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Star Spangled Man HD

Star Spangled Man HD

Who’s strong and brave here to save the American
way! Not all of us can storm a beach or Drive a tank
But there is still away all of us can fight!. Who love’s to fight, like that man for what’s right night and day! Series E Defense Bonds, Each one You buy is a bullet in the barrel of your best guy’s Gun! Who will campaign door to door for American Carry the flag shore to shore for America From Hoboken to Spokane, The Star Spangled Man with a plan! Director: “Cut! Guys, don’t look at the camera.” We can’t ignore there’s a threat and war we must win Each one you buy is a bullet in the barrel of your best guy’s gun. Who’ll hang the noose on the goose-stepping goons from Berlin? Who will redeem, head the call for America Who’ll rise or fall, give his all for America Who’s here to prove that we can? The Star Spangled Man with a Plan! We all know this is about
trying to win the war. We can’t do that without bullets
and bandages, tanks and tents. That’s where you come in.
Every bond you buy will help protect someone you love. – Turn around! He’s right behind you!
– Keep our boys armed and ready, and the Germans will think twice about
trying to get the drop on us. [Hit :Cymbal Sound] Stalwart and steady and true See how this guy can shoot, we tell ya, there’s no substitute! Forceful and ready to defend the Red, White, and Blue! Who’ll give the Axis the sack, and is smart as a fox? (far as an eagle will soar) Who’s making Adolf afraid to step out of his box? (“He knows.. what we’re fighting for!) Who… waked the giant that napped in America? We know its no-one but Captain America! Who’ll finish what they began? Who’ll kick the Krauts to Japan? The Star Spangled Man with a… PLAN!! (Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American way?!) Captain America Shield ^ 🙂

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  1. 2011: No
    2012: Nah
    2013: Nope
    2014: Still no
    2015: Maybe
    2016: Later
    2018: Really soon
    2019: Yeah ok, Lets put it in the recommend.

  2. Навыдумывают хуйни всякой то в 44 филмы снимали место того чтобы помоч Гидлера одолеть, а щас выпендриваются, мол это мы гидлера победили.

  3. I just watched this movie today and it helped me understand Captain America a lot more and I didn't think that the "You're taking all the stupid with you" line meant something in endgame but i was wrong I loved this movie 9/10 call me crazy if you want

  4. I'm 70 years old now and I remember watching his performance like yesterday. It was gorgeous back then

  5. "Sir, we just turned that skinny Rogers brat into an absolute unit with our super soldier serum, I'm talking about peak human performance, sir. Rogers is willing to fight in the war, he is totally into our patriotic propaganda. With the proper training, he can easily become a deciding factor in our battle againt the nazis, leading our men to victory, besides, we can find other like him and also turn them into super soldiers, our army can be lead by the very best men in the world, how should we proceed?"

    "… let's make a musical…"

  6. This was so surreal to watch after only seeing it once at 4 am while trying to binge for endgame. Marvel is truly something spectacular

  7. It's so great to see how much Marvel has done through the years, from guys that steal the Idea of the iron man armour, Red Skull, Thor's addopded brother Loki, Ultron (That has no strings on him), The Avengers having a war, Thor's sister, to Brand from the Goonies (Thanos)

  8. Imagine having to be the guy that played Hitler and people be like
    Oh you were that guy who played Hitler in that one play

  9. captain America: looks behind his shield to see the lyrics
    Audiences. Keeps their mouths shut and their mind: omg this man isn’t too america he looks at his shield!

  10. Let’s see, what’s Cap done:

    – He fought the Nazis and saved millions of lives from being bombed by Hydra
    – He sacrificed his own life in order to down the Nazi super-plane that was gonna blow up New York
    – He was frozen in the fucking Arctic for over eighty years
    – He survived this
    – He fought a Norse god and a billionaire in a suit of extremely advanced armour
    – He was put into action against an invading alien army from another dimension led by a Norse demigod with two infinity stones
    – He fought an army of robots built by his best friend who wanted to drop a makeshift asteroid (that had a fucking city on it) from orbit to the Earth in order to wipe out all life on the planet
    – He found out his long lost friend from the war was actually alive and refused to fight him after saving the world from Hydra again and being shot like six times, before falling out of an exploding helicarrier and almost drowning in the freezing waters of a river
    – He protected his friend and tried to ensure he was a good guy, even after he was blamed for blowing up the UN, as well as forcing him to fight his teammates and eventually Tony in a one-on-one punch fest
    – He went out of his way to free his friends from prison who had helped him save Bucky
    – He found out a giant omnipotent being of universal destruction was coming to Earth, and was pretty much forced to take him on by himself considering Tony, Strange and the Guardians had all already fought him and lost
    – Cap held Thanos long enough for Scarlet Witch to destroy the mind stone
    – He took a direct all-out punch from Thanos to the head and lived
    – He travelled through time
    – He fought an arguably stronger Thanos again and this time he kicked his ass with FUCKING MJOLNIR
    – He went back in time (again)

    And the last thing? He remembered his date.

  11. Who's strong and brave, here to save the American Way? 
    Who vows to fight like a man for what's right night and day? 
    Who will campaign door-to-door for America?
    Carry the flag shore to shore for America
    From Hoboken to Spokane
    The Star Spangled Man with a Plan!
    We can't ignore there's a threat and a war we must win 
    Who'll hang a noose on the goose-stepping goons from Berlin? 
    Who will indeed lead the call for America?
    Who'll rise or fall, give his all for America? 
    Who's here to prove that we can? 
    The Star Spangled Man with a Plan!

    Stalwart and steady and true, 
    (See how this guy can shoot, we tell ya, there's no substitute!) 
    Forceful and ready to defend the Red, White, and Blue! 
    Who'll give the Axis the sack and is smart as a fox? 
    (Far as an eagle will soar) 
    Who's making Adolf afraid to step out of his box? 
    (He knows what we're fighting for!) 
    Who waked the giant that napped in America? 
    We know it's no one but Captain America 
    Who'll finish what they began?
    Who'll kick the Krauts to Japan? 
    The Star Spangled Man with a Plan! 
    (Who's strong and brave, here to save the American way?!)

  12. RW:one of the reasons why Captain America is my #1 fave Marvel Super Hero in MCU because he represents the USA!😆

  13. а теперь сразу смотреть битву кэпа и таноса в финале

  14. Look, love him or hate him, The Don is keeping the Axis of Evil – Russia, Iran and North Chino-Korea – under wraps right now, and is trying to get America back to its being the bastion of patriotic righteousness! Think the Demoncrats will even think to do that? Ever see 'Red Dawn'? Those countries won't need to invade in force, they will just come in through the open borders the Demo(n)s will create, as well as devalue the Dollar, allowing the Yuan to become the world's reserve currency, and the US broke!

    The rest you know of what they have allowed, and the legacy of Obarmy's presidency, or is at least one of them, is the restriction of the First Amendment.

    Think Cappy would stand for that?

    Check out "Captian America: Civil War" and its sub-text. Be glad thst Trump, flawed as you all think him to be, is currently POTUS. #2020#MEGA.

    I hope we, in the UK, get a PM who does what he says, and stands up for OUR sovereignty and keep our borders by fulfilling #BREXIT, #Make England Great Again (MEGA)! Our flag is also Red, White and Blue, too, remember!

  15. It’s funny he actually did all those things that he portrayed in the movies (I’m talking about Steve Rodgers, not Chris Evans)

  16. Goddamn, if only women like that were still around today. Those dresses are beautiful. If only they weren't so racist

  17. Did they really just rhyme America with America…


  18. Marvel gets Alan Menken to compose a tribute to New Deal era America
    DC gets Zack Snyder to create 9/11 imagery

  19. I’m STILL disappointed that they never ONCE incorporated “When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield” into the MCU.

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