drop a comment down below let me know what you thought and also if you guys are branding make sure you guys subscribe and hit that notification bell because we launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your Business so with that said guys and thanks so much watching and we’ll talk to you all later

24 thoughts on “Start & Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency To $10k/Mo In 90 days

  1. Looking to start your own marketing agency? Jump on my free training where I break down exactly what I did 👉 https://arsenalmarketing.io/agency

  2. Man this sound so easy, but I work for an Ad agency who’s been around for 30+ years and even they have trouble finding new clients. I’ve been cold calling and cold emailing, reaching out to my network for last 4 months and still no clients on retainer.

    So far from my experience dealing with Realtors is that the newbies don’t know where their next deal is coming from so we don’t get pass the “free trial”. The seasoned realtors turn their nose up because they feel they have it all covered and don’t need any extra marketing.

  3. Hey Jason how's it going buddy?
    I watched another yt video which mentioned about Facebook blocking or rejecting real estate ads and restricting these ads in many countries.
    What do you think buddy?

  4. Do you have funnels directed to higher paying clients other than Realestate ? What about Siding, roofing, window contractors, ever tried any of those ? I'm from that industry and one client could pay up to several thousand a month.. up to 8k a month for a large account. What about dentist, Chiropractors, etc? Just seems you would need a lot of realtors .. How many realtors needed to clear 10k a month?

  5. Hey Jason, what do i tell my client after the trial i offer is over and I've gotten them success? How do I ask if they want to hire me? How can I word what to say to get my first paying client. What do you tell clients after you've gotten them success and your trial is over? Can i say something like "Hey your trial has ended, would you be interested in continuing and hiring me on to run all of your lead generation and marketing? I charge $1000/per month…" How would you usually say it?

  6. When you get a client do they pay you the $1,000 up front? I’m asking because I’m super enthusiastic about starting an agency but don’t have the funds to pay the $300 a month yet for ArsenalMKG.

  7. Hey Brotha,
    For the initial setup of clients and maybe generating 5-6k a month would you need an LLC in order to continue? Are your personal assets risk of any legal action? Would love to see video on how you would setup a business license. Thanks and been lovin the content

  8. How much will you charge to make a FB and Instagram ad? And is the ad budget included with your fee or separate?

  9. Jason you said that they don't even have to know arsenal exist but don't they have to download the app and it is called aresenalmkg from the app store?

  10. Jason here’s what’s confusing me. Why would a real estate agent pay me $1000+ per month to basically run MKG for them? if they pay attention to what the app does they can do it all themselves if i’m correct? all the testimonials on the arsenal website are from real estate agents themselves, not necessarily the digital marketing agencies. i would appreciate clarification, because if i get a client and run this for them, i don’t want them to turn around and say “well why am i paying you $1000 per month when it’s so easily set up it’s basically plug and play”.

  11. If I sign up for Arsenal (as an agency owner) all I would need to do is tell my client to download the app on their phone in order for them to receive the lead info? And what if I have multiple clients. How does that work? I just want to understand how it works before I start prospecting. Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi Jason, I have taken a few different courses in digital marketing and I have decided I want to learn everything I can about the Real Estate niche. The previous job I worked as a lead generator for a Real Estate office cold calling and door knocking, I enjoyed it but now want to look into digital marketing to generate leads. My goal is to either become an Agent or to create a digital agency where I work with different Real Estate clients and get them leads in Australia. You seem to be a professional in this particular niche. Would your course be applicable in Australia? do you have any students from Australia that have done your course? thanks!

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