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Spent $1,000,000 on YouTube Ads

Spent $1,000,000 on YouTube Ads

alright guys so today I’ve found a
questionable channel it’s called comedian FK / comedy and they’ve seemed
to spend almost million dollars on ads cuz they’re their content is bad they
have 159 million views on a video how does this happen anyway we’re gonna be
watching that video with 159 million views cuz there’s so many views it must
be good right yes so today we’re going to be watching FK comedy and just
they’re really bad comedy videos but they seem to pay a lot for ads you’ve
probably seen all their videos before and ad sir but we’re gonna watch this good afternoon glad that they use that
really good sound effect of laughing at the start because now I know oh my god
this is funny haha who says I don’t have money and flag the rest of them like
come on it’s just two kids on the street with their with no food and you don’t
have money you know fling Urist at the faces aren’t you I could see in your
eyes me shut up my friend I saw the money hanging out your pocket if gravity
was real that would have fallen out but obviously gravity’s fake we live on a
earth which is flat if you accused somebody of having money you have to
shut up mate I mean I guess we don’t live on a flat
earth then because it’s fallen cool he’s a bit too excited to earth steal some
money well if that guy did not see his money on the floor he’s fucking dying
man I really do like the music they put in
the background cuz I have to say I have this on my phone and like jam out to it
every day it’s pretty mad when I go into classes it’s really boring I’ll whip up
my headphones listen to this Jam oh my god it’s amazing that’s to do editing right there I’m
glad there they other than spending like millions of dollars on advertising they
also spent millions of dollars on production what you doing mate you don’t
just start dancing and fling the rest of them again if I was one of them and you
flunk your wrist at me boy I’d come over and beat your ass 13 minutes latter cuz
it’s not later its latter it’s looking for its money but I don’t
think the music fits the scene I know it’s a hungry children
FK comedy episode 2 . funny videos vines mic prank try not to laugh compilation
but the music doesn’t go with it nicely good afternoon
mercy good afternoon Wow he’s talking about French there isn’t it what a great
guy I lost money yeah it’s stop it just us the kids in
here somehow got enough money to afford food and like hella fun sir that you’ve
lost money because they’re definitely gonna help you cuz earlier I’m pretty
sure you said I don’t have any money and shot up hey that is a politician simply put the
report what the kids literally just snitched on himself and now this guy
with his half broken Gucci flip-flops is a hanging some rubbish on the floor I might need to call that number at the
bottom cuz gosh damn it I need to I need to book them for my birthday pie because
imagine that literally be the litters birthday party ever oh my god I need to
do it I wonder how much they cost I bet they’re like on a tank with area guys if
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hey guys thank you and good bye ha you

7 thoughts on “Spent $1,000,000 on YouTube Ads

  1. Lol wish you got Jake Paul views cuz you deserve it way more and idgaf after Shane’s documentary cuz Jake Paul is still a bad person according to what I have seen after the documentary don’t get me wrong I love Shane but Jake is still the same person 🖤🦋🖤

  2. I wanna correct you with something you may or may not know
    You only have to pay if they watched the full add

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