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Spy On Your Competitor’s Ads (Facebook Update 2019)

Spy On Your Competitor’s Ads (Facebook Update 2019)

In this video I’m going to show you three different tools three different ways that you can spy on your competitors Facebook Ads right now guys, this is super powerful and this is super beneficial for your business But the key thing to keep in mind here is that we want to use these tools just as ideas We don’t want to go through and use them just to copy and paste and rip off someone else’s business Because mainly for two reasons one that’s super messed up just it’s not the way to go through and do things and second Nobody likes a copycat. So if they’re seen some business or one of your competitors or something like that using running these ads And that you basically have the same exact ad almost the same exact copy almost the same exact image or video or whatever it is You’re not gonna really have any credibility and Trust when you go through and start running your ads So the key thing of what I like to do when I’m going through and checking out these different Facebook ads from my competitors And just see the flow. What type of offer are they offering are they doing a live event? Are they running a webinar? They running it to just a basic landing page. What are they doing? And if they’re doing it consistently and there’s some of the bigger brands more than likely it’s it’s working for them Okay So this is more of just like get some different ideas for strategies Of different ways that you can go through and incorporate it into your business do not copy But we can spy and see what they’re doing. And so we can go through get ideas to implement into our business So with that said guys now that we got all that stuff out of the way Let’s jump onto my computer so I can show you guys step by step these three different tools of how to spy on your competitors Facebook Ads Alright, so the first way to go through and do this is actually using the Facebook Ads platform itself And this is super beneficial. This is something that since the Facebook Ads data barista happened several months ago They wanted everything to be a little bit more transparent to just everyone that’s on Facebook So I’ll just give you guys an example with my own business So what you got to do is just pull up someone’s facebook business page so it could be your competitor it could be really anybody so let’s just pull up my page right here and We’ve got right here. Okay, Jason Wardrop 34,000 likes. This is me So we come over here and this is gonna obviously pull up the main page and since I am the actual owner of this page I can go the business manager and actually use it as the owner of the page Okay, so you can kind of see like everything here Now if we go over here to this left-hand column and we can do this on any Facebook page out there We just click on see more right here Then you see this last one where it says info and ads That is gonna show all of the ads that that person is currently running for their business So if we click on this right here, this will pop up I’ve only got two ads actually running right now and the reason why I only have two ads is because I’m moving all of my email marketing from one platform to another and so Because of that I’ve got my ad shut off because if the email mark is not in place kind of really makes sense, right? So right here this is kind of more of like an intro video that I’ve got to go through and collect and pixel all these people anybody that watches this video I could say Okay, if they lost 50% that means they were somewhat interested in what I was talking about And then this one looks like I think this is just a little retargeting ad right here So these are all the ads I’m running right now if you guys come check this out later you know weeks from now months from now that after I’ve shot this video you’ll probably see that I’m Running a lot more ads than just this so same thing works guys Like if we go through and say let’s pull up Gary Vaynerchuk. For example, we pull up his Facebook page We’ve got right here 2.9 million like this. We click on Gary Vaynerchuk and Then we go over here to see more and then we can go check out and see what ads he is running. Ok So if we come over here, just drop my new dark cloud lemon 2-run sneaker So this is like this is where we want to get the idea. Like obviously he just dropped this shoe line And so that’s why he’s going through and promoting this right here Looks like he’s promoting it very heavily all these different shoes and everything that he’s got going on but the thing is and you can see a lot of these are Well, I guess he’s got the shop. Now. I was gonna say they’re not even a link, but we can kind of see ok Click on shop now and you can see where this is taking people. So this is taking them directly to the checkout page right here Which obviously it’s probably because he’s got a pretty big Bera brand and he’s done this deal with k-swiss And so he doesn’t really need to go through and warm people up anymore. All right, so Let’s just come back here. So that’s really what we do We just go pull up any page We go down to the info and ads and we can kind of get a good idea of what type of ads that they’re running So that is the first way right there that we can go and spy on our competitors Facebook Ads The second way is a tool that is called ad Espresso so you can see this right here at espresso. It was purchased by HootSuite so now you can see his by HootSuite right here, but if we want to go through and use this, what we’ll do is the best way I like to go through and do this just scroll down go their main page scroll down all the way to the bottom and then click on Example so they’ve got this education where they’re going and teaching a lot about ads a lot about different a lot of different things But we’ll click on examples and this will pull up we can see a lot of different Facebook ad examples So you see right here. We’ve got Amy Porterfield pet ninja dip your car We’ve got all these different Patagonia, but what we can do is say hey We want to search ads in all place all placements just the desktop newsfeed Just the Facebook right-hand column all industries or specific industries right here Or you can search ads by advertiser tax URL So for example, let’s say we want to go through and search real estate So we go through we say real estate and we’ll say all placements and you can even like get down by like which marketing Objective that they’re using so sales cons promotion lead gen awareness, whatever it is for this example I’m just going to leave it pretty open-ended because I just want to kind of get a Feel for all the different ads that are going on in real estate right now And then also all attributes is it a photo ads split test, you know, is there a human in the actual image at carousel? so a lot of cool different things retargeting, which that’s obviously a powerful one because we know how powerful Facebook Ads Retargeting is and so for this one we’ll just do real estate. Leave it pretty open-ended Click on find ads now and so we can get a look and a feel So this one looks like real estate investments You know some different housing ones and we could just click on some of these See what they actually look like then once we’re here like we could check out we can see how many likes and comments and shares this guy’s so this is really Gone viral it looks like now if we click on this we can see what page it actually goes to so right here They’re not even running to a landing page looks like is just as basic article. So this is just very beneficial When we’re trying to go through and get these different ideas right now Obviously if you kind of have the core process of your business of where you’re sending people to like for me I would never send people just to a blog post right here That’s just not my strategy not the way I like to do things, but you can see ok Our people running stuff to a live event Are they trying to get awareness to their blog which it looks like these people may be doing that or are they trying to go? Through and generate leads or retargeting so we’d go through Alyssa’s check out this retarding one right here We’ll click on find ads now. So it looks like there’s zero Facebook ad examples for that But we can kind of just check out these different options and then go through and see what they’ve got So as you see I don’t have a pro account So if you want to go through and get all of the different Facebook ad examples You totally can it looks like it’s a paid version of that start in your trial get in check out all these different ads But this is another great one to go through and use like I said it’s kind of not as relevant anymore because Facebook just allows you to go through and pull up all the ads from the person’s actual page And see everything that they’re doing just because they’re trying to create that transparency And then the last and third way that you can go through and spy on some different competitors ads And guys with this I’ve kind of gone from best to worst Right like so best is using the actual Facebook Ads platform or the Facebook page platform I guess and then the second one I like is at espresso and then the third one is this tool? It’s called swipes dotco Okay, so if you make this bigger right here, very similar. You can go through and search different niches So advertising alcohol ancestry, but you can see there’s like not as many so like business opportunities got 21 right here We click on this and kind of check out all the different swipe files of what’s going on And then all types, they they don’t just do Facebook ads So they’ve got a lot of other things so it’s you know Direct Mail was looks like so Facebook ad so business opportunity and Facebook ad we’ve got this drive with uber so it looks like Uber is wanting to go through and get more drivers So anyway, once again, like I said guys This is probably the least favorite of all the tools, but you can see we’ve got digital marketer right here we’ve got Spotify Marco Rubio so you can just get an idea of Some different things that you can go through and use for your business, right? So anyway guys if you guys found this video helpful Go ahead and give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below and as always guys, I’m gonna have a link to my hundred percent free Facebook Ads cheat sheet and the mini course down in the description as well as in the link or in the top comment below So if you guys want that 100 percent for free give a complete overview of everything Facebook Ads the pixel of custom audiences all that stuff. I’ve got that down there for you guys So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching if you guys are brand new here. Make sure you guys subscribe Also hit that notification bell so you can be notified of every single time we launch the new videos which we launch new videos every single week showing you how to Generate more leads make more money and grow your business. So with that say guys Thanks for much watching and I’ll talk to you all later

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  2. Nice video . I use tools that are paid like this to show people what actually sells and what is working.awesome vid by the way only few choose to show people secret stuff like this.cheers

  3. I like your working style, and I also tested a free Facebook AD spy tool and bigspy. This tool is not bad, which can spy competitors' advertisements on Facebook and recommend it to everyone: https://bigspy.com/

  4. Nice video. I like to incorporate SEMrush as one of the tools that i use when performing competitor analysis. I use it to help me find out where my competitors are placing their ads and how long they have been running certain ads and how they have performed

    Here is a link to the video for anybody interested in checking it out!

  5. Hi Jason

    Thanks for the highly informative video. A real value-add.

    One question. Say I find an FB ad for a dropshipping product with a high engaement. How do I find when the ad was launched first?


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