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What’s up, it’s Collins Key and today and there’s a twist on this one, but first I need someone to help me out, so everyone please welcome my brother, Devan. [Both] Hey! – Woah, this is ginormous! – Huh? So as you guys can tell, we’ve got some giant candy here. There are actually lollipops, they’re not maracas. But before we (thumping on floor) I dropped it! – Oooh No! No, no, no!
(Collins laughing) Why would you do that? – Argh, it’s probably broken! I’ve ruined the video
before it’s even started, but we have a challenge for you guys. We want to see if you can subscribe
– You! – To this channel and turn on the channel post notifications
in five seconds. That’s all the time you have
– Five seconds – Here we go – [Both] Five,four,three,two, one – Done.
– Bam. – If you were able to subscribe and turn on the channel post notifications
in that amount of time, comment down below Keyper Squad right now, that way we know that you’re
like a subscribe ninja. That’s a thing.
(ninja noises) Can I have my lollipop back? Woah my Woah my (thumping on floor) Well now that I’m still alive, and I have my lollipop back, I want to let you know
that I’m giving away a drone on YouTube, an
iPhone 7 on Instagram, a GoPro on Twitter. If you want to enter all these giveaways, the rest of the rules for that giveaway are all down in the description below, so be sure to enter, and Devan I think we’re
gonna lose our taste buds for about a month after doing this video, so if you guys can give it a
thumbs up for encouragement, for the fact that we
will not be able to taste food for an entire month,
that would really mean a lot. I’m going to try to explain this challenge as quickly as I possibly can. Basically, we have giant
candies right here. One person will close their eyes, the other person will feed them a candy, – Ah! – If they guess wrong, they
have to eat a super-sour candy, but if they guess right,
the other person has to eat a super sour candy and at
the very end, one of us is going to be eating the
world’s largest sour candy, so make sure you guys stick
around for that, but right now without any further ado, let’s jump in and let’s get started, clink it. (Candies cracking) Oh geeze. To decide who goes first,
we’re going to do a very quick game of rock, paper, scissors, so here we go. Rock paper scissors shoot! Rock paper scissors shoot! Rock paper scissors shoot! Oooh!
– Yeah! – Man! So Devan, you get to choose what candy you want to
use first, and here we go. So Devan’s going to go pick
out his candy right now and I realized I’m going to
be able to hear him as he’s unwrapping it, which I think
will kinda give it away, so I’m gonna close my eyes
and I’m gonna put on these headphones that way I can’t hear anything. Here we go. I’m not using this as
blindfold, like, I’m just I’m closing my eyes and
then this is like the extra step to make sure that
I can’t do anything. So, alright, there we go. Please don’t smack me in the
face with a giant lollipop, ’cause that would hurt. – Alright, we have the
first one, right here. Can’t see anything, right, right? No?
– Hm? – Okay, we good, (laughing) – Did you say? I can’t even hear, did you say something? – What? Ooh-hoooo! Look at that! That is insane. – Aaauuggh! – Just take a huge bite. – Oh my gah. – What do you think it is? (muffled exclamations) – Mm, is it a chocolate coin? (bell dings) – Ugh. (muffled explanation) Really? – I can feel the grooves on it. Oh wow. – You ate some of his hair. – Mm, what a very tasty, I like. Mm-hm. Since Devan lost, I get
to choose a sour candy from the bag of pain. Bag of pain. – Oh that sounds painful. – So we’re kicking off
with some good stuff. We’re gonna do some Toxic Waste. – No! No that stuff is so bad! – I know, so here you go Devan. Oh, it’s just a regular-sized candy. Alright, well Devan, you have
to take out a handful of ’em, Not just one.
– A handful? – A handful. This is huge candy video.
– Uggh. – You can’t go for a little bit. My thoughts and prayers are
with you in this difficult time. Go for it.
– This is so many of them. My mouth is watering already. (sharply inhales) (howls in pain) (choking sound)
– Bro. Oh my gosh. Dude! (inarticulate yell) (inarticulate yelling) (gasp) – Wooo! – Then on that note, we’re
moving on to Round Number Two. – I’d better win this round. – Alright, Devan, now it is your time for the headphones of silence. – I have to say, my taste
buds are kind of damaged. I don’t know how I’m going to do this. – Yes! There’s one more thing I wanted
to let you guys know about, and Devan, I wanted, Devan. Dev, – Ow! – Sorry, bro. One more thing that Devan
doesn’t even know about is that this right here, is the necklace of shame. It’s the largest sour candy
necklace in the entire world. And what’s going to happen here, Devan is losing this challenge so he’s gonna to put it on, You’re gonna have
– What’s happening? – Nothing, just, just, you’re good. Just don’t even worry about it, and hey, hey, close your eyes. No cheating, no cheating. Alright guys, so this
is my item right here. I don’t think he’s going to
be able to guess this one. I don’t even really know too
much about this item, so. Here we go, let’s What? Bam, I’ve very disappointed
right now look at this, like I thought it was going to be massive. (items sliding) – What just happened? – I don’t even, I just got ripped off, that’s what just happened. I thought it was going to be a huge one! This is ridiculous. – Woah. What just happened? – Well, yeep! – A bunch of stuff just hit me. (both laugh) (tube thumps) – I’m so disappointed guys. Alright. – Ah! – Like, tilt your head back. – Ah! (techno dance music) Wow. That was tasty. – Well, yeah, ’cause it’s not sour. – Huh. (chewing loudly) Huh. Very sweet. – Mm-Hm. – Bro, I have no idea. – Well, you have the first part of it. It’s a Sweet Tart
(buzzer sounding) and I thought they were
going to be massive but look at this, this
is such a rip off, bro. – Woah!
– It’s like a whole bunch of little ones in a big one. Never judge a book by it’s cover. (inspirational music) – Wait, do I have to do more sour stuff? – Yep! Sorry bro. Alright, here we go. Pass me the bag of pain, please. Bag of Pain. So I went kind of hard on the last one, so this one I’m going to go a lot easier, so I’m just going to go with – I can’t believe I have to do this, man. – Some of these ones. The little nice little Cry Babies. – What? – These ones are, by far,
not the worst at all. Oh Devan, in case you were
wondering what the necklace is for, basically, whoever
loses the most amount of rounds has to eat the
necklace and this is kind of how we keep track of who’s losing this challenge right now,
– What? – So you’re wearing it. – Great. (candies pouring) (sharp inhale) (quick shout) (inarticulate screaming) These are so bad! – Yeah, the worst. – I have to crying. Oh! – Yo, there’s a literal tear. He’s actually crying right now. I can’t
(inarticulate cry of pain) Are you good? Oh my dude, your tongue, let me see it? – Ah. – Oh, it looks pretty messed up. – Ahh! – Alright, here we go, Round
Number Three, let’s go. – Ah. I am really hoping that
you mess up on this one and get it wrong. – Yep, these are the
headphones of silence. – Yes. Alright here we go. – Heh. – Nope, you’ve got to
stick your tongue out. (Devan laughs) – Okay, gotta get again. (both laughing) – What? Tastes like a Hatchimal. – What? – It like has the texture
of a Hatchimal egg. – How do you know what that tastes like? – I don’t know, it just kinda like, it’s, it’s like a surprising taste. It’s like. It’s a Hatchimal! Is it a Hatchimal? (buzzer sound) – Yeah! – It is?! – No, it’s a jawbreaker. – I thought it was a Hatchimal. – This is massive. – No, that’s a face breaker. That will break your whole face, okay? Uh. Holy cow. – Now it’s my turn. Oh, some Toxic Waste. Smog balls.
– No! These are the worst, I hate these. (candy pouring) (laughing) – You’ve got to chew ’em, bro. Bro, I left mine in for awhile. – Oh! – Dude, your teeth are yellow and green. Okay, don’t actually break your teeth. – Ow! (inarticulate yelling) – Yes! Some retribution. (short yelp) (inarticulate sounds) – [Devan] Bro, that is really bad. (yelling) That is a really bad, – Are my teeth bad? – Yes. – What? – Those are really bad. – No! (inarticulate sounds) – I’m gonna, I have to brush my teeth and we will proceed on
to Round Number Four. You’re still losing the
most, so you still have that nasty necklace on, but. Ugh, I’s done. – Do not
– Take the headphones of silence. – I thought you were
going to throw them at me. Alright. – Yo, this thing is huge. Oh, my gosh! Look it, Look at it! It’s like, it’s taller than Devan’s head. I have to give them credit man, they do not play around. – Augh! – Take a bite, take a bite, take a bite! Dude, just keep your head still. – Ooh! This is familiar. Wait a second. Wait, bro, is this Snickers Bar? (bell dings)
– Oh no! – Yeah! Did I get it, did I get it? – You got it. – Alright, I am so happy right now. Wait, does this mean that
you wear the necklace? – Well, no, we’re tied, so like – I think you wear the necklace. – No, I don’t think,
– Yes. – No! – You are currently,
– Noo-oh-ho. – Just hang it, just take
it and hang it on your ear. Sour farts candy? – What?
– What? – No! – There you go. – Do I have to dump it in again? – Yeah, oh, of course. – Alright. – What does it smell like?
Potent. Alright, here we go. Oh my! (inarticulate yelling) – What? Is it that bad? – Oh yeah! – Really? (inarticulate yelling) – I didn’t even expect it to be that bad. – Ooh Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo, Hoo. It’s still
– Wait, let’s see your tongue. Ha! It’s so many different
colors, it’s crazy. (growling sounds of disgust) – Next round, let’s go. (barking sounds of disgust) Ow. You just kicked me, bro. (paper crinkling) – Oh that smells good. – Can I smell it? (laughing) I just want to smell it, okay? You totally stick it in my face. Can you be gentle, please, Devan? Can I ask you to be gentle? – Alright, it’s in front, okay. There you go. – Eh, it’s a lollipop. (bell dings) – Yeah. – Kinda helped when he hit me in the face. Woah oh my! This thing is awesome, by the way. – I just can’t imagine a little kid, eating this whole thing. – It would take like a decade. Not only do you get to
experience the bag of pain again, but you are right now the current loser – No! I forgot about this.
– of the challenge, so here you go, the necklace of shame. Oops, well I’ll just leave it like that. So Devan keeps saying that the
Warheads are not bad at all, and so if you think they’re not so bad, – Not doing it.
we’re going to do some Warheads right here. – No, please, please don’t do ’em. – There you go. – Oh yeah. Doesn’t smell bad at all. – Here you go, and you have
to, you gotta chew these, too. You made me chew those, like. – I had to chew the Smog Balls. You gotta chew these, bro. (sharp inhale) – Oh, you (mumbles) Ah, ah, oh. Mmmmm. They taste so bad. – What are you doing? You said these weren’t bad at all, bro. What are you talking about? Bam, you good? Alright, while Devan officially is about to quit this challenge, and so before he can quit
(wail of pain) we’re moving on to the
next round right now. (bell dings) Let’s do it. I low-key wish that I’d got this one because these are delish and these giant candies are the best so, Devan has no idea what I’m talking about. These are huge! – I smell something. Smells like chocolate. (muffled talking) – A what? – It’s a York Peppermint Patty. I can taste it, the mint
bro, this is delicious. Ahh. Love this. Am I right?
– I actually Yeah, you got it. (joyous exclamation) I want to try it bro, it looks so good. – It’s like a breath mint
– Mmm. – and a candy bar mixed together. – Mmm.
– Sweet – There it is, I lost though. – Woo-Hoo! – No! – Not only do you get some sour candy, you’re also
– Yeah but you – Getting the necklace back – No, you’re keeping it on. – Nope, nope, – Dude, keep it on. – We’re tied.
– We’re tied. – We’re tied. – There’s no reason
why I should put it on. – Yes. – There’s no reason I
should have it on in a tie. – Ooh, this looks kind of crazy. Do this. Sour Power. – I don’t think this is
going to be that bad, like I think this will
be the best of them all. – Okay, well if you think that, I’m adding in these two as well. – What? No. – So you can take these. – That’s like three candies at once. – I’ll even help you
open them, I’m that kind. – These are going to
be literally horrible. Alright, we’re doing this, and then we have some of these. These ones, I remember, were horrible. The Sour Punches? – Mm-Hm. – They won’t even come
out they’re so angry. Alright, here we go. Going with these first. Ack! Oh. – Ooh! (muffled yelling) – Woah, your breath smells really good. (inarticulate cries of pain) (muffled cries of pain and laughter) (deep breathing) – No problem at all. That was delicious. – This is great. Alright, on to the next one. – Yeah (coughing) This is the round it all comes
down to, the final round. Whoever loses has to eat the sourest candy necklace in the entire world. We’re tied right now, so
I don’t think it’s fair, I’m not going to wear this
– What? – You’re not going to wear this. We’re just gonna hang it
back here, just like that, and whoever loses this has
to eat that candy necklace. – Next up, we have this. But it’s actually not going to be this, it’s actually going to be
these Sour Fart candies. Okay, Collins! Tilt your head up. Okay, open your mouth. – Augh! My oh! Bro, what? What? (inarticulate crying sounds) Mm-mm. Not cool. I’m gonna close my eyes
’cause I want to win this fair and square, but Bro. Not cool. – Okay, this time we’re
actually doing this. – Ugh. (paper crinkling) – This is five pounds of chocolate. Alright, open your mouth. Collins. – Agh! – Bite. – Uh, ow. Mmm. It is a Hershey Bar.
(bell dings) – No! I was so hoping
– Woo-hoo! – you wouldn’t be able to get it. – Yeah! – Really? – So Devan lost the
challenge, so you have to eat – No, – The necklace of shame, plus eat whatever’s left
– Wait, woah, woah, woah. What?
– In the bag of pain. So here we go, Devan, get
ready to enjoy all this. In the meantime guys, please give this video a thumbs up for
the fact that this seriously hurt a lot, you might want
to try this first off, (muffled cry of surprise) – I can’t! (inarticulate cry) – Here we go, we pop
one of these in there. (inarticulate cries of pain) – That was instant death. (laughing) – And then also we’ve got some a little bit of Sour Patch Kids, so Devan here open up your mouth
– Wow this was terrible! – And also if you guys
translate these videos you’ll get credit in the
description of these videos, so yeah, you’ll get credit
in the description of these videos, so make sure you guys do that. That would really mean a lot, but yeah, translate this video into
whatever language you can, right now, here we go, last
thing, open your mouth. – Uhh – The Sour Skittles, but
of course you have to eat, you’ve gotta eat your necklace, though, you gotta eat your necklace. – Uh-Huh. – There, take a bite out of it. There we go. That’s it for this challenge,
I love you all so much. And we will see you guys again, very soon. Bye!


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